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The Toilet Boys were a Rock band formed in 1995 in NYC, with the classic line-up consisting of Miss Guy, Sean Pierce, Electric Eddie, Rocket and Adam Vomit. They toured world-wide supporting bands such as The Damned, Deborah Harry, Dee Dee Ramone, Nashville Pussy, Orgy, and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

In every gig they blew away audiences with their incredibly energetic stage show, fronted by a highly charismatic Miss Guy, and that also included spark-showers, smoke, lasers, strobes, synchronized flame-columns, cheerleaders, confetti cannons, burning guitars and fire breathing performed by their lead guitarist, Sean, during the finale. Every Toilet Boys show was an unforgettable experience for all the fortunate ones present.

Miss Guy, Toilet Boys front man, is also a widely known and respected rock DJ, as well as an artist who never stops creating exciting music, lately he has been writing songs with Debbie Harry and Boy George, and there's a lot more to come. Also, this year Miss Guy put together a new band called Goon Squad, a band that is a general fuck you answer to today's disgusting state of affairs in the music industry.


I am so happy to be able to chat a little bit with Guy!

Rachel - How's life treating you now Guy? Is NYC still the place to be?

Miss Guy - Life is great, better than ever really. I love being in New York and this summer has been a perfect combination of work and beach. I love the ocean. Looking forward to a busy fall with my band Goon Squad and of course DJing.

Photo by Alex Thompson

Rachel - Do you plan to do anything else with the Toilet Boys after the release of Sex Music later last year? Is the band really over?

Miss Guy - I think a Toilet Boys tour is in the talking stages for Europe and the UK. We're finished as far as the band being our only project. We've all got other things going on and as much as I miss the days when we were together a lot, I really like what I've done since the last tour. The music I've done on my own and with Goon Squad is really fulfilling. But sometimes a Toilet Boys song pops up on my iTunes and I think "wow, what a great song!" and those guys are like my brothers. I love and miss them, but I don't necessarily want to be with them everyday. A Toilet Boys tour would be a lot of fun though. I have some cool ideas for it if it happens.

Photo by Michael Halsband, NYC

Rachel - Thank you for the news on the possible Toilet Boys tour! We are really looking forward to it becoming a reality soon! - You came to NYC at 18 to be a DJ, later on it all lead to the Squeezebox club era. You've never stopped DJing for about ten years now, even while being busy with the Toilet Boys, are you happy doing it? What do you usually play?

Miss Guy - How do you know so much about me? Ha-ha! I still love DJing after all these years. It's been a great way to make a living and for the most part, I still enjoy it. I have periods where I get in a rut and a little sick of it, but it's always different, so that keeps me entertained. Musically, I go all over the place just as I always have. Lately I've been into a lot of 60's music. Girl groups, garage, Motown, etc. And I really love soft rock! Ha-ha! Easy listening from the late 70's and early 80's has me really excited. Some of those songs are incredible! Sick and incredible!

Rachel - I agree! - Are you satisfied with the Squeezebox documentary?

Miss Guy - Yeah, they did a great job. The premiere at Tribeca was fun and the party was a blast!

Rachel - Please tell us ALL about your new band Goon squad, we're fascinated by it!!!!!

Miss Guy - It's something I wanted to do after DJing in clubs and seeing these boring bands week after week, not putting any effort into being on stage. In general, music is at an all time low as far as I'm concerned and just plain boring. I wanted to put together a band that kids would discover and be like "what the fuck!" like I did when I was a kid seeing and hearing bands like Devo or Culture Club for the first time. Not only was the music great, but the image was just as fantastic. So I had this idea with a friend of mine to do something cartoony. Goon Squad is really silly and lots of fun for us to do and hopefully just as fun for people who see or hear us.

Rachel - You have recorded some songs with Debbie Harry, and have a new solo album in the works with your own songs can we expect a full Miss Guy album released in the form of CD anytime soon?

Miss Guy - Well, Debbie and I have recorded three songs together and we're working on a new one with John Roberts and Scott from Scissor Sisters. It's called 'Livin' It Up' and it's going to be a scorcher! Hot, hot, HOT! Ha-ha! Debbie is so much fun to be in the studio with. She's so fucking talented. I hope to release a CD as soon as possible. I need to find the right way to get it out there. But honestly, I'm in no hurry.

Barcelona 2002- Photos by NoClassPhoto


Rachel - Did you know your band Toilet Boys was the best Rock band of the 21st century?

Miss Guy - We were a great band if I do say myself. Well, you said it and I totally agree! Ha-ha! Seriously, Toilet Boys had it all except the big success. We were an exciting, fun band. I'm a fan!

Rachel - Which bands/artists do you listen to today, and which ones from today do you like?

Miss Guy - The Gossip! They've been my favourite band for the last couple of years. I like Digitalism a lot. I love Cut Copy. Scissor Sisters. I love to listen to PJ Harvey. Smashing Pumpkins are one of my all time favourite bands. The Supremes. Diana Ross is one of the most thrilling performers ever. I love Boy George's solo music. He's so talented and so incredibly talented. I love music. It's the most important of all the arts I think.

Rachel - Have you fulfilled all your rock roll fantasies in this life?

Miss Guy - Hell no! Not yet. I'm working on it everyday. But a lot of my dreams came true with the Toilet Boys. And doing songs with Debbie and Boy George were rock 'n' roll dreams come true for sure. They're two of my absolute favourite singers and performers. Debbie is the queen! So is George I guess! Ha-ha!

Rachel - Who taught you to apply makeup to yourself so damn well?

Miss Guy - I did I guess. I used to watch my mom put her make up on. I found it so fascinating the way you could change your face. My mom did really natural, pretty make up but I discovered that you could really put a lot on and totally change your face. I'd take the magazines around the house and draw make up on everyone in the magazine. Often times it'd be Kiss make up I'd draw on the faces. I loved Kiss when I was little. I used to dress up like Ace Frehley for Halloween. Ace rules!

Rachel - Deborah Harry, tell us the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about her: Friend. Sweet. Smart.
How about Blondie? Cool.
Nikki Sixx? A pretty nice guy. Good hair.
Perry Farrell? Amazing voice and style.
Sid Vicious? Tragic. Cute. Dirty.
Marilyn Monroe? Untouchable. Unbelievable. Unreal.
Paul Stanley? The best front man EVER!
Courtney Love? A great rock star. I love her! Hole is one of my favs.
Pat Briggs from Psychotica? Great face.

Rachel - Now just tell us whatever the fuck you would like us to print here for you so everyone knows!!! Anything!!

Miss Guy - Be creative. Don't follow the pack. Be an individual. Be your own thing whatever that may be. And never give up your dreams. And I can't wait to go to Spain again!

 Thank you Guy, now we love you even more.

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