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The Jezabels hailing from Sydney Australia describe themselves as 'Four friends who make music together'. Even in genders you have Lead Singer Hayley Mary and Heather Shannon on Keys, then Samuel Lockwood on Guitar and Nik Kaloper on Drums. With an ever-growing fan base in their home country the band are now set for the wider world with their 'Intensindie' music. A European Tour is underway in parallel with their latest album release 'Prisoner'. Just this week the band received the 7th Australian Music Prize, a prestigious award which acknowledges their talents. 

At the Ruby Lounge, a small gathering collects around the stage for the first band The Liberty Vessels, who recently supported Spector in Liverpool, it was to be their first time playing in Manchester. 'We are four teenagers!' they announced, and we witnessed a trendy fresh faced quartet from Liverpool with a whole lot of attitude. Playing their first Manchester gig they jumped around energetically as the drummer thrashed his kit and the chords from the guitars filled the floor. The front man Oliver's vocals echoing a tone similar to Morrissey, his ability cannot not be faulted, but throwing your mic stand off stage not once, but twice, then throwing your nice leather jacket, but collecting it later (as mum probably bought it for Christmas) was a bit Johnny, not so Rotten. Despite this the lads really did put on a good performance, described as one of the most exciting young bands to come out of Liverpool, tipped to be ones to watch out for.

Next up supporting were the Shinies, a group of young males, [who'd arrived in Manchester to study at the University five years ago] but this time a little more humble and telling us it was only their fourth live gig, although they have been together since September 2011. They are a 'Noisepop' band from Manchester. The sound balance was very unbalanced and completely faded out the vocals. The boys were slightly lacking in confidence, but I think as early performances go they did well and held it together. The bass guitarist had a sly munch on some cookies that he'd brought on stage, which we thought was hilarious, maybe cut down on smoking the funky cigarettes before show time?

Now its time for the professionals to take over and The Jezabels entered the stage to an excited awaiting audience. Although the band are yet to reach mainstream UK they already have a fan base, some of which were present tonight. Starting off with 'Endless Summer' and then into 'Cherry Pie', the atmosphere was created. Hayley entices you in with her seductive movements and airy tones. The connection of the band is apparent. Perfectly in time with slight eye contact between members as they each play their own part in the performance, they are tight, they are synchronised. Moving into songs from their last Album 'Dark Storm' the intensity is escalating. 'Mace Spray', is a song which wonderfully showcases the talents of the band. The audience let out loud cheers and some very high pitched screams. Hayley informed us that 'We've been told we won't do well in the UK, as we sound Australian or American'. This view received an instant boo and disbelief from myself. They are 'trendy' but also unique and its the dynamics of the band which set them apart from the rest. Theres nothing quite like the negativity of the Great British Press.

The set builds and builds as the audience are entwined into the moment, finishing with 'Hurt Me’- then following on for the Encore. The atmospheric tension is released as audience and band are now united via a musical experience, known as 'Jezabel Intensindie'. Whether they may or may not reach success in the UK, The Jezabels are worth checking out. Guaranteed not to be everyone's cup o' tea, they provide something a little more sensual than your usual Earl Grey.

Set List:

Endless Summer
Cherry Pie
City Girl
Nobody Nowhere
Mace Spray
Easy To Love
Sahara Mahala
Try Colour
Long High Way
Hurt Me

Encore – Unknown


Review by Laura Everett
Photos/videos by Melanie Smith 

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