Mudkiss is now an archived site, there will be no more updates. Mudkiss operated from 2008 till 2013.

Liz kicked off November 2011 with her first piece of writing for Mudkiss. Read on...

Palace of Dreams, Please Turn off Your Mobiles: Have you been to the cinema lately? I used to love it. My local picture house, as they used to be called, was the Rio Cinema in Fazackerley, an improbably –named bit of North Liverpool. Read me

My DIY guide to staying sane at Christmas: Well, here’s my guide to a stress-free Christmas. Buy everything in the Pound Shop, upload a picture of your most attractive small child/furry animal wearing a Santa hat, and send it to everyone computerate as an e-mailed Christmas card , send the same  Boots/M&S card to everyone else. Read me

New Year Resolutions Ringing Out? Liz's guide to New Year Resolutions: We vow to give things up which are dear to us; cigarettes, alcohol, chocolate, fighting with our loved ones. We are going to be better people, nicer people,who are fitter, and more pleasing to behold. Read me

Be My Valentine?: Almost every humiliation and rejection can be glossed over, save one. And that is to be publicly outed as the recipient of a sole Valentine's Card - from one's Mother". Read me

Do You Kindle?: Do you kindle?  I’m tempted, I must say. For the chronically short-sighted reader like me, there are obvious advantages. Read me

Confessions Of An Easter Bunny: I am an Easter Bunny.. Not THE Easter Bunny, although it was one of the few unsuitable employment suggestions not made by Jobcentre Plus. Read me

Liz's thoughts on Punk Rock - "Attitude allowed a few more women through to do more interesting things than abase themselves in the service of the flappy-trousered male rock god." Read me

Homophobia Is Gay - Liz talks about the despicable affliction which is HOMPHOBIA! " I still find it difficult to comprehend that people feel entitled to concern themselves about which sort of adult those individuals prefer to have sex with. It’s not like gay men and women don’t do anything ELSE. " Read me

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