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Welcome Roy to Mel's  'Mudkiss' interview. I met Roy during my stay in London in April 2007. We shared a few beers in The Elephants Head and The Hawley arms. During our chats I got to find out a little more about this 'dark horse' who gives nothing away on his MySpace profile.
Roy was born in what is now called Zimbabwe but was Rhodesia back in the day he was raised from the age of 5 in London where he later partied with the best of them in the late 70's and 80's music scene. He was in a relationship with Angie Bowie and had friends such as Lee Black Childers & Jayne County amongst others. He was the handsome Darling Ted of the Rockabilly Scene; Brighton & London became his playground. For many years he lived with Simone Stenfors and their cats and dogs. He is now semi retired, married with children and living in Cyprus in a house with its own private pool. Didn't he do well!!!
Hi Roy - It's been a while since we chatted I'm glad you agreed to be part of our little online interviews. Well no time like the present let's get started......are you ready to be interrogated?

Mel - What area of London were you from? And what music was you raised listening to? And how did this impact on your teenage years?

Roy - I moved to England when I was 5 just before all the troubles started out there. We lived in various parts of  North London I grew up listening to my sister's music blasted around the house! She was a kinda skinhead/mod girl so it was lots of ska and reggae

Mel - Can you remember the first record you bought? 

Roy - When I started getting my own musical tastes there was lots on offer, this was the early 70's so there was a real mixture, you still had some rock n roll going with Bill Haley and Elvis still doing well, glam with T-Rex, The Sweet etc, heavy rock with Hawkwind and Led Zeppelin and pop. With all that choice I think my pretty embarrassing first record was Tiger Feet by Mud

Mel - What did you do for a career in those heady days of ' rock n rolling'? I know your sister is a renowned Psychologist did you ever feel you wanted to follow in her footsteps and work with people? 

Roy- I was always the rebel without a clue in my family! I did well at school but didn't want to follow an academic path. I started riding motorbikes at 15 so became a despatch rider. Damn helmets played hell with the quiff but I always had a comb and grease with me!

Mel - I know you were once taken on the books of a Modelling agency, did the modelling take off ?

Roy - I never really followed it up, probably lots of missed chances but when you're young you think you've got all the time in the world and just party

Mel - Did you fulfil all your wildest dreams in those years? And if so how? 

Roy - I'm not sure if I fulfilled my dreams but I sure had a good time! At 17 I was just a naive teddy boy when I met Simone Stenfors. We spent the next 6 years together and she introduced me to a whole new scene that fitted me perfectly. When we hit the 80's I kinda became fashionable and became a face among the likes of Steve Strange, Boy George, George Michael and all the others who made money out of that era. If you look real hard you'll see me in the Wham//Bad Boys video lol.

Mel - Did you ever play in a band, sing or indeed want be involved in a creative capacity? 

Roy - I had so many offers to front bands, I had the chance  to be tutored on guitar by Overend Watts from Mott The Hoople and Mick Sweeney from Classix Nouveau among others but like the modelling, thought I'd put it aside til later. I then managed my friend's band, Spice of Life and I got them quite close to a major contract until one of the band started getting greedy and messed the deal up. Even then the promoter asked me to front another band but again I was too into my partying to take him up.

Mel - Who did you count as your acquaintances and friends during your partying days?

Roy - I don't think I met anybody that I would count as close friends, everybody just knew each other then. I used to do all the clubs of the time - Beat Route, Mud Club, Planets, Wag Club and hung with everybody who was in the news at the time. One image that sticks in my mind, I used to drive a beat up Skoda which broke down in between clubs one day. One of my passengers, Marco Perroni, who was the bass player in Adam and the Ants helped me push it to the next club. Where were the paparazzi in those days lol!

Mel - Tell me about how you met Angie Bowie and came to move in with her, and what is the full story of the Bowie telephone conversation?

