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There are two main reasons why I am in a band today, those reasons are Queen and The Darkness. Simple as that. I grew up listening to my Dad's Queen LP's and then when I started buying music for myself,  The Darkness “Permission to Land” was released. It was a natural progression for me. Almost ten years on, and many Darkness gigs down the line, I arrived at Manchester Apollo to watch them smash the place apart with yet another proper Rock n' Roll show of theirs.

First off, Ginger Wildheart did a fantastic job of opening the show and had a great rapport with the crowd. They are a band whom I've not yet had chance to delve too deep into their discography, but I thoroughly enjoyed their set, as did (as far as I could tell) the entire Manchester crowd. They had big boots to fill as a support act as did Foxy Shazam who did an amazing job of opening for The Darkness on their last headline tour.

But before too long it was time for the headline act. The house lights went down and the usual intro of  'Arrival' by Abba blasted out in the pitch black venue. A single spotlight shone down upon Justin Hawkins, centre stage, wearing his famous black and white striped catsuit as he sang the opening to 'Every Inch of You'. Then that was it, they were off like a rocket. Non stop Rock n' Roll for a fantastic hour and a half set which included material from every album. You can really tell The Darkness have been touring hard, they're such a tight band with a stage presence that's second to none.


Of course with a Darkness show there are a great amount of stage antics, along with a fantastic sense of humour from all of the band members. I was double impressed with Justin's plectrum kick ups throughout the show, especially in 'One way Ticket...' And nothing quite comes close to The Hawkins brothers singing the lyrics “...and I've still got the runs" in perfect Harmony!

As well as the older tracks, I was particularly looking forward to hearing 'Concrete' off their latest album 'Hot Cakes'. Justin's guitar solo blew my socks along with his optimum use of the wah pedal. He even used the edge of the stage as a guitar slide!


There were so many highlights to this set, but I'm not going to delve too much into every little detail of their show as I urge you to go and see the show for yourself. I guarantee you'll enjoy it. Justin is the perfect host and Dan, Ed & Frankie make up the perfect band. It's great to have them back!

“Gimme a D! Gimme an 'Arkness”


Intro {Abba 'Arrival}

Every Inch Of You
Black Shuck
Growing On Me
She Just A Girl Eddie
One Way Ticket
Nothings Gonna Stop Us
Get Your Hands Off My Woman
Love Is Only A Feeling
Friday Night
How Dare You Call This Love
Givin Up
Stuck In A Rut 
I Believe In A Thing Called Love
The Best Of Me
Street Spirit
Love On The Rocks With No Ice 

Review by Woolfie x -
Photos by Melanie Smith

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