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The Computers aren't just "one of those bands". Compiling a mixture of rock n roll, hardcore and punk music together to create a sound unlike any other band at the moment, they're quite individual. Hailing from Exeter in the UK, a place full of seaside’s and old people- not somewhere you would expect such a loud mass of noise to come from. It's probably the amount of energy that has built up over the teenage years of Aiden, Alex, Sonny and Nic's lives that is then released in their explosive live shows which see lead singer Alex jumping into the mosh pit and screaming his head off. Never has a screamo vocal been so misplaced yet so fitting in a band. Just listen to tracks such as "Rhythm Revue" and "Music Is Dead" which are just straight-up rock n roll with a punkier edge and you'll see what I mean. With 6 years of activity behind them, the band became tight players a long time ago and are now getting appreciated more and more as they become one of the greatest support acts around at the minute- just wait to see what happens when they do their own UK headline tour! Mudkiss caught up with Alex (Lead vocals/guitar) this week for a short Q & A session.

CALLUM: So you guys have just finished a UK tour with Pulled Apart By Horses, how was hanging out with those crazy dudes?

ALEX: Those guys are great, we've known them for a while but we simply are the best of friends.

CALLUM: With a combination of hardcore and rock n roll going on in your music, what artists motivated you to combine two great elements and come out with such a great end product?

ALEX: Well we grew up playing in punk and hardcore bands personally just because I couldn’t play anything else. So I wanted to start a band that combined punk and rock'n'roll and, for that matter, soul. As our music is progressing it's moving away from "hardcore" just as I evolve with my song writing and we evolve as players.

CALLUM: What is the plan for the rest of the year?

ALEX: Well we will be recording a new album, but with who, and where I can't tell you yet I'm afraid. Exciting stuff. That and loads of festivals. 

CALLUM: Any plans for a second record?


CALLUM: Have you ever thought about doing a tour with The Jim Jones Revue? That'd be fairly mind-blowing

ALEX: Yeah totally. We have played a bunch of shows with those guys and get on with them well.

CALLUM: Any new artists that you recommend around at the minute?

ALEX: Anything that isn't a fucking cover of some song slowed down played on the piano with a 16 year old girl singing over it. What's with that? 

CALLUM: What has been your standout show of 2012 so far?

ALEX: We've already played about fifty so it's pretty tough. The Electric Ballroom was great; all the shows we did with The Dropkick Murphys were quite an experience.

CALLUM: Ever had an utterly awful gig where your music just did not get the crowd going at all?

ALEX: I'm sure! But I try not to think of such things. I don't care about anyone but myself [smiles]

CALLUM: Any plans for festivals this summer?

ALEX: Many, many, many festivals yes. If you live in Germany you are going to see a lot of us. [laughs]

CALLUM: Bands such as Gay For Johnny Depp (who you have toured with in the past) and Japanese Voyeurs have recently split up, does this make you worry for the future of the underground music scene?

ALEX: No not at all. Bands will come and go but the underground will always be there. That's why it's the underground- because the masses don't care.

CALLUM: Are you planning a headline UK tour this year sometime?

ALEX: If we have the time sure, why not!

CALLUM: And finally, if you had the opportunity to play anywhere on the planet, where would it be and why?

ALEX: Top of Buckingham Palace like Brian May.

Interview by Callum Barnes
Live shots by Mel
Promo shot provided by 

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