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REVOCATION played a storming set at the Cathouse venue in Glasgow on a great bill including the Black Dahlia Murder and Aborted.

Revocation was first on, and as the introductory sample played, the sense of urgency and pent up tension within the band waiting for release was palpable, and very evident in their physical stance on the stage. Substitute a wildcat waiting to pounce and that’s how it felt.

The Cathouse is a venue that likes it’s metal extreme, and will vote with its feet to the bars if any band doesn’t give a full on performance. However, as Revocation’s all enveloping technical thrash smashed through the Cathouse, I have never witnessed a crowd grow so quickly to fill up the performance area. It was almost as if people were being hypnotically drawn from the bars to the stage.

The mosh pit in front of the stage was full on within the first few numbers and pretty wild. Glasgow metal heads know the real thing when they witness it, and Revocation is the real deal. They are taking technical death metal to new and interesting places while still infusing it with the energy of thrash, which makes you just want to dive into the mosh pit with the physicality of the music. 

There were a couple of choice tracks from their superb new self-titled album, including a ferocious “Invidious” and the opener “Hive”.

Right from the opener, the guitar soloing was incredibly inventive with at times almost Coltrane sounding ascending guitar figures. This amazing playing really sets Revocation apart. That and the earthquake rhythms laid down by Phil and Brett on drums and bass respectively. I read somewhere that rhythmically they could stop and turn on a five pence coin, and its pretty much true! The song time changes would be really challenging for any players, but they make it every time, and they also make it all sound so seamless.

David and Dan who gave me an awesome interview backstage earlier (see elsewhere in Mudkiss for the full interview), provide a technically crushing guitar onslaught with lots of unique musical elements, ranging from full on thrash to the melodically complex.

I also have to say that the sound mix sounded pretty good from where I was. The Cathouse is a tricky venue to get the sound right in, and I have heard some good bands really struggle with the sound there. Revocation though had it right, and I am not surprised having seen how seriously they sound-check.

I can’t wait for Revocation to return to Glasgow, or hopefully play at one of the summer metal festivals… please Bloodstock book them! They symbolize all that is good and thrilling about metal.

Review and photos by Gareth Allen

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