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Twin Atlantic are an alternative rock band based in Glasgow, Scotland. The band is composed of Sam McTrusty (vocals, guitar), Barry McKenna guitar, cello, backing vocals), Ross McNae (bass, piano, backing vocals) and Craig Kneale (drums). 'Vivarium' is their début album.

Having already seen Twin Atlantic last year play with a decent reaction from the crowd, I wasn’t completely sure what to expect here, as they haven’t played the Manchester scene too much. I knew the band would be amazing again, but I wasn’t sure what the Manchester fans would make of the gig. As I was walking up to the venue, there was a lot of people queuing outside so it was shaping up to be a good night, When we got in the bar, everyone was pretty relaxed, nothing special going on up to now.

Canterbury - The support band came on stage, a group of young lads, their inexperience did show slightly, they were struggling to get the crowd going, but I liked their songs. I liked the fact that they had 2 singers; they were really good at harmony singing. ‘Lost In The Basement’ was a song that I enjoyed; it had a definite Lostprophets influence, with a touch of Panic! At The Disco. They got the whole set-up pretty much spot on, every instrument could be heard clearly, although the bass could probably done with a slight reduction.

After Canterbury had left the stage, the music began playing, and almost everyone in the room rushed forward to prepare for Twin Atlantic. It was now obvious that this was going to be a hell of a lot of fun. Already though it was extremely hot, it was going to get sweaty!

Twin Atlantic entered the stage and began playing, and immediately they put everything into it. ‘Your Turning Into John Wayne’ was a superb choice of song for opening up, although some members of the crowd seemed unwilling to get involved. I don’t really understand why though. The set-up seemed pretty much spot on, each instrument and vocals could all be heard clearly. After belting through a couple of tracks off ‘Vivarium’, the room was now starting to get very hot and sweaty, as predicted. This proved to be a slight problem, as the guitars kept going out of tune! However the atmosphere was great, some of the crowd started to get moving, and even the singer jumped off stage to join the crowd to finish a song. Brilliant!


The band revealed a couple of new tracks which have been written since the release of their mini-album. These certainly went down well with the fans, and we eagerly await the release of their new material.

I can see Twin Atlantic being compared to Biffy Clyro, and that’s ok, but they do have their own very distinctive sounds which sets them apart, also their personalities, and shed-loads of passion. The band was on top form tonight. It was very well arranged, leaving the more famous songs to finish off the night. ‘Human After All’ and ‘Caribbean War Syndrome’ even saw the introduction of crowd-surfing. The previously still audience suddenly came to life and the show turned epic. ‘Audience And Audio’ is probably the most well known song, and what a stunner it was. It successfully rounded off another gig which saw Twin Atlantic just blow my mind again!

Setlist: You’re Turning Into John Wayne, Lightspeed, I Cave In, Old Grey Face, Time Is The Enemy, Better Weather, Running From Money, Atlas Factory, Crash Land, A Guidance From Colour, What Is Light? Where Is Laughter, Human After All, Carribean War Syndrome, Audience And Audio

Reviewed by Dan Clark