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                WHAT A YEAR ITS BEEN - 2012

This past year has been another incredible year of highs, and not many lows, and I’d like to thank everyone involved. That means all who have contributed to Mudkiss whether it be writing, reviewing, interviewing, or photographing, not forgetting all the artists, musicians, creative people, PR companies, record labels, and band managers - Melanie Smith

On a purely personal note, as many of you may be aware that live photography is my real forte and I have shot 46 shows of all genres and types this year and wanted to share some of my favourite moments in pictures with you all.

A Year In Photos - taken from the Mudkiss Photography archives: by Melanie Smith.

Mel shows off some of her favourite live show photographs from the year, and tells us why. Artists: Jessie Rose / The Virginmarys/ The Raveonettes/ Adam Ant/ The Phoenix Experiment / Dressing For Pleasure/ Sylver Tongue/ Chris Isaak/ Morten Harkett/ Scissor Sisters/ Jack White/ Tim Burgess/ The Damned/ Choking Susan/ Emilie Autumn/ Morrissey/ Ren Harvieu/ Palma Violets/ Jordan Reyne/ Icarus Line.

A few words from Andy Barnes: As the door to 2012 closes, one overriding word fills my mind....Thank you....on three separate levels.  Firstly, thank you to all the contributors to Mudkiss Fazine over the year, without your boundless enthusiasm and thirst for amazing underground music, we couldn’t exist.  We may have lost a few along the way, further education rightly taking priority, fortunately we’ve also gained a few, keeping the Mudkiss flag flying even higher in relation to interviews, album, single, EP and gig reviews, along with a whole raft of amazing images.

Secondly, thanks to you, the readers, who point your cursors and press your touch screens on a regular basis, bringing, the Facebook pages or Twitter feeds to digital life. Your desire to hear something new and outstanding, fuels our yearning for discovery and dispersal of the word. A whole world of incredible music lies beneath the surface of mainstream day time radio, it’s our job to mind those seams and expose as much as humanly possible.

Thirdly, and most importantly, thank you to the artists we have featured and those we are yet to discover, as music becomes ever more a vocation and less a career, the sheer bloody mindedness of musicians to create, whatever the financial constraints or climate not only to be applauded, but also supported. Yes, it’s easy to obtain free music, but let’s make a communal resolution, buy just a touch more and help the bands and artists we love continue to produce such inspiring and thought provoking sounds and lyrics. Without them, the world would be a much more lacklustre place. Here’s to 2013, another voyage of aural discovery on the good ship Mudkiss.

A few words from a fine photographer & reviewer Shay Rowan: With a record breaking year of gigs under my belt - 2012 was an exceptionally fine year of music for me and the signs are all there that the coming year holds much promise indeed.
Having the opportunity to contribute to Mudkiss alongside such a talented set of photographers and writers whilst watching the site grow in stature and acquire increasing respect from all corners has certainly added to the pleasure. Without doubt the highlight of the year for me arrived in the form of a rain soaked morning photo shoot in the company of our illustrious leader Mel as we battled the elements to capture singer Little sparrow for this months [January] issue. Frustratingly cut short by the elements we both, nevertheless succeeded in getting some good results and I very much look forward to having another chance or two to learn from the 'master' again in the coming year as I look to sharpen up my photo skills!    - Shay Rowan

Freelance writer Teddie Dahlin takes a look back at 2012: As the year draws to a close, I find myself looking back at the amazing people I have met and had the pleasure of interviewing for Mudkiss. I started the year in a live chat with the beautiful and talented Anne Pigalle; French chanteuse and multi-artiste. Her erotique music and artwork is diverse and ever changing, yet still true to that which is punk inspired and different.

When Mudkiss was offered an interview with Killing Jokes Jaz Coleman, I practically begged my boss, Melanie Smith, give it me. Jaz is known as being tricky to interview and it was with mild trepidation that I met him at his West End hotel. I needn’t have worried, as it turned out. We got on famously and had an interesting chat about his past and his occult beliefs, which lasted much longer than the 45 minutes I had been allotted. He invited me and Mel to cover his Manchester gig.

Glen Matlock visited Oslo in May and we got together for lunch to talk about his solo tour and plans for the future. As many of you know; I knew the ‘other bassist’ of the Sex Pistols and it was a fantastic chance for me to meet Glen and talk a little bit about Sid, but mostly about what Glen has been up to after he was so famously fired from the job as Sex Pistols bass player in 1976. Glen is such a nice, easy going guy and it was a pleasure to meet him.

Oslo was proud to guest another punk icon this summer; Charlie Harper (UK Subs). He visited us to celebrate his close friend, Paul Mileman’s birthday and to play a gig with Pauls band Riots. I got a chat with him at the sound check and covered the gig. Such a gent and definitely still going strong.

