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Brothers Craig and Keith Walker together formed Power of Dreams in Dublin at the end of the 1980's, a deal with PolyGram records followed with the release of their debut album 'Immigrants, Emigrants and Me'. They toured the world building up a large base of loyal fans, who related to the honesty of Craig’s well written lyrics, their style evolved over their four albums with influences coming from many directions including many of the bands that they had toured with including The Mission, New Model Army and The Wonder Stuff to name a few. The band were given some great press by the likes of  Hot Press, NME and Melody Maker with the journalists touting the fact the Power Of Dreams could well be the next big thing, sadly the band split up around 15 years ago and Keith went on to form a band called 'Pharmacy' and have a successful solo career.
In 2009 due to pressure from their fans, the band announced that they were getting back together for a short tour of the UK and Ireland with a re-release for it's 20th anniversary of their debut 'Immigrants, Emigrants and Me' coupled with a disc of bonus tracks which reached the Top 10 in the Irish charts .

Interview- Basingstoke 4th March
CHINNERS: How does it feel to be back together in Power of Dreams after so long apart?
It feels great 15 years is a long time and when we got in the rehearsal room together and all the songs just came back to us. I can't wait to get up and play these songs live again
CHINNERS: What bought about the re-release of your debut album ’Immigrants, Emigrants and Me' was a record company or pots of money?

KEITH: No nothing like that it was two guys from England, Pete Cole a superfan and Loz from 100% Music who both kept putting pressure on us to get back together, eventually we decided to release the album on it's 20th Anniversary and the tour arrangements followed.
CHINNERS: In 1990's you supported a lot of great bands The Mission, New Model Army, The Wonder Stuff and Ned's Atomic Dustbin, What's it like touring with such great bands and do you have any interesting stories to tell ?
KEITH: We were very young and The Mission gave us lots of support and advice which was great
CRAIG: I saw my first thong, yea that sticks in my mind, it was in Spain on tour with The Mission, she was an older lady, however it was a little embarrassing lets leave it there.
CHINNERS: Where you aware of the large fan base that you still had?
CRAIG: We used to get e-mails from fans all the time, however it is not until you turn up at the shows and see all the familiar faces that you really appreciate that people after 15 years remember you and still want to come and see you play live. There was this one guy from Russia who went into a shop and bought one of our albums on cassette, he went on to form a band called Punk TV after really getting into our music, he e-mailed me with a track and asked if I would do the vocals for it, which I gladly did. There is another guy who has come over for these shows all the way from Spain. There is of course Pete Cole our superfan who is quite possibly one of the reasons we are back.
CHINNERS: What would you say are the differences between Power of Dreams in the 1990's and now?
IAN: We are older, our hairstyles have changed
KEITH: Experience
CRAIG: Nothing......yea experience and confidence
CHINNERS: After these shows what’s next for Power of Dreams, are there any future plans to record together or any more live shows?
CRAIG: For sure we would love to record together, I am still writing songs. We have been invited to play the Oxygen Festival in Dublin in the summer with possibly a few shows supporting The Wonder Stuff on the 'Hup' tour which would be great. This tour is certainly not the last you will hear from us.

Interview by Chinners 04/03/10