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The venue is a combined restaurant/concert venue/bar with room for several hundred people. Kampen Bistro was packed with people at 9pm most of whom were dressed in black, amazing to see that there were absolutely no coloured garments in sight. Another thing I noted was the lack of Mohican style hairdo’s that are frequently seen at other punk bands gigs that I cover in the UK. Norway seems to have very few of the ‘extreme punk with the safety pin’ around in general. It would seem that the music scene The Boys are affiliated with these days is more of a rock scene, than just punk, which gives their music a wider scope and appeals to a larger public.

The support band Hard Luck Street, fronted by Tarjei Foshaug, entered the stage to whistles and applause, obviously well known by the crowd gathering in front of the stage. The audience is predominantly middle aged and male. There are a few females scattered here and there, but noticeably lacking in numbers. Tarjei is a well-known musician in Norway and didn’t disappoint us with his new band, which have been playing together for a couple of years. Tarjei Foshaug is also the lead vocal in the band Valentourettes, that have had some success in Norway. Hard Luck Street is a tight unit and they succeeded in bringing the fans in to the right mood for the evening’s main attraction. By this time the female presence has increased and the venue is full to the point of spilling out in to the restaurant area.

The Boys jubilantly took to the stage to loud applause and went straight in to their first number, TCP, without further ado. They played with Martin H-son (Backstreet Girls) on drums, who has played with them for the past four years and Steve Fielding (The Stiffs) on bass. As we expected The Boys delivered the music that they are known for in the style that is solely theirs. They gave us such favourites as 'Terminal Love', 'Brickfield Nights' and 'I Don’t Care' and their unique sound with the use of harmonies worked well in addition to them having a certain ‘cool’ about them on stage, which makes it interesting to watch as well as listen. It isn’t often we get to see The Boys perform in Oslo and the fans let them know how much they appreciated their concert, delivered predominantly with the standards they are known for. For the encore, they were joined on stage by Petter Baarli, who is the guitarist for the Backstreet Girls and who plays with Tarjei Foshaug in Valentourettes. All the songs performed by The Boys were written by Steel/Dangerfield/Plain except Paul Caporino’s ‘I Hate My Fucking Job’ I personally enjoyed it a lot and by what I could see, the Oslo crowd was pretty much ecstatic.

Set list:

Rue Morgue
See Ya’ Later
Terminal Love
Cast of Thousands
You Can’t Hurt a Memory
Box Number
Soda Pressing
I Don’t Care
Brickfield Nights
I Hate My Fucking Job
Contract Hustle
First Time
Livin’ In the City

Encore :

Cop Cars
Sick On You

Review by Teddie Dahlin
Photos of The Boys by Vidar Pettersen  - Hard Luck Street photo by Tina Pammer

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