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Rise To Remain are a melodic metalcore act from London that came together fully around 2008. Their live debut quickly followed at Download festival of that same year and they have been going from strength to strength ever since. Their first mini-album titled "Bridges Are Burning" was released last year to great critical acclaim. Featuring Austin Dickinson (son of Iron Maiden's Bruce) on vocals, the band already have a lot of strong blood for their genre within them. Their debut album "City Of Vultures" was released on the 5th of September this year and they are currently in the middle of their latest UK headline tour which takes in some of the smallest venues the country has to offer, including Manchester's Roadhouse which is where I experienced the true hardcore gig experience. I spoke to Will Homer, rhythm guitarist earlier this week:

CALLUM: Your full-length debut album City of Vultures has been out for less than a month, how is the reception from the fans so far?

Its been great! The reaction from everyone has been really positive, it was such a relief to get such a lovely response after we had spent the better part of a year writing and recording the album. Feels like all our efforts were worth it!

CALLUM: How was the recording process different on this first "full" album than the first EP you released last year?

Will: With the EP, we were in Fortress Studios with Dan Weller & Justin Hill (ex-SikTh) and the studio was based in our hometown, London. However, with the album, we visited The Chapel Studios in Lincolnshire for drums and we spent the rest of our time in Treehouse Studios with Colin Richardson & Carl Bown. The move to the countryside definitely left us outside of our comfort zones, but also left us with very little to get distracted by, and I feel that by shutting ourselves off from the hustle and bustle of a busy city, we were able to become more intensely focused on the record we were making.

CALLUM:There are many metalcore bands around at the minute, but your sound seems to be more signature and unique due to the combination of thrash elements over the top of melodic sections. Who influenced you musically in the beginning?

When Ben & I first started writing together, we were heavily influenced by bands such as Trivium, In Flames, Killswitch Engage, Shadows Fall...your usual suspect you could say! As we met Austin and then later on Joe & Pat, our musical influences expanded due to discovering new music styles we liked. Also, just by maturing our people and becoming more open minded towards music, we are now willing to try out anything as long as we feel it sounds great and suits our style.

CALLUM:You've been playing gigs for over three years now and made your live debut at Download 2008, which has been your favourite gig and a standout moment in your career already?

Will: In the years we've been touring as RTR, I think my favourite show was our headlining show at The Underworld in Camden. It was such an intense day; it was Austin's 21st birthday, it was us playing one of our favourite hometown venues, loads of our friends and family were there, and the place was pretty much sold out. From 30 seconds in, people were stage diving, and I even ended up in the wall of death during our last song! It was a night that will stick with me & the others for a very long while.

CALLUM:You signed to EMI in March of this year, does this mean you're under much more pressure than in your early DIY days?

Will: Not at all. Since signing, we've been given so much freedom with what we do, and it makes us nothing but proud that we made such a great decision in signing with EMI. They're really on board with what we want to do, they understand where we're coming from with our music, and they do all they can to support and encourage that, and everyone who works with our band has been nothing less than excellent, so we're very happy with how things have panned out.

CALLUM: And how’s Austin's voice now, seeing as you had to reschedule a date on the 15th of September due to a throat infection?

Will: He's doing great now, he's taking it steady, lots of herbal teas and manuka honey for him!

CALLUM: How has the tour gone so far? Good reactions from crowds on the dates you've played?

Will: This tour has been mental, we did not expect the type of reaction we've received - in a good way of course! All the crowds, big and small, have been amazing to us and been lovely to our friends in the support bands on this tour, Bleed From Within and The Safety Fire. Makes me happy to have the fans we have!

CALLUM:From the success of the band you’ve been given the opportunity to travel to many different countries - does this feel like the band are finally getting off the ground? And there any nerves of performing in front of all those fans in territories you may not have yet visited?

Will: Going to new places is always weird and exciting, especially when we're going there to perform. I had never left the country or been on a plane before this band, so everything we've done has been a thrilling and enriching experience. There are always nerves at first, but one thing we love is performing, regardless of how big, small, excited or tame the crowd is, so we're gonna give it all we've got and hopefully leave the fans wanting us to come back!

CALLUM:I'm sure after all that touring you'll want a nice Christmas break at the end of December, will you be playing any shows in the New Year and have you had any time to work on new material or is it just flat out promoting City of Vultures?

Will: We haven't set anything in stone yet, but we do have big plans for next year. Promoting 'City Of Vultures' is definitely on the cards, but we've been writing bits & pieces for a new album since we were in the studio and haven't stopped since we left. All the time between now and the recording of our next album, we want to spend it either playing shows or crafting the follow up to our first record, and we will not stop until we are left with songs we know the fans will enjoy and memories of shows we know the crowds loved.

Interview by Callum Barnes
Press shot from Chuff Media

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