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The Mutineers haven't played live for a while, so are embarking on a mini tour to promote new single "Tell Me why".  This would be the first single from the follow up to their word of mouth album "Friends, Lovers, Rivals". 

Releasing an album by word of mouth wouldn't seem to be the best way to go about this, however, certain members of The Mutineers have 'history' with record companies in their previous incarnations as members of other groups and are basically 'all about the music'. The music is very good, just listening to "Friends, Lovers, Rivals", The Mutineers stand out as a band that are shying away from the limelight, as opposed to missing out on it.

Sound Control is also a venue with history in the music industry, formerly being a musical instrument outlet of the same name and Academy of Sound, A1 Music and All Repairs. During the early nineties, A1 was the place to buy your gear from and during the week you were as likely to bump into the likes of Johnny Marr, Noel Gallagher, Bernard Sumner, Tim Booth, or even Gary Barlow. In fact, between 1993 and 1996, you may have even bumped into me, playing expensive electric guitars I could never afford downstairs or trying out the latest synths upstairs.  Always intending to buy what I could never afford (nor actually play!).

Upstairs has been converted into a 500 capacity live room and it's pretty full by the time The Mutineers take to the stage, starting with 'Stick Together' from the "F,L,R" album.  The band is a member down, as Iwan Gronow is on duty as touring bass player for Johnny Marr, resulting in a reshuffle within the band.  Their live sound is tight, with intricate guitar riffs provided by Mikey which seem to be present in every song.

Eight more songs follow and the crowd are right behind every one of them, including unheard "Love's a killer", which is declared as being from the next album.  This is a very bass heavy track with a very sixties style guitar and maybe shows what direction the next album will take.

The middle four songs from the current album are missing however, which would all have been welcome and made for a longer, more enjoyable set, as there isn't a weak song on their debut album at all. New single "Tell Me Why" gets an airing just before the two strongest tracks "Shadow Kisses" and the album finale "Hyde Road", a song that says everything about this band, rattling drums, smooth bass, intricate guitar medley and distinctive vocals.

The Mutineers are a must see band.  Once their bass player gets his feet back on the ground and hopefully, a second long player is released, they will be good for a set that is well over an hour long and should make them unmissable.

Set list: Stick together, One last chance, Loves a killer, You used to be ok, Infidelity, Alone in our ideas, Tell me why - Latest Single, Shadow kisses, Hyde Road 

Review & photos by Philip Howe

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