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Billed as the ‘World’s First and only 100% Surfcore Band’ and the ‘Fastest, Loudest Rock n Roll band in The World.” Jimmy and the Destroyers aren’t taking no for an answer when it comes to getting noticed!  Well I had to hear their unique brand of surf/punk/pyschedelic for myself, plus it is hard to resist Jimmy’s youthful enthusiasm. Feeling none too well due overindulgence the night before, I wondered if my brain matter may actually vacate my head if exposed to any loud noise/vibration. But hey, why not risk it, how rowdy could covers of artists such as Dick Dale or The Chantays be?!  In fact I felt dizzy on the short bus ride down to Camden’s Underworld, a hair of the dog was well in order. I was one of the first to enter the venue which seemed bleak and void for a time. I hadn’t really thought about the task of being the first band on before, having to hit the stage cold and get the place swinging. No introduction, no words, no words  throughout the whole set in this case, Jimmy and the Destroyers took their positions and ploughed straight into their unique brand of surfcore like an unfaltering warhorse. Gradually people filtered down to watch and listen.  Jimmy and the Destroyers are an unlikely looking trio. Young Jimmy with the huge Mohican , flat this night and under his hat, on drums, his old man Mickey, on fuzz bass and Sploote, all long hair, on ‘psychedelic surf guitar’. It was a slow warm up but warm up it sure did. Sweat poured off of Mickey from under his hat, so much so that I wondered if there was a leak in the roof at one point. Jimmy kept the thunder of the horse’s hooves pounding steadily as its nostrils flared and whined to the bass and the guitar kicked psychedelic sand in your face. I wondered if a whole set void of lyrics would sustain everyone’s interest, but the more they played, the more you were drawn in and the hotter it got. Forget my cerebral misdemeanour's, if anything I wanted it louder. Smiles as a punk ‘Ghost Riders in the Sky’ was surfed up with psychedelic ease. In short, Jimmy and the Destroyers are just what it says on the label! Having now experienced first hand the world’s first and only 100% ‘surfcore’ band I was intrigued as to where it all began….

LORRAINE:   Hi Jimmy, thanks for inviting me down to the Underworld. Firstly, I have to ask, what’s it like being in a band with your old man ?

JIMMY:  We been sharing drugs + fighting and arguing about music since I was a kid and I needed someone who plays the bass like a fuckin’ car mechanic + that’s how the old man plays.  We have a bizarre relationship, not many bands have our strange blood chemistry, it definitely gives us some kind of edge – the family thing is cool.. it’s  a blood thing…. definitely makes it more, everything is a lot more intense.

LORRAINE:  I understand that your dad and Sploote have played in a band together in the past?

JIMMY:  Sploote and the old man grew up on mushrooms together in the backwoods of Cumbria near a nuclear power station + left together to form the band Scorpio Rising back in the 90s. They played Reading Festival and were signed to Warner Bros by Seymour Stein back in the day. When the band split, the old man and Sploote didn’t talk or play for over 10 years until I forced them to do it. It was like releasing a force of nature. They been round the block and don’t give a fuck about anything except Jagermeister, pot and feedback.  It’s very funny as Sploote’s worked at the Underworld for the last 10 years and has seen 6000 bands since he last picked up his guitar. Hundreds of people and other bands know him from there, and are totally fuckin’ amazed when they see us play and suddenly realise that the friendly geezer with the unfeasibly long hair they’ve known for years is actually the fiercest sonic rock n roll guitarist in the world!  He’s like Chuck Berry on acid... (and Jagermeister!). He’s worked out how to play Pipeline with one hand so he can get his shots in onstage.

LORRAINE:  How long have you been playing drums and why drums?

JIMMY:  I’m into Minor Threat and Jeff Nelson is what makes them so intense. I just wanted to play fast and uncompromising.  I just got a kit and started playing a year ago + this is just how I play, never been in a band before, never had lessons  an I’ve never even played a whole drum kit.  I just like chaos and that’s what the band is for. We don’t compromise anything ever – being The Destroyers is more like mental therapy than being in a band. We don’t care about the music industry or anything.

LORRAINE: I take it from the name that you are the driving force behind the bands formation, how did it all come together?

