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Great music can spring up from the most unlikely of places.  The faded seaside town of Blackpool doesn’t automatically come to mind as a nursery for wonderful talent, but in Rae Morris, that may be about to change   Whether it’s the garish light of the Blackpool illuminations or the cold sea spray from the Irish Sea that’s helped nurture this precocious talent one can only ponder, but whatever the catalyst, it’s helped birth a future star.   

Choosing a dark and dreary Manchester night at Oxford Road’s Kro Bar, Morris transfixed a small and intimate gathering with a compelling set of songs that steadily lodged themselves firmly under the skin.  Aided only by the subtle accompaniment of her musical partner Simon Robb’s acoustic guitar, classically trained Morris’s piano playing contains a special kind of mellow electricity that generates a powerful emotional charge.  However it’s the subtle tones of her voice that really distinguishes her songs as special, especially on tonight’s opener ‘Oldest of New’ which skips along at a wistful pace.  As with all the songs she plays tonight, their beauty lies in their vulnerability and these delicate constructions display a maturity that should lie far beyond Morris’ eighteen years. 

Though still relatively new to the live circuit, Morris cuts a confident figure, and appears extremely comfortable playing her music in front of people.  Obviously there are many gifted singer songwriters at the moment, but only a few possess songs as strong as these and it won’t be long before Rae Morris is illuminating stages far bigger than the Kro Bar’s.