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Well it was a long time in the planning, and the acts carefully selected, all the fine details taken care of and finally the day arrived. I'm not attempting to write a full blown review because it would be very biased on my own showcase. However I feel we cannot let such an amazing event go unrecorded and unrecognised. This will mainly be a pictorial/video appraisal of the night, and for those of you who didn't manage to get down, we are hoping to arrange another one next year.
Thanks to everyone who made this possible, to Stu Taylor for bringing his merch stall and being so supportive, to everyone who attended and most of all Les Glover, and the bands who turned up and played like their life depended on it. Check out Mudkiss Photography slideshow of the night:

Our music showcase featured three bands/musicians who we have worked with on interviews and reviews over the past year. They are three local bands, apart from two members of 'Dressing For Pleasure' who hail from Birmingham. It was our first venture into putting on a showcase, the only other occasion was when Lorraine held a Punk All-dayer down in Camden a few years back.


An old friend of Mudkiss Mr Les Glover, who was our compère for the night, started off with a short introduction about Mudkiss.Then the gregarious Master of Ceremonies entertained the gathering in-between artists, with his own brand of cover songs, and one of his own composition, and we all know he is a master guitar player and singer - as well as a bit of a comedic.

Kicking off the showcase at around 8pm we had Warrington's very own 'Chris Fox', singer of  'Kindest Of Thieves', who is no stranger to Mudkiss, having interviewed Chris twice, completed two photoshoots and attended several of their shows. Tonight he performed solo, with his own brand of acoustic melancholia tunes with charming, poetic and thought provoking lyrics, all driven by his beloved Gretsch guitar. He certainly won people over, with his humorous self depreciation. The supremely talented Chris recently had an interview with Mudkiss, read it here:

The gorgeous, three women in 'Dressing For Pleasure', Alex, Naomi and Jess, were the icing on the cake, the cream in the middle and certainly caught a few eyes, and ears with their line in vintage tinged, alternative rock.

Belting their numbers out one after the other, in the glare of the spotlights, with the smoke machines blasting out, dressed in vintage corsets and attire.Delivering their own rerenditions of Fleetwood Mac 'Rhianna' and Led Zeppelin's 'Whole Lotta Love' in addition to their own numbers.

These luscious, and talented musicians were previously one of the support acts who toured with Adam Ant on his 2011 comeback tour and where Mel first clapped eyes on this trio and afterwards arranged to meet them for an afternoons photoshoot and interview, which you can read here:

So Headlining the evening's entertainment we had carefully selected Warrington's magnificent psychedelic, rock band 'The Phoenix Experiment', - as our writer Chumki Banerjee put it so eloquently "blasting their sonic rays your way, in a very special rare performance - hitting the dark cosmos. "Spaced out, mean moody psychedelia steers its spectral Jefferson Airplane, through darkly diabolic, nefarious Doors, billowing Hillage hallucinatory ectoplasm, the Devil driving its soul." The Phoenix Experiment say, '...there is no label on this can..' , but its contents are sure to be revelatory, so large or small, follow them down that rabbit hole.".

They didn't disappoint, starting off the show with a huge didgeridoo, a massive soundwave was cast over Bolton and the sonic rays of the  fabulous lighting effects made the whole psychedelic experience come to life. After the show, many of the crowd were talking about how brilliant they were, lets hope something comes from this and by the sounds of it I hear there is a recording session is in the pipeline.

Check out our previous interview/photos with Mike Bee here:

Here's to another Mudkiss Showcase....coming to a town near you...maybe?

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