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English translation [Stop raping artists] - "That is how it feels: not physically raped, but intellectually raped, for sure…"

The world we live in, I mean Internet, i.e. Facebook for most people, has somehow changed the law; It is ok to copy, to cut and paste, to loot. People seem to thing this “second life” they live on FB is all jokey and cute, but in the real world out there, it has impoverished the ones with less, as usual; the defenceless and the poorest are the victims of this enormous machine and above all the intellectual, the artists, the real artists, the one no so concerned with the pseudo commercial art of late but the ones who spend their time creating, not looting others on the net, Yes, we all have influences and we all take our ideas from somewhere , but when an artist see her work constantly appropriated , minced, and regurgitated a few days later in an obvious and debasing manner, then you know what I am talking about…Or maybe you don’t.

I am of course referring to my self and the latest duplicated ideas, happening with my art, my style and Lady Gaga…After all I have been a singer since the eighties, with some kind of success and an artist as well lately with my home made masks and my self portrait polaroids since 2003, with shows acclaimed in The Times, I have seen a few things happen in the music industry having signed myself an abusive contract in the first place when I was still very young.

If it was only one idea, one could let it pass, but dozens of artists have complained regarding their material stolen. The list is long…We all know, or we should, that Gaga does not do this on her own…She and the corporates and executives behind her pay a lot of money to fashionistas and stylists to raid the net and bring ideas; one ( well several ) befriended me and studied what I was doing, one watch a video I had just released and said: “oh Gaga, I call her Stephanie, hasn’t yet done that “, and sure enough, in the month following, she had done that.

We mention Gaga, because she is the most obvious, but other singers and artists signed to these corporates, fashion their ideas and act in this way, I see it happen again and again, So a few individuals can fill their pockets , while the originator of the idea struggles sometimes to survive. The richer and most known ones maybe don’t care so much but take someone like Colette who exposed her case in NY regarding Barneys windows, I could also tell you where the merchandising idea of the top floor came from.

Now after the obvious famous ones, she is starting to steal from the less obvious ones…Oh yes , she has been so confused lately, so confused that her erotic album dedicated to Edith Piaf, just compares a bit to closely in concept to my erotic art ( see photos) and my 2011 album L’Ame Erotique followed by a concert in my hometown of Paris that I dedicated to Edith Piaf ( documented on the web ). Poor Edith…...Where I create with my humble means something personal and to do with identity, her cronies and herself spends much money and time on the net to produce something derivative and trashy, so my art gets minced and debased, and my soul feels raped.

Is this something that happens when you do your thesis on Damien Hirst ?

The opponent will say I am mad and all kind of other things, the opponent will say I should take it as a compliment; I say NO, enough is enough.

It is time to change again change a music industry and an art world that have become complacent and empty; it is time to say NO to this artists rape run by bureaucrats and corporates.  HALTE AU VIOL ARTISTIQUE !

Some of the creators are Isabella Blow, Grace Jones, Leigh Bowery, Roisin Murphy, Madonna, Bette Midler,  Colette. And many others, less known.

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