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The Paris Riots are not newbies to the club circuit, and having been courted by such photographers as Natalie Curtis & Karen McBride, plus coming highly recommended by John Robb. This is one band you need to go see.

So we headed out to see one of Manchester’s finest in action. An impressive band we’ve seen in action once before at The Mad Ferret in Preston last year, this time they weren’t exactly causing any riots, not even a minor scuffle. WAIT!! It’s hardly the bands fault though as we were testament to a great live Li’l show, albeit a disappointing, shortish set, leaving us wanting more. When I asked the Glaswegian Kevin the bass player if they were coming back for another set he laughingly remarked “they don’t pay us enough”.
It must be a jolt to the system going from playing packed out houses in Manchester, huge European festivals such as Benicassim Festival in Barcelona and a short tour around America, then find yourself in a large loft building over the top of Boots chemist in Atherton, Wigan with only a mere 20 or so people present. Not to discredit the band but with only two or three feeling the desire to dance, it was a pretty understated affair.


Tonight was free entry before 10pm, Fever Nightclub is a long room with decent acoustics, in a loft but why are people not going out anymore? The truth is this band has been tipped for greater things; they are going to play the Hop Festival on the same stage as Dylan no less. Wigan must be slow in catching up on this band that’s all I have to say. It’s hard to pinpoint an exact genre they fit into, it’s easier if we call it ‘Indie music’ but that’s being lazy. Really they are so much more, they aren’t just a wanna be ‘Oasis’ band from Manchester, they have an edge, a presence, a certain rock 'n roll element. It’s time you guys got an album out, so come on what are we waiting for?

They started up with ‘Introspection’, “we love you, we love you” and of course we do! We had the fantastically tuneful, heavy drumline, and throbbing bass of ‘Hotel Of Infidels’, to the atmospheric, ‘The Indian’ which begins as a ballad which bursts into a hard edged tune.

They played us out with a couple of other songs I hadn’t witnessed before. Toby Connor the vocalist, is a groovy singer, and I’ve mentioned before he has a touch of the Jim Morrison’s about him, hiding mysteriously behind his mop of curly locks, his brother Guy on guitar holds on steady whilst Kevin provides those darker baselines, and Scottie hidden at the back on drums (glad to see you lost the heavy beard Scottie). They don’t chat much but there’s no need the music & lyrics speaks volumes.
Video: '12'

Setlist: Introspection, Get Out, 12, Wrecking Ball, The Indian, Strangers, Hotel Of Infidels, Astronaut, Wasted.

Review/photos/video by Mel