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Los Mondo Bongo are made up of a collection of highly credible musicians who are all fans of Joe Strummer and ‘The Clash’, this is not so much a tribute but a celebration of Joe’s life and the all the great music he created. Joe Strummer’s music reached out to so many people and changed many people’s lives, including front man Mike Peters who wears his heart on his sleeve with Joe’s influence bearing heavily in Mike’s own compositions and music. The rest of the band are made up of Derek Forbes on bass (Ex Simple Minds), Steve Harris on guitar (Gary Numan) with Pablo Cook the Percussionist and Smiley on drums from Joe’s band the ‘Mescaleros’. They are all currently on a UK tour spreading the gospel and tonight’s show is in Portsmouth at a intimate venue right next to the Portsmouth Guildhall called ‘The Drift’. Tonight’s support are local boys ‘Night of Treason’ who have been making quite a name for themselves recently with a hectic schedule of gigs including playing alongside Mick Jones and Billy Bragg in London  at a ‘Breaking Rocks’ gig in Camden.

Night of Treason tonight are playing to a home crowd and seem very comfortable with the fact that at times many over excited the fans from the audience get up on stage and share the vocals with them, their brand of punk goes down extremely well with the audience, who create a make shift mosh pit which forms quickly during their first number. Lead singer ‘Pinky’ certainly knows how to handle an audience and does a great job of getting the most out of them, after each number comes lots of loud cheering with the Portsmouth audience showing their approval of the band’s punk rock influenced music. Tracks for the bands forth-coming debut album such as the brilliant well written ‘Letter from the Front’, ‘Clockwork Orange Street’ and ‘My Town’ prove this band can deliver their own tracks in style. The band leave the stage despite lots of calls for an encore and DJ Ray Gange plays some Joe Strummer inspired tunes while the roadies prepare for the main attraction.


Can’t Remember
Boys Brigade
Letter from the Front
What’s My Name?
Skate City
Clockwork Orange Street
Gentlemen & Hooligans
My Town
Cranked Up
Teddy boy
Speed ‘n’ Glue
Capital Radio  
Video: Teddy boy

‘Cool ‘n’Out’ from the Joe Strummer album ‘Global a Go-Go’ kicks off tonight’s proceedings, with the band sounding really fresh, breathing new life to some of these forgotten songs. Joe Strummer's career in The Clash is very well documented, however his time with the ‘Mescaleros’ is not always altogether familiar with many people, tracks such as ‘Tony Adams’, ‘X-Ray Style’ and ‘Mondo Bongo’ are being introduced to a whole new audience. Mike Peters seem very comfortable singing these songs that have shaped his musical career delivering the impressive vocals in a way that would make Joe proud, with the excellent backing of the talented band.

The band play for well over an hour and a half and what was great to see was that all of them were really enjoying what they were performing. The bands set ended with an up tempo version of The Clash’s ‘Tommy Gun’ which saw much of the aging punks in the crowd jumping all over the place on the crowded dance floor. The encores seemed to step up to another faster pace with stunning versions of favourite’s ‘London calling’ and ‘White Riot’, after this a taped statement from Joe Strummer played over the P.A. system had the place almost in silence for a few moments, with much of the audience paying tribute in their thoughts to this punk legend who will never be forgotten.

Set -List

Cool ‘n’Out
Rudi Can’t Fail
Tony Adams
Rock the Casbah
Police on My Back
X- Ray Style
Mondo Bongo
Johnny Appleseed
White Man in Hammersmith Palais
Pressure Drop
Yalla Yalla
I Fought The Law
Safe Eurpean Home
Tommy Gun
London Calling
White Riot

Video: Johnny Appleseed

Video: Safe European Home

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