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The International Swingers are an International Hit

As I stood in anticipation for one of the most versatile respected compilation groups to take the stage, I could feel the room grow with excitement. People started to yell and howl as the alcohol mixed with anticipation.The International Swingers hit the stage with a loud rowdy rendition of Sex Pistols 'Pretty Vacant'. The intimate crowd exploded with cheers. When the song ended Gary Twin thanked the Palm Springs audience and the band started up an amazing version of Blondie’s 'Hanging on the Telephone'. .

There are a lot of bands these days that are comprised of past group members that have broken up (ala Velvet Revolver). But none in recent history has the balls to the walls sound and energy as The International Swingers. They are made up of Clem Burke of Blondie on drums, guitarist James Stevenson of Generation X, The Alarm, Chelsea, and Gene Loves Jezebel, bassist Glen Matlock of the Sex Pistols and singer Gary Twinn of Speedtwinn and Twenty Flight Rockers. Separate these guys are great; together they are legendary. This is a post-punk force that you must see in person to fully appreciate. As the gig played on with songs like Billy Idols 'Dancing With Myself' and Mott's 'All The Young Dudes', the crowd began to pogo and dance. But the highlight of the concert was their version of  Eddie Cochran's 'Comon’ Everybody' and The Stooges 'No Fun'. They ended the hour long show with an encore performance that included one of the loudest versions of The Sex Pistols 'Not Your Steppin’ Stone' followed by the anthemic 'God Save the Queen'.

After the show the band members came out and mingled with the audience signing photos and other rock memorabilia. They even bought a few of us lucky fans some Jagermeister. But be warned, you can’t out drink a 70s punk no matter how tough you think you are. Trust me on this one! Looking back it was one of the best shows I’ve seen in a long time. Even though these guys might have matured don’t think they have forgotten how to put on a good rock show. They don’t need all the ‘fireworks’ or distractions. They only need a stage and their fans which is refreshing in these days of big venues and bigger antics.

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Review by Laura Anne Rowell
* Note from Editor, we need to see you all over here soon!!

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