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Mark Chadwick and his band roll into Southampton as part of a tour to support his debut solo album 'All The Pieces', which is his 1st album away from the band he fronts the infamous 'Levellers'. Mark has taken himself outside his usual comfort zone of his successful band of over 20 years to try something completely new with a new set of musicians. Tonight's support is from fellow collaborator Dan Donnelly a singer/songwriter from Belfast, when he arrives on stage with just his acoustic guitar, I am sure there were a few members of the audience thinking "oh no not another boring acoustic singer", with Dan they could not be any further from the truth. Dan is a one man band, with the aid of technology his layers different guitar parts and percussion to accompany his songs, he confessed tonight that he was suffering a little from the effects of alcohol from the previous night, this didn't stop him putting in a Stirling and very interesting performance. Each song had a nice little story behind it, numbers such as 'Love Will save The Day' and  'Emergency Break' which really entertained the Southampton crowd with Dan leaving the stage after his 25 minutes to mass appreciation.

Anybody turning up here tonight expecting a hot sweaty 'Levellers' gig would have been disappointed, it was a very much more laid back affair, with Mark's solo material dominating the set with a few well chosen 'Levellers' numbers thrown in for good measure. The band comprised of an unusually placed side of the stage drum kit, along with a double bass, electric guitarist and Dan Donnelly joining the band to play a number of different instruments. The songs stand up very well live as despite the tour only being a few dates old songs such as the opener 'Elephant Fayre' , 'All The Pieces' and my personal favourite 'Paramount' are performed with supreme confidence.


After a brilliant reworked version of 'Levellers song originally released on the 'Zeitgeist' album 'Maid Of the River' which included a slide guitar, the band left the stage to massive applause with the audience all shouting for more. Mark and the band dutifully returned and performed a couple more 'Levellers' tunes to satisfy the excited audience's demands.


Elephant Fayre
All The Pieces 
Say You're Gonna Be My Girl
Great and The Dead 
Empty Now
Maid Of The River
Drinking For England
Just the One (Dan Donnelly)

Review/photos/video by Chinners