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Introducing The Sex Presleys, a band I found one day on MySpace, and hell, well, what the fuck I thought, mixing the names of my two fave music makers, goddamit yeah this has gotta be something else.  Checked ‘em out and YEAH they were. Cool!

So they are NOT a cover band!  They get the Sex Pistols and Elvis’s music and lyrics and make new songs inspired by them.  It’s fun, its rock, n’ its fucking roll. Enjoy it.

You can listen to their songs if you go to their MySpace - but everyone be aware their new CD is going to be ready for you to buy very very soon through Raucous Records, an English record label, which also means, hey they will probably be touring Europe or at least the UK a bit any time soon, so stay tuned!!

Nick Pistol is fucking cool and I wanted him to answer a few questions for me, he is a very nice guy too so here they are, hi Nick!

Rachel - How, when and especially, why did you come up with the idea of TheSexPresleys? I know your a fan of the Sex Pistols and grew up as a punk, and that you don't actually care about Elvis' music at all!

Nick Pistol - I was staying at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. Not sure if you've ever been there, but the whole place is a rock'n roll temple. I kept getting off on all the Elvis and Sex Pistols stuff under the same roof... Elvis jumpsuits right next to a Sid Vicious slot machine. - (Yeah I did see the Sid Vicious slot machines.) I loved it! I decided then and there I had to create something to incorporate both as the place made me realize that both extremes appealed to largely the same people.  Also, I wasn't doing all that great attracting the off-duty strippers and realized I needed some kind of schtick to lock in more action... It was along those lines of thinking that the ideas for Heartbreak Hotel came to me. Upon arriving home I arranged that one and followed it with I Can't Help Falling in Love a few days later. Then all I had to do was put together a band


Rachel - Did you form the band in San Francisco? What instrument did you first learn to play and in which other bands have you been before the Sex Presleys?

Nick Pistol - Yeah it’s an SF band. I only play guitar. I’ve never learned a scale in my life… swear to god.  And I never will. I play for enjoyment.  Scales are work.

Previous bands:

Priscilla - Vaccines

Lev:  Amazing Embarassonics

Nick:   Ghost, Shine On, Race Train, Cinnamon Razorblades, Skullduggery

Mark:  Some Greatfuldeadsantacruzhippything.

Rachel - How were your teenage years as a punk rock music lover, did you live in SF already or moved there from somewhere else?  Did you like other types of music as well?

Nick Pistol - My teen years were in Sacramento, California about 100 miles east of SF. It’s a major working class city. There was a great scene there and the best touring bands always played shows there. In those days you could still stage dive and have great THRASH pits, not mosh pits. The shows were great – SxDx, Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, Fang, X, D.I., Flipper were always playing town.

Of course I dug other music. That whole Rave Madchester thing was great. Those raves were awesome. I had a ska phase… even bought an old Vespa. The Specials were great as were Operation Ivy and Rancid. However I really don’t like playing any other music than punk rock.

Rachel - What was the band you went to see for the first time, live?  And the show that had a deepest impact on you at that age?

Nick Pistol - The first show I ever saw was Oingo Boingo with Wang Chung opening for them. It was Vaurnets and plaid shorts everywhere. But I remember "Only a Lad" and "1984" rocked! My sister drove because I was too old and got pissed off at me for getting drunk and hitting my friend in the nose.

The show that had the deepest impact on me was seeing the Ramones on my 18th birthday. It was at an 18 and older club so I was stoked to be there.  I remember thinking "goddamn they’re ugly".  They were awesome and I’ll never forget how great they were.  Halfway through the set some girl kept flipping off Johnny. He finally took off his guitar and nailed her right in the forehead with the butt of his guitar. She collapsed in front of me.  I was like"wow…. Punk rock."

Another great show was where I was in a band called Skullduggery and we opened for Social Distortion just before their comeback album "Social Distortion" in 1990 was released. Mike Ness had just come out of some detention center for a year or so on grand theft and they were trying to get back on track. I remember them ripping out "Ring of Fire". I get the chills today thinking about how great it was. About midway through the show some guy was fucking with Mike and he stopped everything and shouted into the mike at him "If you do that again I’m going to bend you over and fuck you in your ass!"  That was one hell of a threat from a guy that just got out of the joint! I realized everybody there was scared of Mike. He had the whole place in the palm of his hand. He ruled the show like Billy Joe Armstrong rules his shows. When you go to see SxDx or Green Day Mike and Billy Joe demand your attention and rule you like a dictator. Goddamn I love rock shows!

Rachel - How about now, what shows have you been to recently, and how was it like?

Nick Pistol - I caught the Phenomenauts not too long ago. Goddamn I love those guys! They remind me that music can be great and happy and all about awesome. People get off on their shows and it’s a great bizarre. All type… which is saying a lot in the SF Bay Area California.

Rachel - How did the rest of the band members and you Nick, find each other?

Nick Pistol - Once I came up with the idea for the band I pitched it to my friend and bass player, Mark. He and I were in the practice of hanging out at his flat in the Mission District eating Pakistani food and drinking wine and vodka and playing acoustic guitars. I wasn't a hard sell. Mark knew Priscilla, our singer... a goddamn diva with pipes like I've never before heard. When Mark pitched him the idea, he was all over it. He's a creative guy and saw the potential. Lev, our drummer, hits harder than anyone I've seen outside of Keith Moon. He was in once he heard Priscilla was in.

Rachel - What is your favourite activity outside from all the music, recording and band stuff?

Nick Pistol - Music, recording and band stuff are my favorite activities. If I really had to come up with something I guess it’d be drinking hard liquor and surf… not necessarily in that order.

