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So last year we saw the Wigan punk band The Adjusters fronted by the heavily tattooed Ash Corner finally call it a day, on March 16th 2012 to be exact. Of course we were there to send them off, but we knew deep down you couldn’t hold these tattooed wild boys down for long. So rising from the ashes we have a new format, and totally new sounds from, ‘Snakes In The Grass’. I caught up with two of the newly formed band, for a little chat ahead of their E.P release and live show in Wigan on Feb 9th.

MEL: So the Adusters split almost a year ago now - it's been a while since you told us you were planning to get together a new band, so what have you guys been doing since then?

ASH: I threw myself into learning the art of tattooing, at my Dad's tattoo shop called Legends in Wigan, then went through a relationship split, and so decided to give music another chance, and started writing songs. I missed it like mad, but I'm just so pumped to be doing it again, differently, and better hopefully!

COFFEY: We've been writing, practising and partying over the Christmas period! Now we're readying ourselves to head into the studio to record our E.P which is out January 28th!

MEL: How does this band differ musically from The Adjusters, and who is in this line up?

ASH: It's a completely different sound compared to what we did in the Adjusters, this lineup is myself on vocals, Jon Coffey on guitar, Phil Bowen on guitar, Tom Christopher on Bass and Manning on drums.

COFFEY: We're on the heavy side of hard, energetic with a raised intensity level.

Mel: Ash can you tell us about the two new band members. I remember seeing the guitarist in the support band on your very last Adjusters show, impressive he was too!

ASH: I've known Coffey and Tom for many years, back before the Adjusters started. They were both in a band called the Crownings, which have recently disbanded and after watching them live I knew once I was thinking of getting something happening again I would want them both to be a part of it. Coffey is a great song writer and tom kills it on the bass and adds some interesting things to our songs.

MEL: What are your ambitions for this band and why the name 'Snakes In The Grass'?

ASH: First of all to get it off the ground and happening, then eventually be touring and taking it places we never got with the Adjusters.

The name was my idea; it came to me a couple months ago when I had a lot on my plate. I also like the fact there’s no other bands out there (to my knowledge) with that name and when I put it to the rest of the guys they all agreed it was a pretty decent band name.

MEL: What’s the 'Northern Scum’ logo about - is it a bit of a pisstake?

ASH: Northern Scum is our t-shirt design that our good friend Adam Dyson (president of Turbojugend wigan) and his fellow colleagues at Icarus & Ivy came up with for us, but then after a night out  - which got caught on film which you can check on our youtube channel . It kinda turned into a fun gang, and there’s about 15 of us and we just got out for some good food, some good music and some serious drinking

MEL: I see your sporting a mass of body tattoos now, is there any skin left to tattoo? I know you’re into tattoos having meaning, so what are your most recent ones about?

ASH: My most recent is my front piece. I’m just in the middle of getting it finished, its Mother nature and Father time with a skull and a huge snake slithering onto my stomach, the whole idea I had behind it was that ''Mother nature and Father time ain’t ever on your side'' so to me it's like ya gotta grab life by the balls and make a good go of it.

MEL: The Adjusters songs were written when you were younger, and having matured considerably since then what have you been writing about this time around? I presume you have a whole range of new songs......give us a clue?

ASH: The songs I wrote for the E.P have a theme throughout, it’s mainly about a dark place I’ve been in, life in general and hardships we’ve all been through. We’ve got a song all about Wigan and the whole wolf thing is about the beast we all have inside, but for me how it’s now broke free.

So far we have written five songs for the debut E.P which we will release on the 28th of Jan as a free online download and will be available on Spotify and through Facebook etc. We've also been putting finishing touches to another four songs for our debut show/music video shoot on the 9th of Feb. The tracklist for the debut E.P is ‘Wolves & Snakes’, ‘Lost Boy’, ‘Grim Up North’, ‘Struck By Lightning’, ‘Rise Of The Wolf’.

COFFEY: You can expect to see a whole new array of songs from us; we've submerged ourselves and been at it in the snake pit!

MEL: Great stuff, let’s hope we get a taste for your venom! [laughs]. Do you write all the songs, or it a band affair?

ASH: I wrote all the lyrics for the E.P and put my ideas across to the guys and they came up with a lot of great stuff themselves but the songwriting is shared. Coffey has written a great song 'Year Of The Snake' and both Tom and Phil have written great songs for us too.

MEL: What’s your game plan, and are there any other shows planned so far?

ASH: We’ve been trying to create a buzz and hype on the internet before we released anything. So far so good, I’m pleased with the reaction we are getting and hopefully people will enjoy our music once it’s out there and I’m hoping we will get to tour this year too.

So far just the one debut show, as we are waiting for our record and music video to get out there, then we will hopefully start making big plans.

MEL: So the big show in Wigan’s Boulevard, combined with a live video shoot are upon us, we are shivering in anticipation, what can we expect?

ASH: Yea, we are really excited about it, even more so now with all the positive feedback we have been getting on the event page, on our facebook page and also on our instagram. We have the very talented Video Ink team ( coming from Manchester to film the evening and we have some members of Team Wolf traveling from Berlin, our good friends The Black Bullets ( are coming up from down south and we have a lots more colourful characters gracing us with their presence on the 9th of Feb. The show is also being sponsored by Extreme Co. and WKD.

MEL: Do you plan on throwing out a few Adjusters numbers for old time sake into the live shows, or any cover numbers?

ASH: No, it’s completely separate gonna keep that one dead and buried now, we do have some covers we will be playing live, but we'll keep you guessing for now.

MEL: And finally to round off and just for fun……..if you could be any kind of snake what would you be and who might you hiss at??

ASH: I would be a King Cobra and I’d hiss at all the sexy bitches and all my haters! 

Interview/photos by Melanie Smith

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