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With an audience that had grown considerably as we reappeared from the interview, it was obvious that ‘The Paris Riots’ had attained a devout following, refreshingly not just consisting of students, but a slightly older crowd. Opening with the faster paced tunes, the core of the bands philosophy, they exploded into action, where they were loud, raw, and rocked the crowd into a frenzy, with anthems such as the edgy and direct ‘Hotel of Infidels’ and ‘Wrecking Ball’, both tunes that possess guitar riffs that’ll have you jumping up and down, fists pumping, and head bobbing, to keep in line with the pace as these cool licks and lyrics rip through any guard or inhibitions you may have.

A lull in proceedings, giving the crowd a break, showed the flip side to their creativity as the band left lead singer, Toby Connor, on stage to sing his heart out with his personal melancholy acoustic tracks, giving the band and himself another dimension. With cool, long, indie hair covering his eyes, he cut a subdued character, almost shy yet very much an air of quiet confidence surrounding him. In terms of a voice, it’s powerful, soulful, with the twang of the great northern accent itself helping to emphasise the attitude and expressive nature of the songs, and from the reaction of the female section of the audience, they clearly digged his style and manner. On the more rock numbers, he toyed with the microphone stand, picking it up, holding it tightly, swinging it back and forth, using it as an instrument to aid the power of his voice for the crescendos. He moved very subtly across the stage, faintly reminiscent of the god of rock himself, Jim Morrison, a very distinct style, almost lazy and lethargic, yet free and imposing.

Brother and lead guitarist Guy Connor reappeared to play alongside Toby’s acoustic on one track, before the rest of the band resurfaced to relentlessly rock their way through the rest of the set, with fans favourite, ‘White Wine’, being one of the highlights as the crowd sang and leapt along to this eclectic and liberating Mancunian band. With influences of past legends apparent in their music, it won’t be long before the limelight emits all over ‘The Paris Riots’, eclipsing our very own Manchester version of events. 

Interview by Nigel Cartner
Photos by Matt Johnston

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