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As we arrived at the legendary Eric’s Club there was already a large queue of people waiting to enter the invite only launch party. We were greeted by John Lynch (Club Owner) and Ethan Allen (Musical Director). In the upstairs bar we were entertained by local band Xander and the Peace Pirates with their refreshing take on Classic rock anthems.  As an old skool rocker myself I would have liked to listen to more of their set.  They finish off with a rocky bluesy rendition of the Ghostbusters theme......quality!

As we journey downstairs from the guitar based tunes into an electro pop basement, I felt a different vibe. The layout is pretty much the same as it used to be, although modern fire and safety regulations means the stage has had to be lowered. No more head banging as once famously done by Elvis Costello back in the day. Ethan Allen gave a small speech before proceedings got underway saying, “I think it’s great that a name that brings so much credibility is back on Mathew Street. I know not everyone agrees with me, but f@&k ‘em”

Kids on Bridges warmed up the expectant crowd, it’s now I realise that although the downstairs was completed literally hours before the opening they had not yet installed the air conditioning, wow it was hot. I retreated back upstairs for a while, if only to catch my breath and mingle for a bit. I returned to the depths of the basement to what now feels like the bowels of Hell. Hot and sweaty but a great atmosphere building, as fans eagerly await the return of OMD some 30 years since their last performance here. The Wirral based band opened their set with the classic track “Electricity” which pleased the crowd no end. Their 9 song set continued with other classics such as “Souvenir” and “Maid of Orleans”.

They finish their triumphant return with “Enola Gay”. Then in what Andy McCluskey said was a first for them, they did an encore to the delight of the fans. However I was a little perplexed as their encore was “Electricity” again....especially when their repertoire includes many great classics that were absent from this set.  Looking forward to returning to Eric’s in the future to catch some more exciting acts lined up to play.

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