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The album captures all of the strengths Ian possesses; full of passion, emotion and lyrical craftsmanship that touches the soul and gives food for thought on so many levels. Ian himself has admitted the minor deviation explored in terms of the content of the lyrics and sound, branching out to speak of the world we live in today, run by the characterless moguls and their brain dead policies enforced. Ian delivers his feelings on the matter in opening track ‘Ancient Energy’, a tune about the ever changing world and how tiring and fed up we can become with the ridiculous rules that inhabit this mad world, but with hope at the end that those that remain true to themselves and not buy into it will eventually prevail. The third track, ‘High on a Hill’ is also testament to this from a different slant. Powerful lyrics like

“You don’t see nothing real,
You aren’t able to feel.
You look down on the crowd,
And you feel so empowered.
You can’t see people cry,
From your placing on high.
You don’t care what goes on,
You care only for one.”

Great lyrics that continue in the same vain with a terrific, ballady sound that sublimely enchants the listener. Of course, the usual vintage Ian McNabb style is sprinkled all over with songs about love and pain, still managing after all these years of writing to find different angles that remain heartfelt and easy to empathise with, evident in ‘Tiny Arrows’, a beautiful track that starts with a Spanish style guitar that would suit the scene of a chilled Mediterranean night looking out into the distant harbour. The influence of past idols is apparent, with ‘Neil Young’ and ‘Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young’ perceptible in a few tracks, but Ian dusts his own take on matters and is a force all on his own. As stated, the album is essentially acoustic, but with the well thought out use of the piano, bass and percussion that cleverly grace certain songs, the album is beefed up to produce a rock solid array of acoustic tracks, with the addition of female backing vocals which aid the emotion and emphasise the point. Coming in at just over forty minutes, the twelve track album was written and recorded quickly, just the way Ian prefers as his best work is seen within a quick turnaround. Considering it takes me forty minutes to get to work door to door, the full album has been making the journey around the gruelling M60 a little brighter in the mornings these days.

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