JIMMY:  A weird fluke put the 3 us within 20 miles of each other + I’d moved from Manchester to London +  I was fuckin’  bored + suggested that we make some noise just to see what it sounds like for something to do. We borrowed the Underworld on a day it was closed,  we weren’t planning on even being a band, but when we played,  we jammed Nitro and Pipeline + just looked at each other,  it was very spooky,  the intensity was just  instantly there,  it worked so well that we tried tearing 2 more old tunes apart. The rest is history.  Everything we tried just sounded fuckin’ amazing, it’s very strange, and we don’t have to think about it too much.  We started welding together old civil war songs, Shadows tunes, bits of classical music and turning them into a continuous  rush of noise and power,  I’ve  seen millions of  bands + just knew that we had something really special.  We could hold our own with Rage Against The Machine. We’ve got no singer, no songs, no label, no manager, no agent – everything we do (20 gigs, including playing with The Dickies, The Damned and Liverpool Sound City) comes from people messaging us on myspaz..

We feel like the band that shouldn’t exist, which is very cool. 

LORRAINE:  Who came up with the idea of ‘Surfcore’ ?

JIMMY: On the way home from the first rehearsal we were arguing about what kind of music we had just played and I just came out with “Surfcore!”. Its sounds so cool so I put it into Google expecting to see a whole scene of Surfcore bands, but there are NONE!  We have invented our own genre!

LORRAINE: The band only really kicked off last year yet you seem to be getting a lot of gigs in London, what’s the secret?

JIMMY:  It’s all been invites from Myspace and Facebook. We don’t have a manager or agent or label or anything. We put the profile up and added people + the gig offers just came in as soon as we had the live rehearsal tracks up (  It’s as DIY as fuck! We recorded them by hanging a mic off a beam in the middle of the stage. Skinned up to get in the zone + thats what came out.  That’s all we’ve recorded so far. When we heard them back we thought “fuck!  it sounds great”, might as well put them on the profile, who gives a fuck if no one likes it!  Barnet at the 12 bar and Jon Vyner at the Underworld gave us our first gigs in January. We only had 3 tunes + some freeform noise so had to learn enough for a set. Very fast! The first couple of gigs were based around mashin’ up 5 tunes (Misirlou / Pipeline / Nitro / Apache / Ghost Riders) with stretched out freeform noise + smashing guitars around to get it to 30 mins . 

LORRAINE:  Which bands do you listen to or go to see yourself? Who do you really rate at the moment?

JIMMY:  Minor Threat, Prince Buster ,Dick Dale, The Stooges ,The Sex Pistols , Subhumans ,The Velvet underground ,Cramps ,Hepcat ,Operation Ivy ,Dead Kennedys ,Ramones ,The Clash ,The Doors. 

SPLOOTE:  Dick Dale, Black Sabbath, MC5, Stooges, Chuck Berry, Invasion

MICKEY:  Things with engines

LORRAINE:  What would be your ideal dream gig, who would you like to share a stage with?

JIMMY: The Destroyers + Iggy Pop – people stop askin’ if we will ever get a singer once they see us play live... but we would make an exception for Iggy

LORRAINE: What future plans lay ahead for Jimmy and the Destroyers?

JIMMY:  Got some really good shows comin’ up, we are playing with INVASION at the 174 fanzine launch party on 26th August and a gig in Camden for London Rockin Rollers Girls Roller Derby team on Friday night Aug 21st. I think we’ve been invited to play some weird party in Shoreditch in October by one of Babyshambles, which sounds like it will be a mental nightJ

We just wanna play to as many people possible.  You know its right and there’s 1000s out there who will get what we do when the crowd won’t let you off the stage at your very 1st gig. We could really do with someone who can get us on bigger shows soon as we are too fuckin’  loud and rock n roll to play a lot of the shows we get offered.  We wanna play to massive festivals + set fire to them.

We are gonna record the worlds first Surfcore album as one piece of sonic noise if we can find a label with no fear who are cool enough to release it .  We’ve already got one of the world’s best sonic producers lined up to record our 1st demo in October after he saw us at The Underworld  last month, and some mental live video footage so people will be able to see an hear Jimmy and The Destroyers in full effect very soon!

LORRAINE:  Many thanks Jimmy, it was great to see you and you are all obviously really enjoying the band. Any last words?

JIMMY:  Cheers, for comin’ down with your hangover!

To all Mudkiss readers… If you’re as fuckin’ bored of music as we are, come and see Jimmy and The Destroyers, THE WORLDS FASTEST, LOUDEST ROCK N ROLL BAND, you have DEFINITELY NEVER SEEN A BAND LIKE US...

Jimmy and The Destroyers live shows comin’ up:

Friday August 21st  -  London Rockin Rollers Fundraiser Fiddlers Elbow – Camden

Wednesday August 26th - 174 Fanzine Launch Party w/ INVASION – Camden Underworld

Friday 18th September - Shoreditch Party

Saturday October 31st - Halloween / Birthday Party – The Gaff – Holloway Rd

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