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In Reading at a new venue called the Sub 89 club is the starting point for The Alarm's 'Release the Pressure' tour which is in support of the newly released album 'Direct Action'. Local band The No-Ones are first on and are out to impress from the start, their rock guitars coupled with the impressive vocals from the lead singer who is a dead ringer of Gavin Rossdale from British rock band Bush. The crowd was noticeably quiet and the band urged them to move forward as they had created a usual gap between them and the stage. Their set ended with a great track called 'Crystalline' which had a great catchy sing able chorus and reminded me a little of Feeder's style. They have a debut 4 track E.P. coming out in May called 'Alcoholiday'.

Killing For Company were asked to support fellow Welsh band The Alarm at their famous 'Gathering' event in Prestayn this year, the set went down so well that a facebook group was started by the fans to get the band to support The Alarm on this tour, luckily the fans were successful and the band takes to the stage receiving a warm welcome from the Reading crowd. The band comprises of Andy Williams (Lead guitar), Ritchie King (Rhythm Guitar), and Steve Williams (Bass) Greg Jones (Vocals) and Ex Sterophonics+Kerrang DJ Stuart Cable (Drums). They perform a short set of numbers from their soon to be released album "Lost Art of Deception" which includes 'Backstabbing for Beginners" and the brilliant 'Born Yesterday' which sees some great work from front man Greg backed by some intensive guitar and drums. The band hard edged rock sound coupled with their positive attitude should see them growing in popularity and playing their own headline shows sometime very soon.

Killing for Company - Wake Up

Possibly the hardest working man in music Mike Peters brings his band on yet another tour after himself recently completing a tour with Los Mondo Bongo celebrating Joe Strummer’s music. The band take to the stage after apparently completing a lengthy sound check of several hours, possibly due to the fact a stand in drummer has been drafted in after permanent drummer Steve Grantly is on tour with Stiff Little fingers, Paul Davis who played with 80's band Then Jericho has been drafted in to cover. The band kick of with the brand new title track from the latest album 'Direct Action' , everything sounds right, however initially the crowd is less than enthusiastic, however Mike Peters works very hard encouraging the Reading crowd with some more well known tracks such as 'Where Were You Hiding ?' and 'Blaze of Glory' which gets everybody singing. The band doesn’t seem as relaxed as they could be and the three regulars do their best to make sure drummer Paul knows his timing. After 90 minutes of full of gutsy energy from the band they leave the stage with the fans calling them back for the obligatory encore.

Mike Peters returns with just an acoustic guitar and starts the Woody Guthrie speech "I hate a song that makes you feel...." and sings a song called 'One Guitar' which was written by American singer song writer Willie Nile, the song is just awesome, it gets in your head after the first listen and won't go away "I'm a solder marching in an army, I've got no gun to shoot, all I've got is one guitar", the band join in as the song goes up tempo and the audience catch on to the chorus and all sing together in unison a truly great moment, the band then launch into the classic 'Rescue Me' which sieges together brilliantly, giving a few energetic souls down the front reason to dance. This was not one of the bands most perfect of performances from a technical point of view; however you must give full marks to the band for the energy and infectious enthusiasm, with this being the first night of the tour things can only get better and better.


Direct Action
My Town
Marching On
Three Sevens Clash
Where Were You Hiding
Kill Kill Kill
Blaze Of Glory
Economic Pressure
The Alarm Calling
Change III
Without a Fight
Drunk + Disorderly
68 Guns
45 RPM
One Guitar
Rescue Me
Spirit of 76
Love Hope Strength

Review & photos/videos by Dave Chinery (Chinners)