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In 1991 the Manic Street Preachers were first brought to my attention after an interview on TV were they were an arrogant, over confident four piece who were going to make one album and then split up, wearing home made clothes like the ones first fashioned by their idols The Clash, the Welsh foursome from Blackwood took on the world. Fast forward to 2010, thankfully they didn't split up after their début album, this year sees the release of their tenth studio album 'Postcards From a Youngman' and tonight the band arrive at the O2 Academy in Bournemouth as part of their UK tour to promote it, the place is completely sold out with even the 'touts' outside the venue having no tickets. The support act in charge of warming up the audience on this chilly October Friday evening are 'British Sea Power' from Brighton whose sound I would compare current to N.M.E  Faves 'Arcade Fire' the band use various instruments such as the electric Violin, trumpet and keyboards along with the usual guitars types to make an interesting sound. The band have many fans in the audience as the support for the band is apparent after the end of each song, a good solid set, however the majority of the audience are only here for one band.


The Manics hit the ground running kicking off with 'You Love Us' which gets the whole of the capacity ground singing along at the tops of their voices, the atmosphere is the venue tonight is just amazing with everybody seemingly really excited about the bands first visit here since 1993, compared to the huge arenas the band have played to on previous tours this is somewhat of an intimate setting. The stage is littered with decoration suited to the taste of bassist Nicky Wire, whose extrovert taste have been well documented and is shown in some of his outrageously camp stage outfits. As well as Sean, James and Nicky there were three other musicians used in their live set including an extra guitarist who stood respectfully back from where Ritchie would have been. The band mix up the set with classics along with tracks from the new album including the latest single 'It's Not War-Just The End Of Love', 'Golden Platitude's and the title track which all sound great live heard here for the first time by most in the audience. The best reaction was saved for the more well known material with the band giving their absolute all with the set running in at over two hours giving the fans maximum value for money. The band seemed generally overwhelmed by the reaction of the Bournemouth audience and said they compared very highly with other gigs on the tour. The pace almost stepped up a level on the encores with ' Motown Junk' getting the crowd vigorously moving and 'A Design For Life' getting everybody in the place singing along at the tops of their voices all making a beautiful noise. Tonight the Manics have answered their critics well with a show that anybody could not failed to be moved by.



You Love Us
Your Love Alone Is Not Enough
Motorcycle Emptiness
It's Not War- Just The End Of Love
Peeled Apples
Roses In The Hospital
Postcards Of A Young Man
This Is Yesterday
La Tristesse Durera(Scream To a Sigh)
Some Kind Of Nothingness
Ocean Spray
The Masses Against Classes
Everything Must Go
If Your Tolerate This Your Children Will be Next
Small Black Flowers That Grow In The Sky
You Stole The Sun From My Heart
No Surface No Feeling
Golden Platitudes
Suicide Is Painless
Motown Junk
A Design For Life

Review/video by Chinners
Photos by Charlie Raven