Neon Leon and I chatted about his amazing musical career, spanning over 40 years in the business. He’s played with a lot of the great bands that came out of the east coast of the US and was famously a suspect in the murder of Nancy Spungen at the Chelsea Hotel, 1978. Mentored by the New York Dolls and the Rolling Stones, his life has certainly never been dull or without excitement. He is still touring, and making music.We look forward to seeing him in Oslo soon.

Finally as 2012 draws to a close I managed to get an interview with The Boys before the release of their new album. This is the first one from The Boys in over 30 years. They played Oslo and celebrated Casino Steel’s 60th birthday with two concerts in Casino’s home town, Trondheim. The new album has yet to be named and will be released next year.

Thank you to all the people who have read my interviews and who appreciate Mudkiss. We are a tight knit team at Mudkiss and we love what we do and will keep on delivering inspirational interviews and reviews for as long as you want to read about the movers and groovers; makers and shakers in the music industry.

An occasional interviewer for Mudkiss Helen Donlon: 2012 was a year of intense involvement with music writing for me - as a music book publicist, but also as a literary licensee and agent, a researcher, an interviewer and occasional critic. But largely it was other people's writing that occupied my daily (and often nightly) life over the last 12 months.With so much talent around it is difficult to name check everyone whose work affected me but here are a few…Sylvie Simmons, whose sensitive Leonard Cohen biography 'I'm Your Man' has just been named Biography of the Year by NPR's All Things Considered. Deservedly.

Russ Bestley, Alex Ogg and Paul Palmer-Edwards whose cathedral labour of love 'The Art of Punk' completely redefined the way modern art history can and should be researched and designed.  
Kris Needs, whose writing I discovered for the first time in 2012 leading me to conclude he is way under-represented in book form, and who I hope will be updating his out of print memoirs soon (come on Kris!) 
Victor Bockris, whose very entertaining fly-on-the-wall 'book as movie' 'The Burroughs-Warhol Tapes' managed to become a great literary media 'event' in France before Xmas.
Tav Falco, whose Mondo Memphis is one of the most atmospheric and intriguing musical journeys I've ever read, or heard read (he's also a great performer)...and David Buckley, for getting as near as it is probably humanly possible to get to a truly authentic stab at the story and significance of the robots , in 'Kraftwerk: Publikation'. Malcolm Garrett did a superb job designing it too. And as a last nod - from across the music line - Roberto Bolaño remains my favourite writer and storyteller of the last decade.

So I guess that only leaves me to wish you a Happy New Year!!

Let take a look back at what we did last year, you might want to revisit some of the dedicated reviews/interviews/ music or book reviews and features from the year of 2012.

LIVE SHOWS 2012 [95]













INTERVIEWS 2012 [54]


