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The new single ‘For Love’ by South West metal four piece Sanguine has certainly caused a stir with the Mudkiss team. “Great heavy, gothic sound and that impassioned vocal is just outstanding”. That impassioned vocal belongs to formidable frotwoman and founder of the band Tarin Kerrey.  Tarin’s vocal skills have gone far from unnoticed in recent months and she has been asked by no less than Iron Maiden guitarist Adrian Smith to appear on his forthcoming solo record. Along with Nick Magee on guitar, Tom Sherwood on bass and Matt Feld on drums, Sanguine have actually blown two billed headline acts off the stage to date….as in they flatly refused to follow them! One listen to ‘For Love’ and it’s pretty easy to understand why, even more so once you get a load of second track ‘Anger Song’ which smacks you right between the eyes with an energy fuelled adrenalin rush that leaves you gagging for the next whack. In fact the eerie, anti climatic silence when it’s all over leaves a gap only likely to be filled by their forthcoming album which promises to “flex the full range of a songwriting skill which borrows from a broad spectrum of influences (System of a Down, My Ruin, Faith No More, Tool, Massive Attack and Killswitch Engage)” whilst maintaining an “unmistakable indentity”. After this taster we can’t wait. So when can we get our hands on it? I managed to grab a few words with Tarin and Nick as they took a break from their busy schedules.

LORRAINE: Hi guys, I just had to quickly google the meaning of Sanguine. Are we going for the bloodthirsty or the optimistic disposition here? [smiles]

TARIN: Both! That’s why we chose the name because it sums up the two sides of Sanguine – none of us are doom monsters, we’re thirsty to play music, we all have our dark sides too, but we come across happy when we play because we genuinely are happy to be there!

NICK: Yeah the name also represents our songs we tend to get bored of doing one style of music so our songs often end up on opposite ends of the song writing scale. The jump from heavy to soft has always appealed to us.

LORRAINE: For Love is a great single and I really liked the video. Can you tell us a bit about the making of it and the significance of the imagery? It’s quite unsettling.

NICK: It was actually our director that came up with the concept….he phoned me one night really hyped and said that he’d had a messed up dream where that happened and he wanted to do the video to our song!

TARIN:  It was a really spontaneous idea, within two weeks of Carl phoning us we were on set in the ballroom of this beautiful mansion that used to be owned by Roger Taylor the drummer from Queen. All a bit random but exciting!

LORRAINE: I understand that the single is taken from your forthcoming debut album; when can we expect that to become available?

TARIN: We’re looking to have the album out by this January and we’re already cutting demo’s for the follow up. We’re really excited because the writing process is our favourite part, creating something new, something out of nothing.

LORRAINE: Why did you choose 'For Love' in particular as the preceding single?

NICK: It was difficult to choose a single as we’re quite an eclectic band – We needed to put out a song that showed more than one side to us, especially with the vocals. It was important from my point of view at least to show a little bit of what Tarin can do with her voice as she has an incredible range

LORRAINE: What is the inspiration behind the album in general and can you give us any teasers on what to expect?

TARIN: It’s a mixture of heavy, psychedelic, and soft riff lead music. Hopefully it will give our listeners a taste of what Sanguine is capable of.

NICK: We’re pretty keen to get our material out there and get rolling. We’ve got so many ideas we feel like we’re like rabid dogs on short leashes! Let us go!

LORRAINE:  You’re all from the South West? What is the scene like there and how did you all get together?

TARIN: We all met in the South West at uni but Tom our bassist is from Loughborough originally and Matt is a cross breed - London meets New York. Myself and Nick are from Cornwall. It’s true the South West gives more time to live music as it is such a backdrop to creativity.

NICK: Yeah there’s little to do in the evenings growing up so we both turned to music.

LORRAINE:  What’s all this about two headlining acts refusing to follow you? You don’t have to mention names but what was the story there? (You can mention names if you like of-course)

NICK: Yeah we won’t mention names cause…that’s just nasty! The first time it happened the guy walked pasted me with his guitar in his hand, he shook my hand and said “well done mate, fuck following that!”

TARIN: Yeah we didn’t know what was going on until no act came on after us! It was all a bit weird. Second time, we were just absolutely on fire that night and I think that the band after just felt under pressure to follow it.

LORRAINE: Tarin, Iron Maiden guitarist Adrian Smith has asked you to appear on his own forthcoming solo record; how does that feel and how did it all come about?

TARIN: Sanguine started working with Mikee Goodman from Sixth, he approached us wanting to do some production with us and we spent a lot of time together becoming good friends. Mikee put my name forward to do some backing vocals for Adrian’s side projects - along with many other names! I couldn’t believe I got chosen as I was the least known out of all of the singers.

NICK: Yeah it was pretty crazy as I’m a complete Maiden fan.

TARIN: I can safely say childhood musical dream box number one ticked!

LORRAINE: You have a few dates lined up for October but are there plans for a more extensive tour in the near future?

TARIN: It’s all in the pipeline at the moment we’re laying down some more demo's for the next album so it’s all go.

LORRAINE: This feels like a pretty exciting time for the band, how are you all feeling at the minute and what would be your greatest wish for 2012?

TARIN: Worst case scenario, Sanguine gets sponsored by Vagisil. Best case scenario Sanguine makes more friends and general makes a dent for female fronted alt-rock/metal bands from the UK.

NICK: The UK is massively under represented when it comes to female bands, ideally when people think of female fronted metal they would think of Sanguine.

LORRAINE: Finally, in your own words, how would you sum up the Sanguine experience?

TARIN: Intense, I feel like I get on stage blink and it’s over. Afterwards I’m all sweaty and elated!

NICK: Yeah we put 100% into every show. Our motto is play every show likes it’s your last because one day you’ll be right!

TARIN: Sounds a bit dark…but essentially it’s the attitude we have that comes across on stage.

Interview by Lorraine

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