Angie Bowie & Roy - Photo used with kind permission of Leee Black Childers 

Roy- Through Simone Stenfors, I met Leee Black Childers, a renowned music photographer who knew everybody and had been involved in David Bowie's formulative years. He asked me if we could go and pick up Angie from the airport one day and it was lust as first sight! A whirlwind romance followed with talks of marriage. We spent about six months of madness together - she was touring the UK and I kind of became a road manager. In her divorce settlement she'd agreed not to talk about their marriage but trying to promote her album at the time she'd started to say a bit too much. We were at a Manchester hotel and I answered the phone to have a very irate Mr Bowie hissing down the phone at me. It was quite funny, the teddy boy from North London in a phone standoff with the multi-millionaire star but I think I won! 

Mel - If you had one story to tell about the wild days of youth which one would you choose?

Roy- God so many lol. Maybe a missed opportunity story, I was at the Wag Club one night and my friend introduced me to three girls. As usual I was too busy to take much notice and passed up when they offered me to go back to their place. Afterwards my friend asked why I had turned down a night with Bananarama. Oh well!

Mel - Where you only ever into the Rockabilly scene? Where did you hang out besides the Royalty ?

Roy - Until I met the infamous Simone, I was full on Rock n Roll. There were quite a few clubs in the late 70's that catered for us and there were some great weekends away at Caister with all the bands of the time like Crazy Cavan attending. Like any self respecting ted though there were a lot of pubs with pint in hand! 

Mel - It was great to meet you in London last year and spent time with you, what did you find had changed about the scene and London since you lived there? Especially the Ace Cafe which I know you returned to visit.

Roy - Hard question to answer without sounding like an old fogey. People just don't seem to be as reckless as we were. Everything seems a bit contrived and money orientated. Having said that, the Ace Cafe hasn't changed, I felt right at home as soon as I went back there. Ride to live lol.                                         
Roy - Photo by Mel in London - April 2007

Mel - What music is playing at your poolside this summer?

Roy- Ever since I got out of the 'Only Rock n Roll' phase my tastes have always been really diverse. I just like what I like. My favourite tune at the moment is by The Ting Tings - My Name. I think I veer towards anything that has a strong drumbeat.

Mel – Interestingly the singer is from Lowton my local area and where I work. Anyway so tell me about your life now  - What made you move to Cyprus and what are your children up to isn't one a musician, tell me more ?

Roy - My wife's second generation Greek Cypriot, so that was the inducement. My eldest son is a real talented musician, although like his dad he's not working it at the moment. From experience I know you run out of time so I'm going to push him! This was my sons last band  they split up but are now reforming as we speak. He's Jam, the bass player btw. I really like their music, especially 'Lets Go'.

Mel - Well I will certainly check them out, wow your son is gorgeous. What do you do for fun in 2008? Do you see yourself as 'Rebellious' still or have mid life and marriage calmed you down?

Roy - I'm actually back in the ..UK.. now but plan on going on a road trip around the US late summer with Leee Childers, so who knows where that will end. My character hasn't changed since I was a teenager so I guess I'm still pretty hyped!

Mel - If you had one wish what would it be?  

Roy - Sort these crazy kids and their knifes out. I had many a dust up in my day but it was fists not metal.

Mel - Who are your inspirations?

Roy - Being the flirt I am I'll say you lol - To be honest I can't say I've been inspired by anybody, liked a whole lot of music, tried to be myself through my life and been nice to nice people.

Mel - Hahahaha well one last question - can you explain that photo of you and another guy asleep in a bed taken by leee Childers - who is it and why were you there sleeping - long night ? lol                                                                                       

Photo of Roy & Friend used with kind permission of Leee  Black Childers

Roy - I've never had a problem with people, regardless of race, sexual preferences or gender. I get on with who I consider to be a good person. That particular day I'd spent with Leee driving around Dover and was out for the count. I fell asleep and Leee went out and met one of his nice young men and posed him in the bed next to me while I was crashed. Apparently it's become quite a famous photo and appeared in a few magazines and books lol!

Check out Roy's myspace Roys Page

Thanks for being 'Mudkissed' Roy - glad we are friends once again. - Mel

Photo of Roy  - Living it up on the beaches of Cyprus 2008





Photos used with kind permission of Roy and Lee Childers.