  1. The Delaplains: Catch This Train Before Glastonbury Beckons Interview by Andy Barnes
  2. The Lost Souls Club: A Change Of Weather - Review By Matt Crane / Interview by Eva Jostakova
  3. Jessie Rose: 2013 Will be A Biggy - Interview By Eva Jostakova
  4. Sisterbutterfly: Revolution Is The Norm - Interview by Svenja Block
  5. The Boys: First Boys Album In 32 Years - Interview by Teddie Dahlin
  6. Neon Leon: Hero Instead Of Zero - Interview by Teddie Dahlin
  7. Keith Levene: A Search For Absolute Zero - Interview by Kathy DiTondo
  8. The Rubys: Shake You Free - Interview By Nigel Cartner
  9. Chris Fox: At Odds With the World? - Interview By Melanie Smith
  10. Rebekka Karijord: Embracing Life - Interview By Melanie Smith
  11. John Curran: Eight Years Of Incassum, Not In Vain - Interview By Andy Barnes
  12. Charlie Harper: Hanging Out With Charlie In Oslo - Interview By Teddie Dahlin
  13. Turrentine Jones: Bringing Blues Back To Life - Interview By Nigel Cartner
  14. The Gramotones: Playing A Round With The Gramotones  Interview by Andy Barnes
  15. Rowetta Manchester: Diva Of Manchester - Interview By Nigel Cartner
  16. John Maher: Buzzin About Another Reunion? - Interview By Melanie Smith
  17. Carol Hodge: Music Is My Life, My Passion - Interview By Melanie Smith & Phil King
  18. Louise Distras: Exorcising Demons - Interview By Melanie Smith and Phil King 
  19. Nina Antonia & Jerome Alexandre: Just A Warning To The Curious - Interview By Melanie Smith
  20. Jonny Cola And The A -Grades: Loving The Alien, Music With Rocks In - Interview By Chumki Banerjee
  21. P.P Arnold: Woman In Chains - Interview By Chumki Banerjee
  22. Glen Matlock: Flying Solo In Norway - Interview By Teddie Dahlin
  23. Mark Laff: De-Stressing With Mr Laff, As We Discuss Punk And Beyond - Interview By Melanie Smith
  24. Chris Helme: Doing It Himself - Interview By Nigel Cartner
  25. Lost Prophets: We Love What We Do - Interview By Oliver Urwin
  26. Blind Atlas: Like Honey To A Bear, Watch It Drip, Can't Keep Away - Interview By Chumki Banerjee
  27. The Last Party: Bringing A Thousand Smiles - Interview By Nigel Cartner
  28. Wolfcrusher: Europe...Or Andrew Lloyd Webber - Interview By Andy Barnes
  29. Honningbarna: A Family Dinner WIth The Honeychildren? ...."Ah Faen" - Interview By Andy Barnes
  30. The Icarus Line: [Joe Cardamone] Still On The Lash And Living The Wildlife? - Interview By Andy Barnes
  31. Lindi Ortega: Behind The Veil - Interview By Phil King / Shay Rowan
  32. The Computers: Music Is Dead - Interview By Callum Barnes
  33. Furious: Rage Against The Machine, Take Elton John For A Slide On Their 'Duck Arse' Ride - Interview By Chumki Banerjee
  34. Jaz Coleman:[Killing Joke] Still Alive And Altogether - Interview By Teddie Dahlin
  35. thePictureshow: Karaoke With David Guest Under The Crying Tree That Never Sleeps? - Interview By Andy Barnes
  36. Those Darlins: [Jessi Darlin] Heading To The UK In A Flurry Of Excitement, Pantie Throwing, Orgasms And...Wiffleball? - Interview By Mel
  37. The Spires: Pretentious Or Fray Bentos?..The Lucid Abstractions Of Spires - Interview By Andy Barnes
  38. Straylings: The Unravelling Of The Straylings - Interview By Nigel Cartner
  39. Ricky Warwick: [Thin Lizzy Frontman] 12 Months on - You'r Still Only As Good As Your Last Gig - Interview By Andy Barnes
  40. The Phoenix Experiment: Time To Step Into The Light Interview By Andy Barnes
  41. Gaye Black: Much More Than A One Chord Wonder - Interview By Jeffrey Munday
  42. Samara Kain: [Gasoline Thrill] Fuelled By The High Energy Ride Interview By Mel
  43. Anne Pigalle: L'âme érotique [The Erotic Soul] Interview By Teddie Dahlin
  44. Dressing For Pleasure: Its My Pleasure - Interview By Mel
  45. Enter Shikari: Shikari Mate....Shikari, Standing Like Eco Statues Interview By Callum Barnes 


  1. Alex Ogg & Russ Bestley - The Art Of Punk - Interview By Helen Donlon
  2. Zoë Howe: An Almighty Writer - Interview By Helen Donlon
  3. Bink: The Fashion World Isn't A World That Interests Me! Interview By Melanie Smith
  4. Mick Middles: Recounting Tales Of The Stone Roses - Interview By Helen Donlon
  5. Kris Needs: A Tale Of Ambiguous Picture Postcards – Interview By Helen Donlon
  6. Chris Hewitt: A Musical Entrepreneur - Interview By Nigel Cartner
  7. Anthony Pedone: [Writer/Film-maker/visionary & more] Prison, Punk, And Filming - Interview By Liz Lacey
  8. Mary O' Meara: [Author] Between The Lines - Interview By Nigel Cartner
  9. Chris Ward: [Playwright] Breaking Boundaries - Interview by Lorraine Reeves 


We had a massive number of albums, singles and EP’s sent across for us to review this year. So please check them all out on this link below.

Blog Sound Of 2013: Who Will You be Listening To Next Year?

Best of year: Andy wanted to tell us what he predicts will be the ones to watch out for this year….from Metal to Folk and in-between!

Andy’s UK Metal Top Ten to watch out for in 2013: For those more inclined towards heavier musical aspects, here's a UK metal top ten of bands to look out for in 2013. Spires/Incassum/Talanas/Collibus/Bisonhammer/Agonyst/Dragged Into Sunlight/Huron /Sanguine/Kamikaze Test Pilots. - 

Andy’s Top Tips for 2013: A selection of bands / artists I have high hopes will really break through in 2013, some new, some not so new, but all worthy far more attention. Golden Fable/Feldspar/Palma Violets/The Gramotones/The Delaplains/Christine Owman/Savages -

Andy Barnes shares his top 10 albums of 2012:

Enslaved - Riitiir
The Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell - Don't Hear It, Fear It.
Amenra - Mass V
Dragged into Sunlight - Widowmaker
Seamus Cater & Viljam Nybacka - The Anecdotes
Between the Buried and Me - The Parallax II - Future Sequence
One Mile an Hour - One Mile an Hour
Neurosis - Honor Found in Decay
The Datsuns - Death Rattle Boogie
Heavens Jail Band – Angelmaker


We are very fortunate at Mudkiss that we have Den Browne who is a voracious reader, particularly of music related tomes. We are also very lucky indeed that Omnibus Books consider us worthy enough to send press copies for reviewing. This has been keeping Den a very busy Man indeed this year sourcing music related books. Check this long list of books reviewed by Den.

