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Don’t It make Your Black Heart Pink….

Missy Le Pink….aka Kiria Le Pink, has been beavering away and pooling her resources over the past months in a bid to lure us into the temptresses new world of rockin’ devilment and decadence. First to entice was a tantalizing taste of what was to come in the form of the debut EP, London Crawlin’, released on Diabalo Records in October. Having teamed up with Phil ‘Doyley’ Doyle (Klingonz/Nigel Lewis and the Zorchmen/The Guitar Slingers) on double bass and Terry Edwards (The Specials/Tom Waits/Gallon Drunk) on horns, this very competent EP offered the first heady sounds of new band Vive Le Pink. From traditional rockabilly licks to the racing pulse of psychobilly, Missy’s voice rolls sweetly over the top like a layer of perfect pink icing…and now it was time to sample the cake first hand.

Friday nights in Camden Town are always heaving and tonight was no exception as we pushed through a crowded Black Heart bar. Making our way upstairs I had in mind of how venues like this with an ‘upper room’ always remind me of Pentecost. I wondered if we were in for a religious experience. We were warmly greeted by an array of tarts….no…jam ones…*tsk*.  A busy Ms Bateman of Bubblegum Slut fame was living up to the name of her workhardpr behind a table of, amongst other things, Missy LePink’s Tattoo Tonic. As I said Missy has been far from idle of late and this is yet another of her multi-talented ventures. I hear it’s very good too!

Photo: Horns: Spencer Evoy. Guitar: Lars Pluto

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances we hadn’t managed to get to the venue as early as I had hoped, which mean’t missing the supports, Ruckus and Knocksville (sad face). I’d also been quite excited at the prospect of winning a prize in the raffle. Up for grabs were such delights as a vintage guitar, pink of-course, a bottle of JD, and a copy of ‘Deep Throat’. On spotting stage manager and general gadabout Tony Holton with a bucket of raffle tickets I thought I was in luck…but no, seemed he had just called it, sigh. Undeterred I gently pushed through the crowd to get a better view of the lithe pole dancer now the wrong way up. Think Olga Korbut in stockings (you young ones can google her). Cue the salacious sounds of a Pink Panther striptease and North London’s very own provocative picture of pink pin-up purrrfection takes to the stage adorned with pink bangs and a pink edged basque. Eat your own red heart out Jessica Rabbit! Next up the band were determined to rock the house with a rendition of Wanda Jackson’s ‘Hard Headed Woman’. Movin’and a groovin’ and shimmying and shakin,’ the appreciative crowd lapped up Missy’s own interpretation of the Wally Willette song ‘Pink Elephants’. The next song, taken from the EP and written by Missy, ‘Queen of Jack’ left her the undisputed queen of the stage and offered definitive proof that this band are more than capable of holding their own without relying on covers. Next up a very confident and sultry version of Rezurex’ ‘Don’t Mess With Me’.

By now the sweat on Missy’s face was becoming a problem, in her eye apparently. I’m not saying a word, I don’t have to….Missy already said it, and that dirty laugh is infectious! At some point there were calls for “some pants” to mop her brow. Sadly I didn’t see any young men drop their trousers but I think some-one did hand her a towel. By ‘Hound Dog’ I had lost sight of her completely, albeit some heels in the air as she was writhing on the floor. It was really great to see her so obviously enjoying performing as much as her spectators were enjoying the performance. Missy certainly isn’t some-one who goes unnoticed but vocally she isn’t a ‘belter’..…(well not yet), her voice can be quite soft and gentle and has had a tendency to get lost live in the past. However, tonight everything just seemed to slot into place and sister…..we could see the light! Staying with the theme of scorching ladies next came The Fuzztones ‘She’s Wicked’ before finally, one of my favourites of the night, Missy’s own ‘Hell Kitty’.

Despite calls for more, that was it, all too soon show over. As people began to make their way downstairs, to the bar, or to discuss the show it seemed that everyone was in agreement, “This is the best thing she’s done!” “Now she’s really going to take off”. While it seems pretty evident to me that Missy has found the right sized heels, what was it like from her perspective? “The whole night was a ball! With all the odds stacked against me, only one 2 hour rehearsal and half the band members only meeting three days before for Viva Le Pink, it was amazing the night went with such a bang! The spirit was there, all night, from everyone involved, and I can only explain the night as one of those wild, disorganised evenings where everything just feels like it's an unfixable mess but slots together when it has to in the best possible way”.

As I think back to the image of Missy taking a bite from an upside down ‘Olga’s’ bottom, her promise of much more “kookiness” in 2013 is a pretty exciting prospect. Yes, Missy Le Pink has found herself and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if before long, she finds you too!

Review by Lorraine Reeves
Photos by Gerard Mcnamara -

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