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The most anticipated tour of 2010 a double header with two of the USA's hard rock heavy weights Stone Sour and Avenged Sevenfold which rolled in to the seaside town of Brighton for the last night of the 9 date UK tour. A long queue of excited fans snaked around the block, as ticket holders eagerly awaited for the doors to open, anyone without a ticket won't get in as the gig has sold all of the 5100 tickets which were put on sale back in July. Tonight's job of opening proceedings were 5 piece 'Hellyeah' from Dallas, Texas who are some what of a metal super group made up of members of 'Pantera', 'Mudvayne,  'Damageplan and 'Nothingface'. The band immediately started off by giving everyone's eardrums a good workout with a diversity of hard rocks styles from the powering 'Matter Of Time' to the semi-acoustic 'Alcohaulin' Ass'. The set ends well with the excellent 'Cowboy Way' from the 2nd album 'Stampede' , lead vocalist Chad Gray thanks the audience and the headline bands for their support,  the band leaves the stage very satisfied with the evenings performance with lots of appreciation from the audience.


A huge black curtain was hauled up over the front of the stage, to add the element of surprise while the road crew did there job getting everything ready for part one of the main attraction. The atmosphere in the now full Brighton Centre was just electric, there was just a huge air of excitement, the house lights were turned off plunging the place into darkness, the noise from the crowd was just deafening, the curtain dropped to the floor revealing the band standing in front of an impressive backdrop of the cover from the latest album 'Nightmare' with three huge iron gates in front. At the front of the stage the crowd went crazy with complete chaos on the dance floor with everybody trying to closer to the stage. After opener title track 'Nightmare' the band stepped up the pace and kicked into 'Critical Acclaim's the back drop was lit up by explosions with a mass of flaming pyrotechnics which projected a mass amount of heat of the already sweltering crowd, the three gates were  lit up also catching fire in an orderly fashion. An emotional tribute was played to the band's fallen brother Jimmy 'the Rev' Sullivan who sadly died in 2009 with the song 'So Far Away' which saw many of the crowd were in tears with them chanting his name with their own fitting tribute. The band ended on a complete high with 'Almost Easy', front man 'M Shadow' got the audience chanting the lyrics 'I'm not insane' right back to the band, a performance of this quality would be very hard to follow, Stone Sour had a massive job on the hands. 

Another huge curtain was put up over the stage this time it was white, as the lights went out, images were projected onto it featuring the Stone Sour logo along with the epic intro music of 'Duel of Fates' from Star Wars film Episode 1 which seemed to raise the excitement level once again. Corey Taylor walked on stage with his arm held aloft like a returning football manager with the cup and explained to the crowd that tonight was to be a very special night as Brighton had been selected for the band to film their live DVD. The band proceeded with a performance that could not be faulted, Corey Taylor's excellent powerful vocals were apparent and pitch perfect on every number. Highlights such as the brilliant 'Say Haunt Me' and  'Unfinished from the latest album 'Audio Secrecy' thrilled the audience with everybody singing along in fine voice. The pace was slowed down slightly when the band left the stage leaving just Corey with a guitar to sing stunning versions of 'Bother' and a heart warming 'Through Glass'. The memory of the last song '30/30-150' will stay with me for a very long time to come, the amazing audience reaction along with an explosive and masses silver ticker tape flying through the air covering the audience which was a truly awesome sight. I believe tonight I witnessed something really special and both bands can be proud that they gave everything they could to a truly appreciating audience.


Set Lists

Stone Sour

Mission Statement, Reborn, Made of Scars, Say You'll Haunt Me, Get Inside, Unfinished, Your God, Bother, Through Glass, Digital(Did You Tell), Hell & Consequences, 30/30-150.

Avenged Sevenfold

Nightmare, Critical Acclaim, Welcome To The Family, The Beast and the Harlot, Buried Alive, So Far Away, Afterlife, God Hates Us, Unholy Confessions, Almost Easy.


Hellyeah, Matter Of Time, Hell Of A Time, You Wouldn't Know, Stampede, Alcohaulin' Ass, Cowboy Way.

Review/photos/videos by Chinners