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Spear of Destiny opened to a sold out gig and a packed crowd in Reading, at relatively new venue Sub89, which in its 3 years has managed to provide a consistent flow of punk stalwarts. Even at an earlier kick-off the band grabbed the attention of the well-oiled crowd - the cult following of the band has kept them active through the years, giving a never-relenting chorus as the backbone to Kirk Brandon and his combo.

A group well deserving of their own headlining slot is easily matched by punk rock linchpins Stiff Little Fingers .Stiff Little Fingers guarantee their running start with a triple threat of 'Wasted Life', 'Just Fade Away' and 'At The Edge'. The crowd is bubbling from the first bar, the majority thrilled by the songs and riffs of their youth - and the younger part of the audience as enthusiastic as the rest. A SLF crowd is always a generous mix of old and new fans - from a quick look around the room you have the sense tonight is keeping the local babysitters in business. Gigs out in the 'Shires are generally welcomed with more eagerness than the city centers; as the participants are out to relive their favourite LPs and remind themselves what the daily grind is really aiming towards. The atmosphere is passionate and welcoming, and the crowds around you are more than happy to remind you of the lyrics you've had at the back of your mind for 30 years. Stiff Little Fingers may have changed around since their re-form but they remain a touring machine to be reckoned with. The years of playing together are clear from the chemistry within the band, and their ability to interact with the congregation that awaits at each date of the tour. Despite the years nothing has dated, and the newer material fits perfectly with tracks from ‘Inflammable Material’. It goes to show that punk is far from 'dead' - everything it stood for is still around and these songs provide balance towards those well-known music-based television programs that we love to hate. Jake Burns even dedicates the rousing 'Guitar and Drums' to the warlords of talent show telly - the ultimate antithesis of what everyone in the room was there to celebrate.

Review by Hannah Steel
Photos by Svenja Block

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