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The scissor sisters sashayed into town last Saturday night with all the pomp, glitz and glamour we have come to expect from this vibrant troop. Armed with a catalogue of past and present tunes they proceeded to entertain us for a solid fun packed all singing, all dancing show, making great shapes in perfect harmony on the stage. Straight from the moment Jake Shears silver coloured sneakers hit the decks they are off and running. Starting the show with the dance classic 'Any Which Way You Can' which sets the tone for the whole event, as each song is performed in their usual camp, colourful and electrifying OTT style.

Ana Matronic rules the roost in not only her wonderful attire, [with matching bloomers, which we glimpse at each exaggerated swirl and teasing moment], but in the way she takes command of the crowd, every so often chatting and sharing comments and observations. Meanwhile Jake flings himself around all sides of the stage, gyrating and grinding resplendent in his birds of paradise jumpsuit. Del Marquis is a cool dude and spends his time under the single spotlight in his own reserved style, Anna says he is the "best dressed of us all". 

Racing through their hits, the show proceeds, with robotic animated frenetic moves, mixed with some vogue-ing styles, which are both humorous and sensual in equal measures.

Bursts of multi coloured explosions intersperse with the lighting and musically they hit all the right notes, unashamedly creating mainstream pop/rock music for the masses. Manchester is obviously big fans of SS and visa versa, its where they consider their second home, Ana bellows "thank god for make up and Morrissey, inbetween thanking their chef for the wonderful meals during this tour.

All the electro, disco favourites are played for our pleasure tonight...'Take Your Mama Out', 'Fire With Fire' and 'I Don’t Feel Like Dancin'.

No show would be complete without 'Lets Have A Kiki' and Ana proceeds to give us the low down on several meanings of the term. Everyone in the house stood to attention as Ana hollers " is there anybody in the house"?

A standing ovation was received as they complete their final song, the crowd loved the sisters, and they came back for an encore with 'Filthy Gorgeous and new single 'Only The Horses', taken from their most recent album 'Magic Hour'. A thoroughly enjoyable, fun packed show.  


Any Which Way You Can
Keep Your Shoes On
Baby Come Home
The Skins
Kiss You Off
Take Your Mama
Running Out
Year Of Living Dangerously
Lets Have A Kiki
Skin This Cat
Fire With Fire
Comfortably Numb [Pink Floyd Cover]
Invisible Light
Shady Love
I don't Feel Like Dancing


Only The Horses

Review & photos by Melanie Smith

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