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Gunfire 76 were playing live in London for the first time, so naturally we went to see their show. We also took the opportunity to interview Wednesday 13 once more. I gotta say it’s always great to see this guy playing and performing live. Chatting with him for a while is always interesting, as well as super funny, and he’s super cool too.

Read the interview below for some new stuff Wednesday spilled this time, after a warm welcome (“oh so it’s you again!"), from his dimly lit tour bus (dimly lit for our slightly “damaged” cameraman, unfortunately, he was feeling all Plasmatic style that night with his Wendy O t-shirt on, which made him forget the proper camera and extra lighting we had prepared for the interview at home.)

Wednesday was holding a glass of Jack Daniels & coke in one hand and absolutely nothing on the other hand, unless it was something invisible, which could very well be, in Wednesday’s case. I was holding a Dictaphone in one hand and questions in another that I can guarantee. So, here it is the transcription of this fantastic interview with the very wonderful man that is Mr. Wednesday 13.

RACHEL - Hi Wednesday how are you feeling tonight?

WEDNESDAY - Well I just found out what time it is, it’s five o’clock. I thought it was much later, but it’s ok, it’s a kind of a non-stressful day in London, it’s getting better, I used to have very stressful days here, but it’s ok.

RACHEL - The tour’s ending, how would you describe it, are you having fun with the new band?

WEDNESDAY - I’m having like, the best time. I mean I’m not saying it’s my favourite band or anything it’s just, as far as me, like what I’m doing. I’m not playing guitar now so I’m all over the place, it’s just so much more fun for me with this, ‘cos I get to be an idiot, and I don’t have to worry about tuning guitars, I can fall on the ground and... so yeah I’m having a blast. I’m beating myself pretty bad; I fractured my ankle a few weeks ago.

RACHEL - What’s the funniest thing that happened to you on-stage during this tour?

WEDNESDAY - Um, funniest thing... Well one funny thing would be breaking my ankle, that probably was it, ha-ha...

RACHEL - Where was that?

WEDNESDAY - I don’t know, well it was in America, it was early on in the tour and I just jumped off of a speaker and I heard “crack”, and I’m like oh god that’s not good. I’m not sure if it’s broke but, if it’s not then it’s fucked up, ha-ha. It should be like that big. (makes signs with hands of holding a big thing)

RACHEL - Really, on-stage?

WEDNESDAY - Yeah, so I have to wrap it up every night and all that, so, I don’t know! It hurts, and I’m just bruised, beat up... but it’s all in the spirit of rock n roll so it’s right (makes sign of two thumbs up with hands)

RACHEL – Which ankle?

WEDNESDAY – That one (shows me his left ankle), it’s getting much better.

RACHEL - Oh, it fits inside your boot though...

WEDNESDAY – Yeah, I’ll survive!

RACHEL - Have you noticed a difference in the audience with GF76, new fans or mostly your Wednesday 13, Murderdolls fans were there? 

WEDNESDAY – Yes and no... I mean a lot of old die hard fans came out, which is a really cool thing because, the cool thing about my fans is that they have been with me since the beginning, even the country stuff I did. Everything! these are the die hards and they’re usually the ones at the front, but you can see a couple of people at the back too and these are the people I try to work right, when I do my thing, but yeah there’s a lot of new people coming out and I think touring with Bullets And Octane as well has been very cool because I’ve been a big fan of those guys for years, and they bring in a different crowd. And there’s this thing I’ve been trying to say for years, it’s that, I think I’ve always played rock n roll, it’s just the image that people have been labelling like Goth guy, Goth guy, Goth guy... you know, and it’s like, last year we were touring with The Chelsea Smiles, and that’s the kind of music that I listen to, my favourite bands are rock bands, and I didn’t dye my hair black because I like Goth music, you know.

RACHEL - Actually I was gonna ask you about this, it seems you really want people and your fans to understand that you’ve never been into Goth or in any way related to it... 

WEDNESDAY – Well, I’ve become related to it, you know the thing was that, when the Murderdolls came out I may have heard the word Goth a couple of times, you know, and it was kind of new then to me, it wasn’t used as much as... just, over the years I just got all these labels... I was like, emo, screamo, Goth, this, that, blahblahblah.... it was, what the...? What is it? what is emo?... I cut my hair and now I have an emo haircut and I was like, what are you talking about???.... So, it’s very confusing to me, I play rock music, if I’m associated with Goth or not, I’m not against it or anything, but ... I just play rock music.  

RACHEL - Did you enjoy the recording? How different was it this time with the whole new sound and band?

WEDNESDAY – It was kind of the same, well, it was really cool because I got to bring in my best friend Roman and played guitar with him in it, so it was really cool to be in the studio and working with him as well. I recorded at my same studio that I always record at so it was kind of my comfort zone, and that guy’s recorded everything from my Frankenstein Drag Queen stuff up till now, everything I have ever done, except for the Murderdolls album. 

RACHEL – So you’ve used the same producer as usual? 

WEDNESDAY – He’s the engineer and he plays bass, he played bass on the “Fang Bang” record, he played bass on this record, the harmonies and all the backgrounds and stuff like that, he’s just a multitasking musician guy, you know, so, Jamie Hoover, great guy. 

RACHEL - Since the sound is more hard rock oriented, did you use different equipment, different guitars and amp heads to record this time? 

