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Favourite Gig of the last month:

In contrast to last month there is absolutely no contest for my gig of the month. It was a band called Austra who played Islington Mill. I first heard them when Jon Hillcock played them on 6 music and it was love at first listen with Katie's almost operatic vocals overlaying modern electronica. It's a marriage made in heaven. Keep your eyes peeled for debut LP Feel It Break.

Gig I’m most looking forward to this month:

Some people may know The Kills from Jamie Hince’s relationship with Kate Moss or Alison Mosshart’s band foray with Jack White but for me they will always be that band that released ‘No Wow’ and the fantastic single ‘Love Is A Deserter’ that I remember rocking out to in Academy 3 back in 2005. Blood Pressures their fourth album and this gig is to be missed at your peril. (replicated due to getting my dates confused last month!)

What I’m listening to at the moment: Singles:

Beat Connection - In The Water - It's uplifting, energetic and jam packed full of beats. The kind of innovative electronica that I adore.

The Travelling Band - Fairweather Friends - Congratulations to The Travelling Band who have just signed to the Cooking Vinyl label ready for the release of their second album 'Screaming Is Something'. This is the first sneak peek at the album and you can get it for free from their website

Pete & The Pirates - United - Quality indie-pop from Reading has been floating my boat this month, Pete & The Pirates put on an energetic live show and aren't too shabby on record either. Second album "One Thousand Pictures" certainly steps up to the bar.

What I’m listening to at the moment: Albums:

Dutch Uncles - Cadenza - Who cares what NME thinks about time signatures. It’s finally out, Cadenza - Dutch Uncles latest masterpiece.. Was it worth the wait? Undoubtedly, they don't often deviate from their formula of jittery guitars, dreamy vocals and mid-tempo mastery; but then again when it's this good theres no reason too.

The Kills - Blood Pressures - They could be known as that guy who dates Kate Moss and that girl that sings in a band with Jack White.. but they'll always be The Kills to me ever since i fell in love with 'Love Is A Deserter' back in 2005.. Blood Pressures is a massive return to form and is showcased perfectly on tracks like DNA, Heart Is A Beating Drum and forthcoming single 'Future Starts Slow'. A must buy for any indie music fan, and the heavyweight green vinyl is just too tasty for words.

Cloud Control - Bliss Release - I'm not going to beat about the bush, this is 100% the sound to my summer.. or spring masquerading as summer if the last month has anything to do with it.  Cloud Control bring the sound of Australia to British shores this summer in their own inimitable style.  Winners of The Australian Music Prize in 2010 (the beat Tame Impala's Innerspeaker which was incidentally one of my favourite records of 2010) one listen to this record explains why....seamless.

Bands to look out for this month:

Warpaint - The hit all the right notes with me when they released their Exquisite Corpse EP and debut LP "The Fool". They were included in the BBC's Sound of 2011 top ten for good reason.  Unfortunately they always seem to be in town when I am out of town, and for this reason my feet will be firmly bolted to the floor when they play The Great Escape Festival in Brighton this month.

Deep Sea Arcade - It's not very often you get to say I aired a band (I have a radio show don'tcha know: before Zane Lowe, but I did in this case.  I'm also partially responsible for their Manchester gig that is coming up in the next few days when they come over from Australia to hit the British music scene for industry showcases at The Great Escape and Liverpool Soundcity. Their 60s esque indie pop vibe reminds me in some ways of early Beatles but with a modern twist. Not to be missed in the coming weeks..

Treefight For Sunlight - Another band working the retro angle and thats no bad thing, its sugary sweet, summery and the kind of music you could play to your folks without getting told to 'turn that racket off' WIN WIN in my eyes? 

Shell Zenner 12/05/11

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