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Following on from the stupendous and unfortunately sold out debut “Live In Stereo”, Gnu Inc, the new label specialising in limited runs overseen by Vic and Mrs Godard finally unleashes the songs of “Blackpool” to the record-buying public.

“Blackpool” was a show staged in Scotland in 2003, featuring music by Vic Godard and lyrics by the renowned author Irvine Welsh.

The title track is a jaunty banjo-led seaside singalong, but a tribute this blatantly isn’t. Blackpool’s mayor may well give Irvine and Vic the order of the boot rather than the freedom of the city on hearing this.

“Hand Jobs” - combining the tawdry with the downright bitter – the prostitute’s lament on how the money isn’t as it should be – a prophetic song given as this was written pre-credit crunch.

“The Sewer Song” – a paean to alcoholism, with guest Jock Scot convincingly portraying a tourist who has obviously had one over the twelve, and the bruisingly political “The Working Class Song” – finally available now dear old David is in Number 10 – its as if Mr Welsh pored over a doom-laden crystal ball.

A gloriously accomplished work fusing gritty realism with the good old music hall, the “Blackpool” EP is a taster for the full album that is touted for release in 2011.

The EP’s are extremely limited, and can be ordered direct from Gnu Inc through this                       

Vic’s myspace.....Myspace:

A strangely bewitching album – and one that that tampered with one or two of my personal musical prejudices, Kristof Schreuf’s “Bourgeois With Guitar” is already being touted as a work of genius in his native Germany.

Originally the frontman of influential indie-punk outfit Kolossale Jugend (a straight translation of “Colossal Youth”, Young Marble Giants’ only album) Schreuf ‘s first solo album is an unusual cover version collection – “Bourgeois With Guitar” could easily be the first acoustic mash-up assemblage – without a mixer or sampler in sight.

The tracklisting only tells part of the story. “My Generation” is an acapella performance blending Townshend’s words with the music of the folk anthem “Scarborough Fair”, and Schreuf travels further into the beyond with the astounding “Search And Destroy” – Iggy’s call to arms crooned to the tune of The Doors’ “The End”! Musicians galore will be pondering, “I wish I had thought of that”.

Schreuf’s beloved idols AC-DC are treated to three laid back treatments, most effectively on “Highway To Hell”. “Last Night A DJ Saved My Life” encompasses no less than three other songs within it’s framework – The Rolling Stones’ “Miss You”, The Animals’ “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood”, and Richard Hell’s “Blank Generation”.
Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love” is transmogrified into a psychedelic pastoral haunt, incorporating Christopher Cross’ “Ride Like The Wind” – an exercise where the terminally risible is elevated to listenable with Schreuf’s measured execution.

The most telling example of this is his rendering of the Nick Straker Band’s “A Walk In The Park”. A song long pushed to the back of this reviewer’s memory becomes an all-encompassing work of emotional beauty, only to be pushed aside by Schreuf’s imp of the perverse when he introduces an excerpt of Simon and Garfunkel’s “Cecilia”. The mind boggles.

Juggling prejudices and musical genres and casting them to the four winds in a minimalist, modern folk fashion, “Bourgeois With Guitar” proves to be a grower with each listen. Not for closed minds.

See the video for “Search And Destroy” here.....

Kristof Schreuf’s Myspace:
Lee McFadden 16/5/10

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