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When I arrived to a completely packed out Electric Ballroom on a warm autumn evening, one could feel a real sense of excitement about this special show. There was a good mix of all ages in the venue with plenty of young faces down the sweaty front and I got the impression that more than just a few people came to see Andrew W.K. as well as the majority who wanted to hear the Ramones songs played with an original member on board. There aren’t many gigs where I get to hear every song I actually want to hear but at this show it was a bit different because we got treated to about 35 songs in total. The setlist read like one massive greatest hits album,  you name it – they played it.

Marky Ramone himself is a drumming machine; he hardly stopped at all during the show which is amazing considering he’s coming up to 60! Many drummers a third of his age would probably struggle to keep up with Marky, his stamina is incredible. The whole band was on fire, the sound spot on. Nobody can really fit Joey Ramone’s shoes and Andrew W.K did his own thing in his own unique style but the songs sounded as they should – apart from a couple of alleged bum notes which could not stop the enthusiastic members of the audience from engaging in near non-stop crowd surfing. I was very impressed when I saw the band with Michael Graves on vocals a few years ago but Andrew W.K. completely commanded the stage and Marky Ramone’s Blitzkrieg combo deservedly did two encores closing with “Blitzkrieg bop”. It was fantastic to listen to “What a wonderful world” because it was a Joey Ramone song .  A nice surprise and a tribute to the man. Personally, I would have liked to hear the band tackle Andrew W.K.’s top 20 UK hit “Party hard” but it got played over the PA when the show was finally over.

In summary, this is a kick-ass band  and as close as you’re going to get seeing the Ramones live. Marky Ramone’s Blitzkrieg only played three UK dates on this tour but hopefully they’ll be back to do some more soon. The Rebellion Punk Music Festival in Blackpool would be the perfect place for them. Why not make this happen.

Review by Brad Shepherd
Photos by Svenja Block

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