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Vintage Trouble are a gang of stylish troubadours from L.A, dishing out heavy rhythm & blues, soul and rock music. They are a powerful foursome consisting of Ty Taylor (vocals) Nalle Colt (lead guitar), Rick Barrio Dill (bass) and last but certainly not least, drummer Richard Danielson. They hit our screens back in April with a stunning performance on The Jools Holland show, and from then on they haven’t looked back. It’s been a tour with Bon Jovi, and Queen Guitarist Brian May, now finally they find themselves in the midst of releasing their début album ‘The Bomb Shelter Sessions’, and headlining their own explosive, and powerful shows across the UK. Do you want to witness a memorable show stopping, frantic paced all out performance? If you get the chance to see VT live in an intimate venue grab it while you can. Vintage Trouble are destined for greater things, go treat yourself, as having only been together for 12 months their rise is phenomenal and growing by the day.

Hi Guys, thanks for taking some time from your headline tour to talk to us. We’d like to grab you whilst your on the road to find out how its all been going for you. We caught up with you in Manchester and it really was an immense treat for our eyes and ears, you could call it a body, mind and soul experience. Before you hit the big time, maybe you can answer a couple of our questions.

MEL: Why Vintage Trouble? Does this refer to your love of vintage rhythm & blues and soul music?

VT: The band name came from the lyric in “Blues Hand Me Down”. The genesis for the lyric was referring to Ty’s dad being a blues man in spirit. “I come from Vintage Trouble look out if I’m the one you found”.

MEL: It seems since your appearance on the Later with Jools Holland show you’re been sucked into a whirlwind of interest in the band, sell out shows, and people clamouring to listen to your music. Are you at all surprised by your sudden rise to fame in the UK?

VT: We’ve watched a lot of Jools Holland performances but had no idea of the magnitude of spending a day there. The UK is open to diverse styles and combinations of sounds. It feels like a good match, us and the UK.  It all feels good so far.

MEL: I’d be interested to know the top five musicians who influenced you all individually.

VT: Ty – Ike and Tina Turner, Nalle – Chuck Berry, Richard – John Bonham, Rick – James Jamerson, VT – All that was there when soul and rock and roll had no division like Otis, Stones, Zep and Etta James.

MEL: The new album 'Bomb Shelter Sessions' which was put together after the band had only been together for three weeks is due for release on July 25th has been playing repeatedly on my iPod, in the car and on the computer [we’ve been lucky enough to receive a promo copy] I just can't get enough. What does this album mean to you Guys and where does the title come from?

VT: The title comes from our friend's studio, Eric Kretz from STP, who was kind enough to let us use his studio for our recordings.  We’d actually just gone in to do demos but it wound up feeling good to us. The reason the album release is so special is because it captures our beginning as Vintage Trouble.

MEL: I believe this album is just a small fraction of your songs, and given that the show in Manchester was almost two hours, you certainly have some stuff ready for the next album. When can we expect that to be released?

VT: We have no idea when will release the next batch of songs. We write non-stop and love throwing new songs into sets to fill them with life until they are ready to be recorded/released.

MEL: Is there one person who writes the lyrics or perhaps it’s a collective effort? Seeing as you’re based around the Hollywood area, has this influenced any of your songs?

VT: Ty writes the lyrics. All songs are based on our collective experiences, and sure, Hollywood and LA infuse the vibe that it’s all encased in.

MEL: Your songs all seem to be really personal experiences about life and relationships. One of my favourites off the album ‘Gracefully’ is such a beautiful love song; it could easily sit amongst the greatest soul ballads. Who inspired you to write this track?

VT: Thanks for that statement. That’s a huge honour. The track was inspired by not only individual experience but mostly it’s to our fans. They saw us, believed in us and made us feel love like no other time. It might sound sappy but it’s true!

MEL: I saw that Ty dedicated and sang this to one of your biggest fans in Manchester [it was very touching]. It’s been confirmed that you are supporting Bootsy Collins. And who would be your ideal band/singer to support until you start your big headlining shows of your own of course [which won't be far off].

VT: Bootsy was a lesson in funk fo sho! A dream for us would be to support The Rolling Stones and The Black Keys.

MEL: What was it like doing the support for Bon Jovi recently? How were you received by the fans in the large arenas?

VT: Addictive! The sound and feel of 60,000 people is a rush that no words can describe. Their whole camp was so cool with us. Great to see how they have made it all last for so long. They even encouraged us to do a cover they once did. We have seen many BJ fans at our gigs since, so we think that’s a good sign as to how much they were into VT.

MEL: Having just witness a really vibrant show in Manchester, it is obvious that you are going to be MASSIVE, so how are you going to continue to provide those personal, intimate touches when you get to be the big boys in those stadium shows?

VT: Thanks for the MASSIVE words.  Its part of our beings to remain personal and we will always play small gigs after and around huge gigs. We need the club environment to thrive. WE LOVE TIGHT LITTLE CLUBS.

MEL: I’m curious about your stage clothes, being as I love a band with a great image [and you fit that bill]. Where do you get all your snazzy suits from, are they bespoke?

VT: We get stuff from all over the place. Our only requirement is that it feels like we could cause trouble in it. 

MEL: VT are an extremely tight live band, but away from the lengthy tours how often do you rehearse together?

VT: These days our rehearsals are sound checks and acoustic on the tour bus sessions. We like to rehearse a lot but lately the stage is our studio. We are lucky in that way.

MEL: Any Vintage tales from on the road you'd care to share with us?

VT: Too many to list, but look out for the tell-all book soon.

MEL: Finally you call your fans 'Troublemakers' [I like it] - who's been your biggest 'Troublemaker' to date during your visit to the UK?

VT: We would hate to mention names because many have claimed title of King Troublemaker. People have travelled from US, others have made signs, and others have bought many rounds of Tequila. Who’s to say who’s the King or Queen? Just glad to have them!

Interview/photos by Mel [more photos here] 14/07/11

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