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Taken from their début album ‘The Lost Art of Deception’, this Sunday, July 25th, sees the release of the single ‘Former Mining Town’ by Killing For Company. Killing for Company are the current band founded by the late Stuart Cable, best known for his role as former drummer with The Stereophonics. Following his departure from the Stereophonics in 2003, Stuart continued to peruse a career in TV and radio. Known as one of the nicest guys in music he released his autobiography in April 2009, titled Demons and Cocktails-My Life With The Stereophonics. Stuart was found dead at his home in Wales following a drinking session on June 7th of this year aged only 40. Stuart founded Killing for Company in 2006, describing them as ‘very different to the  Stereophonics’.  The remaining members of the band wish to release the single to honour Stuart’s memory.  I asked them a few questions in the run-up to the single release. All proceeds raised from the single will be donated to The Teenage Cancer Trust and Tŷ Hafan, a family hospice for young people.

“To think Stu won’t be joining us on stage anymore is a hard thought to face and although his passing is tragic, we hope to draw some positive from this difficult time. As a band, we are honoured and privileged to have shared the experiences we've had with Stu.
Not only have we lost a rock legend but also a best friend and the heart of our band. The stage will not be the same without him.”

LORRAINE: Hi Guys, firstly what made you chose 'Former Mining Town' in particular to honour Stuart's memory?

KFC: Former Mining Town was a song we wrote together very early on. It's been in the live set for around two years and was a personal favourite of Stuarts, so it seemed like the obvious choice.  

LORRAINE: The proceeds from the single will be donated to the Teenage Cancer Trust and Ty Hafan hospice for young people: is there any special significance to your choice of charities?

KFC: We spoke with Stuart's family and they mentioned Ty Hafan as something close to Stuart’s heart and Stuart has supported the Teenage Cancer Trust for over 10 years and this is something we are keen to continue in his memory.  

LORRAINE: Stuart formed Killing For Company in 2006 with a particular sound in mind. He was obviously passionate about music, how much of a driving force was he?

KFC: Stuart was the founding member of Killing For Company he spent a great deal of time selecting the people he wanted in his band and we all feel very privileged to be part of this band. Stu was the core of the band, the driving force in so many ways, his energy and enthusiasm was relentless. He was so proud of this record, it would be such a shame to hide it away in a box and never be heard,   

LORRAINE: I know it's early days for the band to contemplate a future without him, but what are the band's future plans, do you all intend to carry on and build on the foundations already set?

KFC: It is indeed very early days. The single is our focus at the moment, beyond that is still a little difficult to focus on. 

LORRAINE: Known as one of the nicest guys in music, you all of-course knew Stuart not just as a band member but as a friend, how would you describe his character and are there any special memories you would like to share?

KFC: Stuart was first and foremost our best friend; he was always there for us, always with a kind word and sense of humour. We always had a blast in Stuarts company, whether that was on stage, recording or just rehearsing, Stuart always had a story and his energy simply carried you along.

LORRAINE: How do you think Stuart would like to be remembered?

KFC: Stuart will be remembered for all of the above, he was the down to earth rock star that everyone he met will always remember, larger than life, much loved, never to be forgotten.


Interview by Lorraine 22/07/10
Photos supplied by Jen @ Global Music