 Books reviewed by Den Browne 2012

Russ Bestley & Alex Ogg: The Art of Punk
Mick Farren & Dennis Loren: Classic Rock Posters - 60 Years of Posters & Flyers 1952-2012
Paul Buck: Performance – A Biography of the Classic Sixties Film
Rob Jovanovic: Nirvana - The Recording Sessions
Johnny Rogan: Byrds: Requiem for the Timeless, volume 1
Zoe Howe: Florence + the Machine: an Almighty Sound
David Buckley: Kraftwerk: Publikation
Bill Sykes: Sit Down! Listen To This!: The Roger Eagle Story
Shaun Ryder: Twisting My Melon
Johnny Rogan: Morrissey & Marr - Severed Alliance; the 20th Anniversary Ed
James Fearnley - Here Comes Everybody; The Story of the Pogues
Mike Skinner: The Story of the Streets
Stanley Booth: The True Adventures of the Rolling Stones
Nick Johnstone: Patti Smith: a Biography
Mick Middles: Arcade Fire: Behind the Black Mirror
Martin Power: The Story of Manic Street Preachers: Nailed to History
Wilko Johnson with Zoe Howe: Looking Back at Me
Tim Mitchell: Sonic Transmission: story of Television
Clinton Heylin: No More Sad Refrains: the life and times of Sandy Denny
Crystal Zevon: I'll Sleep When I'm Dead - the dirty life and hard times of Warren Zevon
Neil Taylor: Document and Witness - an intimate history of Rough Trade
Tom Doyle: Glamour Chase - the maverick life of Billy Mackenzie
Polly Marshall: The God of Hellfire - the crazy life and times of Arthur Brown
Tracy Moberly: Text me Up
Luke Haines: Post Everything
Byron Coley: C'est La Guerre: Early writings 1978-83
Nik Cohn -Tryksta: Life and Death in New Orleans Rap
Peter Hook: The Hacienda: How not to run a club
Sids’s Norwegian Romance: Sex Pistols Exiled To Trondheim 1977

'Parellel Lives': by Dick Porter & Kris Needs - reviewed by Melanie Smith


In addition to our own regular team, we had a few contributors, from Chanteuse Anne Pigalle, writer Mary M’Meara, singer, songwriter James DeMalplaquet and Liverpool lovely  Lacey.

Blue Cat Blues.............By Mary O'Meara

The closing of the Blue Cat will narrow a passageway that's already largely blocked....that passageway being a launch-pad for new bands, new songwriters, new talents to come and transfer their sounds from bedroom/garage to stage. Many did it and did it so successfully they moved rapidly on to bigger things. Karima Francis, Nell Bryden & Jessie Rose all stood on that stage as virtual unknowns. Haven, Lee Griffiths, even most recently Terry Reid plugged in and bared their souls at 17 Shaw Road. Read the full feature here

Anne PigalleE: HalTe Au Viol Artistique - By The Last Chanteuse - English translation [Stop raping artists] - "That is how it feels: not physically raped, but intellectually raped, for sure…"here

Liz Lacey: Notes From A Broad - Liz Lacey, a Liverpool lovely, is going to delight us with her quirky insights and essays. She has been a CEO of several organisations in the arts and education sectors, set up and run a number of businesses, including burlesque and cabaret events. She is now a freelance writer, or Mouse For Hire, self-employed management /PR consultant and lecturer. She returned to Liverpool from London in 1999, and has felt quite smug about this ever since. Keep watching folks. Catch her on this page 

James De Ma;plaquet: An exclusive piece of writing for Mudkiss readers. An A - Z guide to the making of the new album, and beyond -  'Miss You In The Day' - prior to release.

EVENTS/ REPORTS 2008 – 2012

We had a couple of events this year from fire eaters to exhibitions, to a Coronation Street play, to a DVD review.

  • Dia De La Muertos Fiesta: @ Hellfire Club, Manchester 02/11/12
  • Black Monday: Last Days Of FAC251 Dvd
  • 'Thirty One” charity album launch for CALM (The Campaign Against Living Miserably) @ The Band On The Wall, Manchester 13/02/12 
  • Blank Generation: A Collection Of Original Punk Posters - Preview Night 26/01/12
  • Coronation Street 1968: “The Wedding of Dennis & Jenny” @ The Lass O’Gowrie, Manchester 14/01/12


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