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In keeping with my love of photography, I am pleased to present Tina Korhonen also known as Tina K.

Tina is a freelance photographer, one of the new breed of photographers with a fresh style of her own dynamite, youthful, vibrant and very much in demand.


Tina works for many music publications such as Classic Rock, Metal Hammer, Big Cheese, Decibel (US) and many guitar magazines.

She has also had her pictures featured in French Vogue, Rolling Stone and Total Tattoo among others. Tina’s images have also been used in books, on album covers, record sleeve covers and posters.

She has also had six photographic exhibitions. Tina originates from Finland the country which gave us 'Hanoi Rocks and 'HIM'.


Mel - Hi Tina I'm interested in how it all began? How did you first get into photography? When you relocated to London in 2000, did you know anyone? How long did it take you to settle into the English way of life?


TinaMy father was a keen amateur landscape and family portrait photographer so he had manual Canon AE-1. I got to use it. When I was about 15 I started taking pictures at gigs – for my own fun and then later on I started sending them to punk fanzine Toinen Vaihtoehto in Finland.

I knew some people already as I had been here before and I had actually already worked for Terrorizer magazine a few years earlier when I was studying here. It didn’t take long to settle as I love London and the British Isles in general. I had lived here a bit already before. I have always been interested in culture here; especially pop culture, punk and mods.


Mel - I know your very much in demand and have a hectic schedule, you lead a lifestyle many would envy, does it all seem a dream come true for you?


Tina - Yes, I guess I am very happy to have this job but it’s not as glamorous as you may think! My life is often too busy to enjoy it all.


Glen Matlock pic -  issue 33 cover photo by Tina K ©


Mel - How would you describe your own style of photography?


Tina - Good question. ‘On-your-face images with attitude’? Rock portraits? Maybe... how would you describe it? Can you, yes you, help me for a catch-y description of my style? Email the answers to me ; -P


Mel - What would you like to achieve in your career? Which photographers do you admire and where do you get your inspiration from?


Tina I admire Philip Lorca diCorsia, Jill Furmanovsky and David Lachapelle. I get inspiration especially from Lorca do Corsia. Other (than photography) artists that I really like at the moment are Jamie Hewlett, Gill Del-Mace and Banksy of course.


I would like to take even better images, do a bit more fashion (but not boring fashion, don’t get me wrong) and have a bit higher profile, be known. I sometimes felt that models-come-photographers or someone like Bryan Adams get the great jobs because they are famous, even though they don’t always seem to deliver. I want to publish a book but only when time is right.


Mel - What tips might you give budding new photographers wanting to start a career in photography?


TinaBe patient, work hard, believe in yourself and get advice and opinions on your work – they can help but remember that you can’t please everyone.


Ville for Big Cheese Mag - Tina K © 2008


Mel - What so far has been your most enjoyable shoot and worst shoot and why?


Tina - Oh no, I can’t remember and there are so many different kind of enjoyables and worst ones. Sometimes artists are very worried about how they are portrayed in the pics but usually it works fine at the end. Recently, I have had more problems with rude staff in a record label I used to work for, but getting on fine with the bands I photographed for them.

The most enjoyable ones.. at least Toxico clothing label’s shoots are cool. We always get great images from those shoots even though they are hard work and take 9-10 hours in total with product shots. Ville Valo is always a pleasure to work with, too. So is Lemmy.


Mel - I guess you get a lot of comments about your photo session with Ville Valo, so come on what was the man like to photograph?


Tina - He is lovely and polite without a big ego – and always does what I ask of him in front of the camera. In the last shoot he said that he had decided never to wear make up ever again but he agreed to eyeliner when I asked and explained why I thought it would work. He is such a nice guy and easy to photograph.


Travis/ Trivium, Aug 2008 for Drummer Mag -Tina K ©2008

Mel - Which recent publications have you been in and with whom? What have you got up your sleeve for future projects?


Tina - Do you mean shoots I have done? I work for many UK mags so there is usually at least one mag in news agents’ shelves with my cover. This month I have Drummer cover with Travis Smith of Trivium, and new Total Tattoo is coming out soon, too. I also had pics in News of the World recently. It was a shoot with a tattooed model Miss S-J about London Tattoo Convention.


I should really have a new exhibition soon-ish – I haven’t had one for over two years. I am mainly editorial photographer and will keep doing shoots and live for magazines. I have just updated my website

Other future projects? Well, I don’t want to talk about them in advance as they may not happen and then I would look like a fool boasting about them prematurely. I will keep you updated though when something happens! : )


Mel - Who would you love to get behind your lens? And what is the photo you would choose to represent your work if you could only choose one!


Tina - I would like to do a proper shoot with someone with strong image and sense of style, such as Dita von Tease maybe or Billy Idol. Maybe even Marilyn Manson as he is very clever with his imago and style and is interested in images. As a fan, I would love to get (e.g.) Stray Cats, the Hellacopters (RIP) and Debbie Harry in front of my lens. I have photographed all of them, before, but I haven’t done photoshoots with them yet. 


Mel - Have you had been interviewed or photographed by anyone recently?


TinaI was interviewed by Steve Gerrard who has photography site quite recently and a Finnish mag Rumba did a small piece about me not so long ago. I haven’t been photographed professionally since April in Milan.


Tina's Rolling Stone cover of My Chemical Romance Tina K ©


Mel - Who are your favourite bands, musicians, types of music?


TinaThere are too many. I have mentioned some above. I like anything from 77 punk, 80’s hardcore punk and Black Sabbath to some country and pop.


Mel - Do you get much time to hang out with the bands after a gig - Or is it straight home to edit your photos?


TinaI don’t hang out with bands unless there is a reason for it (ie. If I know them, there is an aftershow party with free booze ; - ) and people I know or I need to take more pics). I rather go for a drink with friends after the gig but if I am taking pics for my agency, then I should really get back home to edit the shots. I don’t do that much agency work though.

Amy Winehouse by Tina K ©

Mel - What kind of work assignments do you prefer i.e. portraits, glamour, live gigs, band shoots?


Tina Photoshoots with either band or a great model. Models are easiest as they know what to do in front of camera.

Mel - I see you have done some work for a tattoo magazine, do you have any tattoos of your own/ if so what, where/ and who does them?


TinaI have stars by Luci Lou (Diamond Jack, London Ink) on my calves and a mess of flowers, Japanese shading and flames by Adam Collins and Halo Tattoo on my back. I am having my first tattoo on my arm removed by laser at the moment.

Total Tattoo cover Tina K © July 2008



Mel - I love the vintage style photo which 'Nina' Hair Parlour' uses as her profile photo which I know you have taken; do you have your own hair styled by Nina?



TinaYES – She is brilliant!


Nina's Hair Parlour by Tina K ©


Mel - Tina you have your own style as a great looking sassy woman have there been occasions when you have been chatted up on any work assignments? 


Tina - That has happened sometimes but I’d like to think that I am very professional and I have a lovely boyfriend, so I take it as a compliment but that’s all.


Mel - You always look like your having a ball in your own photos - what do you do for pleasure when your not working?


Tina - Not much, I am working so much. I go out with friends and to see bands every now and then. That’s when the most of the pics have been taken.


Mel - Finally can you give our readers a tip for taking a good photo?


Tina oh noooo! What should I say? It depends so much on the situation and there isn’t one-sentence advice for taking great pictures. How about trying this - Use flash in daylight and no flash in the dark, such as gigs.


Mel – Sounds like good advice, many thanks for the interview Tina and good luck with your work!


If you want to book Tina for a shoot or indeed find out more check her own web site on or MySpace


All photos by Tina K ©


Interview by Mel - November 10, 2008