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Created by Howard Devoto after leaving Buzzcocks in 1977, I saw my second favourite band, Magazine only twice as a music loving teenager. They split four years later. Howard did solo work, formed Luxuria with Noko (Norman Fisher-Jones, current guitarist), worked as a photo archivist, making an LP with Pete Shelley in 2002. Sporadic appearances followed: Bridgewater Hall, Urbis plus various talking head slots on TV/DVD. Keyboard player Dave Formula joined Visage, The Angel Brothers, runs a recording studio- brand new solo LP out this month (plug, plug). Bassist Barry Adamson also played with Visage, The Bad Seeds, currently enjoying a successful solo career.


John McGeogh left Magazine for The Banshees. Stints with The Armoury Show and PIL followed. He took up nursing, sadly passing away in 2004. Tonight the legendary guitarist’s replaced by Noko (The Umbrella, Pete Shelley’s band, Luxuria and Apollo 440). Drummer John Doyle joined at the end of ’78, also worked with Pete Shelley, The Armoury show, left music for graphic arts, returned five years ago. Heard rumours about an appearance at ATP in 2005, nothing happened but after contributing to Dave Formula’s new album they’re back together for dates this month. A dream come true for many.

History lesson over- now to the gig!  Met several friends and acquaintances beforehand in two different pubs. Missed support Ipso Facto, arrived at packed venue just in time- no space to tap a toe. Huge replica of Linder’s ‘Real Life’ LP cover provided stage backdrop. Noko looked great in red, very poor view of Barry/Doyley/Mr Formula. Howard wearing light pink jacket, black cut off trousers and Chinese slippers appeared high-spirited, unlike years ago when he barely faced us.


“We’re still Magazine, I’m still Adam Faith, RIP Adam Faith”. Is the cold (or was that just a media invention?) Devoto really cracking jokes? “I went to the doctor the other day. A lady doctor said I’ve got your test results, I know what it is, you’ve got beating heart disease” paved the way to a fine version of ‘A Song From Under the Floorboards’. Noticed Permafrost’s slightly amended lyric of “you want me to drug you and fuck you on the permafrost”. Make of it what you will.


Heard heckles/grumbles during ‘The Book’ where newly bespectacled Devoto stood at a lectern. Glad to witness it live, especially with ‘this man’ now named ‘Mr Manifold’. Made me laugh out loud! Dancing ballet style, arms outstretched during ‘Definitive Gaze’ our curious leader peered into the crowd like a cheeky school



Introductions preceded ‘Parade’ and ‘Shot by Both Sides’. Love the song but why do some folks only dance to Buzzcocks ‘Ever Fallen in Love or The Only Ones ‘Another Girl, Another Planet’? Call me a snob if you wish. Offstage they walked, returning for two encores, Sly & The Family Stone cover ‘Thank-you (Falettin Me Be Mice Elf Agin)’, ‘Motorcade’ and ‘I Love You, You Big Dummy’.


Fabulous show! Great sound, good song choice, although majority came from ‘Real Life’/‘Correct Use of Soap’. Wish I hadn’t sold those Manchester tickets. Maybe they’ll play more shows, even write new songs? Who knows? We live in hope.


Set list:


The Light Pours Out Of Me

Model Worker

The Great Beautician in the Sky
The Honeymoon Killers

Because You’re Frightened

You Never Knew Me

Rhythm of Cruelty

I Want To Burn Again

This Poison

A Song From Under the Floorboards


The Book

Twenty Years Ago

Definitive Gaze


Shot by Both Sides

Thankyou (Falettin Me Be Mice Elf Agin)


I Love You, You Big Dummy


Review by Shelley Guild

Photo’s from Phil Guild

Older pic courtesy of Magazine’s MySpace page


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