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It was freezing in Islington on the way to the Academy. However as soon as we got inside, with Dirty Harry almost finishing their set, we started to take off clothes. The night was gonna be soo wild and sweaty. I missed Dirty Harry’s set as we’d been chatting with Michael for an interview, but I hope to see them live again very soon and enjoy their shit properly. 

I love to take photos, especially of bands that make me go all crazy, and the Michael Monroe Band is one of them. So, as I was getting ready at the pit with my lil’ camera, waiting with all the other photographers, I started getting nervous and seriously considering giving my camera to this girl I’d just bumped into minutes before so she would take the photos and I would totally enjoy the show from the first song to the last! (One of these days I will, Pandy. If you happen to be there...)

And while waiting and listening to 'Russian Roulette', 'New York New York' and other mega cool songs, finally they came onstage wooooohoooo!!!!! Party!! Party time everyone!! We all got crazy, me too!! Wanted to jump up n’ down up n’ down yay yay yay yay!!! What a start - what a start!!! They kick off with 'Nothin’s Allright'!!! The band sounded really so super good! Powerful R-O-C-K, and they all moved and played like twenty year olds, the stage was all about jumping around, energy, rock n roll and everything you could ever want from a band like this.

Michael Monroe was incredible, looking, singing, moving, being crazy, and rocking out like time had stopped in 1984 for him. Then followed with a new song, 'Motorvatin', a new piece of beauty as Ginger would have said (possibly), that continued making us happy monkeys. And when 'Hammersmith Palais' broke out blasting my ears I just couldn’t stand it anymore I almost threw away the camera - someone bring me the straitjacket please. It was clear this show was gonna make history! And it did.

'Not Fakin It', 'Dysfunctional' fell upon us like rock n' roll rain and left us all rockdripping wet. Happy!!! A Johnny Thunders cover was expected, and 'I Wanna Be Loved', sounded just perfect for the occasion, as Michael climbed up to the balcony up in the ceiling. The man wouldn’t stop working the crowd and the crowd would not stop lovin’ it. And then the madness of 'Boulevard Of Broken Dreams' began, people went even crazier and very young boys in the audience seemed to be the happiest. As well as with all the rest of Hanoi Rocks songs played tonight, seems that Hanoi Rocks is a favourite band for younger rockers which is awesome. For some reason a lot of people started listening to rock with this band, so it’s been going on for generations now! I got especially happy when they played The Damned’s 'Love Song', as well as 'Machine Gun Etiquette', and how they played it!! Better than The Damned? Hmmm... 'Motörheaded For A Fall', another new song of theirs, dedicated to Motörhead of course. Then more Hanoi Rocks bombs, and then the all time MM fave 'Dead, Jail Or Rock N Roll'... oh yeah!!! 

Michael was all over the audience, singing with them, surfed on top of them like two or three times... Some serious rock n roll attitude and fun. The band left, then quickly came back for an encore, we expected a song dedicated to Stiv too, and of course here it was, 'Ain’t Nothing To Do', possibly the best song about teenage rage ever. 'Taxi Driver' followed next, we couldn’t believe we were listening to it too that night! And then The Stooges’ 'Feel Alright'!!! But that was not all, they had a very cool surprise for the end of the show. Michael welcomed onstage Charlie Harper from the UK Subs, with whom they played an amazing 'Endangered Species', and then the show ended, and we were happy as pigs in shit, as Sami would have said (possibly). A night to remember forever, I for one will.

Review & Photos By Raquel F