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Hiya dear readers. This time I’ve got this new band of four punk rock fucks from Sweden: The Crime. They got together not so long ago, got a MySpace you can check out to see their tattoos.

I mean, to listen to their song! And add ‘em, because pretty soon they’ll have new songs up, a cd out, and you’ll be able to go get wasted in one of their gigs, also if you’re a groupie you’ll be happy as fuck because your job will be so easy!

Oh yeah ladies n’ gentlemen, this four fuckers are declaring a dream come true of a band, so you might as well come get your piece of the action soon before they become fucking rock stars (I mean, for real, not the MySpace game…) and will just talk to Roller Stoned and the like, and fuck supermodels then OD, some die, others  recover and become AA’s members for life, have kids with their supermodel wives, then tour with some half-assed band for a while. Ahhh such a classic!!!...

So, lil’ chit-chat below:

Rachel - Why did each one of you decide to drop outta school and be in a punk rock band, in these times of punk rock band overbooking situation?   

The Crime. We don’t need schools, we got the MTV. Punk rock overbooking situation? (YES)   You gotta be kidding…   (NO I’M NOT)

Rachel - What was the driving force which lead you to form a band ?  

The Crime - Frustration and loneliness, the two feelings that contributed the most to art in history. The incapability of seeing myself getting a job, a wife, a child, and work 9 to 5 for the rest of my life.

Rachel - How’s the Rock/Punk/Whatever you prefer to call it scene in Stockholm and Scandinavia in general these days?  

The Crime - It’s lame, The Crime is the only salvation there is.  

Rachel - What are your day jobs guys, if you have them, and if you do how do you manage to hide your tats?  

The Crime - Hide our tattoos?   If we did them is so we can show them off. Fred is a web designer, Anders is an architect, Jim is a dope dealer and Sergio. mhm.. Sergio writes and plays music. 

Rachel - About tats,  are you happy they've become such an amazingly popular thing to do, especially if you wanna look supermegacool and a fucking rocker,  and also, do you have any fave tat artists? 

The Crime - We don’t give a shit if they are popular between rockers or not, we just like them. Yes we have favorite tat artists but they are too expensive for us, so we just grab a needle and get the drunkest person next to us to draw something cool on our skin. 

Rachel - For now you've one demo song uploaded on your MySpace, ”The Way We Want To Be", tell me about the current recording/cd release plans, anything coming up soon?The Crime – We are recording a full length album early 2009 and releasing it as soon as a label shows enough interest.   

Rachel - Since when exactly have you been deep into all this shit guys? When did you decide, hell let’s do it!  

The Crime - We were born with the attitude, if you look into my eyes you will see the size of the flame… 

Rachel - Who do you wanna make a song one day and play/sing with?   

The Crime - GG Allin, too bad he´s dead. 

Rachel - Your "drink fight fuck" philosophy as a band…  is that done on an everyday basis? C’mon, tell me about it!  

The Crime - Not only on a daily basis but also several times per day. If you wanna find out everything about it you’ll have to take off your panties and come over here... (Panties???... Who wears panties anymore anyway…)

Rachel - Time to say how sick are you of the whole music scene, say it, how much, why and who do you want to slag off today just for the sake of it goddammit! Or even better, because they fucking deserve it!!   

The Crime - We are always on ecstasy lately so everything is love and harmony, no hard feelings. (Hmm boring)

Rachel -   Who would you say (each one of you ) have been your main influences in your life, music-wise or any other way, and why?  

The Crime – Kenta (Anders), Hulk Hogan (Fred), Tiny Toons (Jim) and Superman (Sergio). Because I’m worth it.

Rachel - As a young band how’s the music industry been treating you so far, in case you've had the opportunity to deal with it?  

The Crime - The only industry we know about so far is the porn industry.

Rachel - I think what you enjoy the most are the live shows, what do you each one of you do before one (something you usually need/enjoy  to do before going onstage).  

The Crime - A blow job would usually do it’s always good to get the pipes cleaned before going on stage. A snort can do too.  

Rachel - What’s the band you’re listening to more these days, and what albums are you most looking forward to their release, if any?  

The Crime - Silver from Norway, that´s all we  need. A release?  mmhm not “Chinese Democracy”, that´s for sure. 

Rachel - Any upcoming girl bands up there in Stockholm by the way? 

The Crime - There’s a couple of girl bands over here but I gotta say their best skills are not playing Rnr..  (Fuck off guys!)

Rachel - Sergio my dear, you left Barcelona to make this band, tell me what led you to go there?  Any gut feelings telling you you'd find your current band mates there? 

Sergio - Gut feelings? Yeah that and Backyard Babies, The Hellacopters, The Nomads, Maryslim, Supershit 666…    

Rachel - Where in your opinion has the hate and fury of some former punk rock bands gone (the ones still alive)?   Don't you think most bands that started all energetic and hate ridden then became popular, have all become quite a bit boring old farts?   

The Crime - That’s because when they get the money they don’t have the fury anymore. But that won’t happen to The Crime so send us the money and the drugs so that we can record kick ass albums and play mind-blowing shows. 

Rachel -  Just how much do you hate all the current much in fashion 80s big hair supposedly hard rock, metal bands, that are everywhere now,  and that, by the way, come mostly from Sweden?

The Crime - Every town has to have it’s clown and for some reason this one has more than average. 

Rachel - So just to be clear, WHATEVER you reckon happened to punk rock, guys?  

The Crime - Nothing, its right here hot and alive.  (Everyone please move to Sweden NOW)

Rachel - If you could press a button and switch on your invisible catsuit and no-one could see you, what would you do right now?  

The Crime - I would just grab another beer, just like if I was visible. 

Rachel - Time machine, where exactly would you go and with whom would you like to be?   

The Crime – That’s a tough question, maybe back to the 50´s to have a drink with ELVIS before he was a superstar.

Rachel -Four  hell raisers on a mission to destroy”, er, destroy what?  When are you going to raise hell in the rest of Europe by the way?  

The Crime - To destroy every pussy out there, with our magical HIV powers.  We kill everything we fuck. Do you dare to try? (No thanks, but sooo nice of you to ask!) We will raise hell in Europe as soon as we get the album out. 

Rachel - How do you see your future? And what would you like to achieve?

 The Crime - The future is looking bright for the band, we just hope to get the chance to show the world that we can put on the best rock n roll show nowadays.

Rachel - Do you have a serious side at all?

The Crime - We are actually serious most of the time, but we party as if we invented getting high…

Rachel - Are you planning any UK dates so our other Mudkiss relations can go and see you live?

 The Crime - We are only playing Sweden and Finland in the next months, but we have some fans demanding shows in the UK so we may fix something in the future.

Rachel - Now just say whatever the fuck you all wanna say and say it loud fuckers!!  



Interview by Rachel 17.11.08

Photos - The Crime MySpace page