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Five piece Australian Indie/Electro/Dance/Punk (Did I mention Rock?) band The Touch appear to have a keen grip on 2011 already. Having kicked off the year by playing one of the worlds biggest festivals, Big Day Out, in their home city of Adelaide, winning the APRA Emily Burrows Award (South Australian band with most potential), they were also personally chosen by Grammy Award winning French alternative rock band Phoenix to support them at their only headlining Australian show. Half way through their European tour I had the comparative luxury of travelling a mere three stops on the tube to see these promising young men live at Kentish Town’s Bull and Gate. Ready to soak up a party like atmosphere I grabbed a pint and took up voyeuristic position. 

Front man Josh Moore immediately won over the crowd by directing all the ladies to their “single” drummer Chad Hooper. Ice broken, warm air circulating, they broke into the first track. Whilst everyone got into the “Oh Oh Oh”s, singing about fire seemed to warm up the band as Josh confessed they were from a “small town” and used to feeling cold but were a “bit hot” tonight. Urging the crowd forward they broke into their fan favourite ‘Shot’. The hypnotic and mesmerising video for ‘Shot’ subjects a poor Josh to a continuous onslaught of paint, fake blood and food. I am sure he was relieved that the video was just one continuous take in a derelict building. That same humour and spirit still prevails as he manages to get the guys clapping and the girls dancing. I was impressed with the video but tonight the band really bring the song to life. Josh thanks everyone for coming out on a Sunday night, pointing out that every day is a holiday when they are on tour.

By the third song Josh has done a sideways jump from the stage and is laying on the floor singing. At this point you know there is no need to research this band, formed in 2008, to understand how hard they have worked. As a sexy young woman films Josh on her mobile he is singing into the screen before he is back on the floor thrusting his hips. A quick joke about his ‘hip thrusting’ and it’s bang into the next song. What? Last two songs already? A song written for their friend ‘Animal’ is dedicated to, if I heard right, ‘Cube Man’, for actually letting them sleep in his house, a first for weeks. BANG and he’s serenading the girls before mentioning the merch to help fund their tour….next stop Germany. This band have, in actuality funded their own tour. “ Touring overseas is something we have always wanted to do but never really believed it would happen!” Josh Moore.

“Cant fight the feeling” and the set is over despite calls for an encore. There is a distinct anti climax and reluctance as the lights go on and the band pack up their gear. I take a trip to the ladies and the buzz continues as I overhear the conversation. One girl is from Adelaide and knows of the band and the other explodes that she googled the song ‘Shot’ and excites “that song made me crayzee!”. There is one last chance to go crazy and see Josh Moore, Shane Lock, Justin Walkden, Craig Lock and Chad Hooper in London/UK at Club 333 this Friday May 27th. Predictable references to having ‘the touch’ aside, this band simply rock….go see them!

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Review/photos by Lorraine