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I wasn't sure who the support act were on this one, and so it was a surprise when I entered and found my ears pelted with full-on dubstep. The bass made the floor and my brain shake and it was impressive, to say the least. Modestep are a four piece electronic/dubstep rock band. Yes, I'll let you take that in. They have a DJ, a talented guitarist, a drummer and a singer on stage all at once and they can create quite the racket. But an enjoyable one (in small doses of course). Mixing their own compositions such as new single "Show Me A Sign" with snippets of well known tracks- "Fuck You" by Celo Green for example, they are great for a gig/club atmosphere and their slot of 40 minutes is well used. However, sometimes the formula can become a bit bizarre. "Bittersweet Symphony" by The Verve- remixed with a dupstep beat? Perhaps that one should go back to the drawing board, or preferably, the bin. For the most part, they are an incredibly enjoyable live act with enthusiastic performers to get the crowds bouncing. An alternative but strong start.

Then waiting with baited breath next to lines and lines of kids with ear stretchers, lip piercings and an incredible amount of tattoo's, Lost Prophets take to the stage. It's strange to think its nine years since 'Start Something' first appeared and "Last Train Home" was the anthem for a month or two. Opening with the first track from their album "Weapons", I began to lose heart immediately. What if they totally neglect their previous material and just go for the big anthemic pop approach? However, the inclusion of "Make A Move" from the acclaimed second album get things moving, along with teen classics such as "A Town Called Hypocrisy"- which contains a similar feel in its chorus to that of Ricky Martins timeless classic, "Livin Da Vida Loca"? Bit of a bizarre thing to notice, but its definitely there. Songs from Weapons and previous albums that I haven't owned/taken notice of are played out for the next half an hour, with only "Rooftops" making an appearance for a true crowd mosh-along. "Our Last Summer" and "To Hell We Ride" show the soft/hard approach that the band had achieved near the very beginning and before you can say "Dragon Ninja", "Shinobi" from the first record "Thefakesoundofprogress" is launched out of the lead guitarists Telecaster and the moshing starts once more. After such a delivery, shouts for "Godzilla!" reach maximum before the band and lead singer Ian Watkins have to give in and play "We Are Godzilla, You Are Japan" from the second record. The rest of the set seems very 'Start Something' based, with "Last Train Home" and "Burn Burn" being played before the encore. They've still got a respectable back catalogue and the main thing is that they are aware of what this crowd love. Hats off to them, they aren't going to back down anytime soon.

SetlistBring Em Down
Better Off Dead
Can't Catch Tomorrow
A Town Called Hypocrosy
Another Shot
Make A Move
here We Belong [Sweet Child O' Mine intro]
4:AM Forever
Jesus Walks
Last Summer
Shinobi Vs Dragon Ninja
We Are Godzilla, You Are Japan
We Bring An Arsenal
To Hell We Ride
Last train Home
Burn, Burn, Burn 
Everyday Combat

Review by Callum Barnes
Photos by Melanie Smith - full set here:

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