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Our little monthly cupcake Shell Zenner is back with the new hotspot for April. Read on and know your informed by the one and only Salford City Radio girl Shell Zenner.

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 Favourite Gig of the last month:

Surprisingly this is a really tough call as there are four gigs that really stand out in my mind, so I’m going to list all four.

  1. Trophy Wife smashed it at their debut Manchester gig, I cannot get enough of them right now.
  2. Crystal Fighters energetic performance to a packed out Ruby Lounge was very special.
  3. The Crookes live show has come on in leaps and bounds, how could you not fall in love with these guys on their current tour.
  4. Deerhunter absolutely blew me and the rest of the crowd away at Sound Control.  Bradford was on great form singing to a pineapple and just generally turning every song into an epic 10 minute shoegaze anthem.

Who’s the winner? There was no substitute for hearing the stunning Halcyon Digest played live, so it has to be Deerhunter

Gig I’m most looking forward to this month:

Some people may know The Kills from Jamie Hince’s relationship with Kate Moss or Alison Mosshart’s band foray with Jack White but for me they will always be that band that released ‘No Wow’ and the fantastic single ‘Love Is A Deserter’ that I remember rocking out to in Academy 3 back in 2005.  Blood Pressures their fourth album is imminent and this gig is to be missed at your peril.

What I’m listening to at the moment: Singles: 

The Louche FC – Only In A Dream – Offering shoegazey brilliance overlaying an almost 50s pop vibe, with those oh so sugary sweet vocals. I’m in love. 

Cults – You Know What I Mean – It's hard not to fall in love with a sound like this 60s pop twee out with shades of C86.  One things for sure if you love Summercamp you’ll love them.

Two Wounded BirdsAll We Wanna Do –To be frank, its quite hard to describe the sound of these guys as each song I’ve heard sounds so different.. But the crux is surf, garage, pop, punk, rock n roll tinged with a seaside manner about it. If that description isn’t good enough, I suggest you just let your ears do the assessment:

What I’m listening to at the moment: Albums:

The Crookes – Chasing After Ghosts – I’ve adored these guys since I heard previous single ‘Bloodshot days’, they have the romantic indiescape almost synonymous with The Smiths but with a calypso esque ambience.  Having had them in for a session last week, I can see how they have grown in the last year and Chasing After Ghosts is testament to that.

Wye Oak – Civilian– I’m a sucker for a band that manages to evoke emotions in me through their music and Wye Oak’s indie-folk approach will do that to you.. Theres also a dream-popness to them not dissimilar to another of my favourite Baltimore bands – Beach House.

The Charlatans – Warm Sounds EP – It’s really invigorating when your oldest favourite band decides to release into the ether an array of new tunes.. OR an array of new versions of old tunes.  Yes! the first listen to The Charlatans – Warm Sounds Ep is one of those that will have you puzzled of face and scratching of head thinking I’ve heard this before?? But have you?!

Bands to look out for this month:

Pete & The Pirates – With a second album ‘One Thousand Pictures’ in the offing what better to do than set off on tour around our shores. On what I’ve heard of the album you’d be a fool to miss them.

Jim Jones Revue – There is no purer blues rock n roll around at the moment and they are electric live, so what more of a reason do you need?

Saint Saviour – If you’ve seen Groove Armada in the last year or heard their latest album Black Light then you are bound to have heard this little lady on vocals.  Saint Saviour is her stage name and she’s heading on tour soon in support of her solo project.

Shell Zenner 03/04/11

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