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Its weird when you first get into a band. You enjoy them being YOUR specific band who everyone else blatantly ignores due to them only having an album or EP out or because they aren't in the top ten on 4MUSIC or MTV. Pulled Apart By Horses were a band I came across after a recommendation from my cousin. Big riffs? Tick. Big Screams? Tick. Bizarre lyrics about punching lions and making fun out of muscle men on youtube? Yeah tick that one off as well. Their scorching debut album was a mixture of math, metal and a slight element of indie rock in there in some intros (dare I say it). So as a fan who has seen them live twice before, it was bizarre to walk into the venue and find every single male audience member (and some females) wearing PABH t shirts. Mostly from the new tour, with some vintage ones and one thing I was happy to note, no-one was wearing MINE. Spirits lifted, I waited for the support band to commence their destruction.

The Computers were a band that I'd seen before, supporting Death From Above 1979 at Manchester Academy last October. Not much has changed in the way of fashion sense in the band (all still wearing completely white with slicked dark quiffs), however, they are probably the greatest support band I have ever witnessed. With the lead singer, straight from the off barking in the faces of the front row, you know its gonna be high octane, loud and very entertaining. "Where Do I Fit In?" and "Lovers, lovers, lovers" blend together finally to create the starting paste to a rock n roll dish. Diverging from album tracks slightly, the band dig into their back catalogue and draw out early single "Teenage Tourrettes Camp" along with fan favourite "Please Drink Responsibly"- both from the "You Can't Hide from The Computers" EP. "Brothers and sisters!" declares the screaming lead singer, "Screaming Al". It must be noted that not only are The Computers a rock n roll band, but they're a hardcore rock n roll band. This means that the vocals are completely always screamed and everything gets a bit lively- especially when the frontman decides to clamber into the crowd during their swansong "Music Is Dead". Lovely stuff.

 Dramatic opening music fills the ears of the sweaty, waiting participants of tonight's crowd. Then the four members of PABH take to the stage- each member looking as if from a different era of rock. Lead guitarist James Brown looks like he's just walked out from the latest indie band, vocalist/guitarist Tom Hudson could be in any recent hardcore acts, bassist Rob Lee looks ready to riff up the 70's and drummer Lee Vincent is someone's dad who is just too cool to be kept under lock and key in the house, and instead tours relentlessly with his mates. The intro music ends, Tom gives a nod to Lee and the riff from "I Punched A Lion In The Throat" kicks in- mass bounce time. "OPTIMUM POWER" shriek the crowd. "MAXIMUM LIFE!" screams back Hudson, Brown flailing in front of his amp wildly. After this, everyone is pretty much exhausted, but no time for rests! Two new numbers, "Wolf Hand" and "Bromance Ain't Dead" proceed, to floundering crowd surfers a-plenty. "They say you can do anything with four heads!" nice hardcore motto there. It suddenly becomes apparent to everyone-band members and all- how hot and murky this venue is becoming with every strum of a guitar neck, every headbang and every screech. Drummer Lee discarded of his top at the beginning of the stone age, however it is clear the entire crowd are suffering from the heat. "Shake Off The Curse", "Get Off My Ghost Train" and the brilliant non-album classic "E=MC HAMMER" then force Tom to shed his upper-layer. "The fucking ceiling is leaking sweat!" he declares, and it certainly seems so as large droplets drip from above. Current single "V.E.N.O.M." causes a mass mosh, along with first album ring leader "High Five, Swan Dive, Nose Dive"- manufactured with a guitar build up ready to fill any floor space with a circle pit. "Everything Dipped In Gold" finishes off the bands set on a more mellow chord, before they storm back on with a cover of Nirvana's "Tourettes" and the six minute riff-long "Den Horn". Pulled Apart By Horses are now cool. So whats next? Only time will tell.

Review by Callum Barnes
Photos by Phil King

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