Rachel - Where do you wanna reach with the Sex Presleys?

Nick Pistol - I just want people to know of us, dig us and remember us. I want to travel to different cities and see our name and stickers on young punks’ jackets.  I just want to be remembered.

Rachel - Would you like to play a show in the fields of Graceland???? .. hahaha

Nick Pistol - We’d love to. Kinda be like pissing in the yard.

Rachel – Are you friends with the Sex Pistols? Have they been to any of your shows? How many times have you been to theirs and, how was it like?

Nick Pistol - No. We don’t know any of ‘em.  I never went to any of their shows because I was too young in the ‘70’s. I saw PIL, but that really doesn’t count.  In recent years they have toured, but I have no interest in paying money to watch a bunch of paunchy old men shake their tires and take my money.

Rachel - Would you like to have someone special collaborating in your next album? Who would that be? And who would you like to sing a song with live?

Nick Pistol - Our singer is friends with East Bay Ray of the Dead Kennedys. I’d really like to record Viva Las Vegas and have him play lead guitar.

Rachel - Do you tour very often and WHEN are you coming to Europe?

Nick Pistol - We want to play the U.K. badly! We’ve been working on a recording contract with two different labels out the and it’s a pain in the ass to get all the permissions as the songs are mashups and all. I’m not a big fan of playing to empty halls so I really don’t want to schlep all our stuff over there without a cd to promote. I figure once our shit is out we’ll get people to show up at our shows. Believe me… the sooner the better.

Rachel - In your live shows, do you get all kinds of audiences or just punks? Do you get many groupies, or even have a group of die-hard fans or groupies who come to every show you do?

Nick Pistol - We get a nice share of punks and heshers… you know like the Hellacopters-type fans. I think it’s hilarious when the heshers belly up to the stage and bang their heads. Of course punk-type people show up. But older post punks show as well… it’s a bit of freaky nostalgia for them. However I’m happy to take anybody’s money.

Groupies  -  Love 'em!  How can you not dig someone who digs you... especially when they put out!  I've always been a lascivious bastard and always up for a good time.  That's why I play music.  People see bands to get something out of it.  If I can get someone charged up and steamy...  hell I'm going to seal the deal!  Groupies....  Can't get enough of 'em!

Rachel -Aside from the Pistols, who are your favourite bands and the ones you listen to more often?

Nick Pistol - Foxboro Hot Tubs, Green Day, the Network,  the Stooges,  Minor Threat, The Clash, the Ramones,  the Hellacopters,  the Damned, Social Distortion, Fang, Tim Armstrong, Johnny Thunders.

Rachel - What is punk rock to you?

Nick Pistol - Punk rock is music… Primal simple stomping gutteral pounding that appeals to the simplest  understanding of the human mentality.  Music shouldn’t be complicated. I hate people that focus on complexity and technicality. What a load of bullshit.  Music should be no more than what the African natives natives do…  pound and jump around.  What we do is elementary and easy to understand.  If you don’t like it go buy a Yes cd and enroll in a university. If you wanna rock put our music on. If you don’t like it, then fuck off.

Rachel - How’s the local punk rock scene now  in San Francisco? If I decided to go live  somewhere in the US, which would be the place to have more fun punkrockin’ and practicing related activities?

Nick Pistol - SF is what SF is. It’s a great destination city that’s expensive as hell. People just come here to do shit because it is where it’s happening. All people make their  way here to go to a great show and get fucked up. Berkely is great for punks. A lot more miscreants over there and a lot of your dumb kids ready to do crazy shit. Of course the Gilmore’s over there.

Rachel - For the time being, you've got one cd , "God Save The King", any news on forthcoming new cd's, are you working on new songs?

Nick Pistol - Yeah we’re talking to a U.K. label about recording a about 6 more songs to release a full 12 song cd. BTW have I sent you a copy yet?  - (Er.. No. Do it, thanks!)

Rachel - Tell me, first thoughts on your mind:

Johnny Thunders (on Johnny you can elaborate as much as you can if you want to..):

Nick Pistol - Ball to the wall great rock’n roll. Wish I could have seen him live. True rock god.  I always wanted a kind of New York Dolls feel to the Sex Presleys.  He had rock'n roll down.  His simple r&b style set the template for what punk rock is.  No Thunders = no Sex Pistols.  He was that important.  Pretty good for some who was Born to Lose.

Joan Jett :  Best rocker of all time.

John Lydon:  Awesome front man… One of the best of all time. Now he is a caricature of himself. I refuse to see the Sex Pistols perform now. I’d rather only think of them in the 70’s.

Mike Ness:  My favorite guitarist. Great rocker. May be my number one idol. The King of the SoCall punk scene. Every time I pick up my guitar I swear to god I think of that guy.  I just love the way he plays guitar.

The Damned:  Love ‘em. Seen them once. Capt. Sensible is great in all aspects – music, political, showmanship.

Hanoi Rocks:  Overrated but I really dug them. I always wanted the Sex Presleys to look like ‘em.

Rachel -Final question, say something that you really wanna say right now. Whatever the fuck it is, just say it!

Nick Pistol - What we do isn’t 100% original. We take two ideas and fuck them into one. We do and we dig and if you had a brain you’d dig it too. If you don’t like it, fuck off. I don’t want to hear from you. No one is forcing you to buy our music. Dig it if you like it. We do it to entertain and because we know it rocks. Some people have criticized that we’re a cover band. Bullshit! You try coming up with our material. Good fucking luck. At least we don’t plagiarize and pretend it’s original. This is rock. This is good. Again…  If you don’t like it fuck off.


Nick Pistol - Thanks for the interview!

Go check them out and add them  on MySpace: