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Favourite Gig of the last month:

No surprises this month, after I said I was looking forward to seeing the amazing Twin Shadow last month!  George Lewis Jr was over from Brooklyn to tour his fantastic debut album ‘Forget’ which was produced by Chris Taylor of Grizzly Bear. George didn’t disappoint playing a packed out set of new wave, synthy lo-fi sounds and exclaiming he had been waiting 11 years to play Manchester..

Gig I’m most looking forward to this month:

I’ve been raving about Trophy Wife for a few months now, one of a new breed of bands from Oxford who have revitalized the local music scene there.  I’m finally going to get to see them in Sheffield next week in support of Esben & The Witch and they are coming to Manchester soon too so keep your eyes peeled!

What I’m listening to at the moment:


EagullsCouncil Flat Blues- If you’re expecting a band that sounds exactly the same in the flesh as on the record, but with a ton of hedonism thrown in for good measure, then Eagulls are the band for you. You simply won’t want to look away in case you miss something..

Miles KaneCome Closer – The lesser known half of Last Shadow Puppets breaks out on his own, this is his second single and whilst its less immediate than Inhaler, it shows exactly why we should all be eagerly anticipating the release of his debut LP.

Dutch UnclesFace In – This is probably one of my favourite videos of all time, and shows exactly what I adore about Dutch Uncles. It’s a killer tune with fantastic hooks and an addictive melody, and as for the video, lets just say the lads are not shy of making fun out of themselves..


Little CometsIn Search of Elusive Little Comets – It’s finally out and it’s a Dirty Hit, well, ahem.. It’s released on Dirty Hit. But a girl can dream right? Famed for their energetic and eclectic live show which features a washing line and a stack of percussive instruments, the album follows this individual theme with all manner of out of the ordinary sounds but is stunning in so many ways.

Ringo DeathstarrColour Trip – You don’t necessarily have to be doing something different or new to be noticed anymore.. and Ringo Deathstarr are a band that fits that criteria like a glove. The shades of My Bloody Valentine and a Jesus & Mary Chain edge make them totally addictive in my view.

Doyle & The Fourfathers - Man Made - They’re not afraid to get the brass in! There used to be William Doyle and four (father) others but now they’re a tight four piece, bringing their soaring brand of indie pop to a record store near you very soon..

You can get your hands on their latest single from for free NOW!

Bands to look out for this month:

The Duke Spirit –Their Kusama EP has just hit the shelves and they are in Manchester shortly, and I for one am totally under their spell as always..

Esben & The Witch – There are many words I could use to describe Esben & The Witch: haunting, dark, stunning, intense.. but in reality the BBC Sound of 2011 buzz around their album ‘Violet Cries’ speaks for itself.

Jamie Woon – Less is really more in 2011, first up there is James Blake and next up Jamie Woon, touted in the BBC’s sound of 2011 poll for good reason, former single Night Air demonstrates why..

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