WEDNESDAY – Not really, I think what I really tried to do in the studio this time... like what I’ve always recorded with... I mean technology and all the stuff now, people never know about it like, you know, I’ve recorded most, probably all of my records with this one like, pedal, that has all these different amp sounds, and what we did with this is that we really used an amp this time. I’ve used amps before on certain things, but this time I wanted to use a real amp and not use pedals or anything like that, or any artificial sounds like that. 

RACHEL – Do you still use the same brand of guitars? 

WEDNESDAY – Well I’m not playing guitar with this anymore but yes in the studio I would still play my ESP’s and Les Pauls, that’s is all we played on. 

RACHEL - What about the writing of songs with Todd Youth? 

WEDNESDAY – Yeah, well you know the thing was it was all done via internet, ‘cause Todd lives in Los Angeles and like I said when we did the tour together last time we talked about the idea of doing something and he sent a few songs and we sent songs back and forth and when it came the time to actually record stuff he couldn’t commit to doing it so, I basically just used them, there are some songs on the record that he did help with.

RACHEL – Would you have liked him to be in the band playing live with you? 

WEDNESDAY – That was the original idea, but he had other, you know, opportunities came up, so, I wasn’t gonna beg someone to be in the band if they say they don’t wanna do it, you know. 

RACHEL - The lyrics of your songs have changed on this record. What do you sing about now? 

WEDNESDAY – This record is about pretty much the last seven or eight years of my life, which was really cool for me because I kind of do that with Bourbon Crow. I do not have to sing about what I usually do with Wednesday 13, and one of the reasons I wanted to do Gunfire 76 was because, I couldn’t have put that out as Wednesday 13, because of the fans, they would think, and what are you doing? What are you singing about? you know... where’s your graveyard songs?. So this is really cool right now because when I’m onstage singing this song I actually think about a lot of things that I wrote about, whereas before when I was onstage singing 'I Walked With A Zombie' I was actually, I have never walked with a zombie (hahaha) you know what I mean, it’s a different vibe, it’s a different feeling, I can actually... you know.

RACHEL – These all come from personal experiences? 

WEDNESDAY - Yeah, it’s either personal or something I saw from a friend or something around me and things like that. 

RACHEL - Are you planning to release a live DVD and/or cd with this tours best moments? 

WEDNESDAY – I hope so, we’ve been recording a lot of stuff, and we just actually recorded two new songs right before we left. This is a thought, an idea I talk about right now, I might do a DVD with the two songs or something like that but the songs turned out great so....Oh I’m sorry I’m reading your questions with you, like, oh! What is this? Ha-ha... 

RACHEL – Ha-ha I can see you yeah... 

WEDNESDAY - That must be terrible for you... 

RACHEL – No no you can... 

WEDNESDAY – Aw that’s alright... 

RACHEL – Ok, why did you decide early on, like back in the day, to start a band? 

WEDNESDAY – Well, it basically went straight from playing with G.I. Joes to rock music. And it was kind of funny ‘cause I remember I always loved movies and GI Joe, ‘cause I lived in front of the television. I didn’t really care about music that much, I would hear the end of a movie, like a “Rocky” movie or something and think “I like the theme song” or something you know. That was about the only musical album that I had, and I’ll never forget this and I told Alice Cooper this when I first met him, and we laughed about it, there was a TV show in America called 'People’s Court', yeah, my parents always watched it, so I’m laying on the floor playing with G.I. Joes.. blahblahblah (motions hands as if he was holding the dolls and they were talking between them), and a commercial comes on and it was like (makes deep TV commercial voice): “This Friday, at the Coliseum Alice Cooper returns!”, and you see this guy hanging and head falling off and I’m just going: “who is she?... what is this??...” and I’ll never forget turning around and my Mom saying: “ooh this guy’s the guy that bites the heads off chickens!” And I’m like, really???... hmm!!... So I call my friend up, “have you heard of this Alice Cooper?” and he’s like “yeah, I think my uncle’s got all his records”. So we made a plan that weekend, we went and stole all of his uncle’s albums and listened to them, but it was scary ‘cause our parents tried to scare us off it, so we knew we were doing something wrong, it was kind of a first rebellious thing, all right cool, you know... So yes that weekend we were in my bedroom listening to “Steven” and all of this and it was really creepy! And from that point, that’s really what set the deal. I had seen Kiss, you know, ‘cause I was born in ’76. So, I remember, Kiss was kind of fading out right when I was (a kid) and my brother was giving me the Kiss dolls and I was “they’re not my GI Joes”... But then once the Alice Cooper thing came along I went “aahh, (quick to my head) Kiss!), and then the whole thing and... so that’s pretty much what made me wanna do it, and then I started seeing all the Kiss videos and concerts and it was like, oh my god, this is what I wanna do. You can dress up, you can be a monster, you can... you know.

RACHEL - Could you tell us about the weirdest/most surreal fan situation you’ve had so far? 

WEDNESDAY – I always tell this one fan story, people must have heard me saying it a lot of times, it was in London, during the Murderdoll days, and this kid brought a jar with a heart in it. I don’t know what kind of heart it was, it was a big heart, it looked human size, and it had a picture of me and Joey Jordison floating in it. And she had all of our names carved in her arm, and I never saw that before, and that was my first like, wow, someone’s really into our band, you know, and I wasn’t shocked or I didn’t think it was stupid or anything I was just, wow!... But now I see stuff... I remember in Germany someone actually gave me a package, send it to our merch girl, she brought it back and said you guys gotta see this. And it was, they gave me syringes, they wanted my blood to put in a necklace... But they gave me clean needles and a tie off and everything... 

RACHEL – Did you do it?? 

WEDNESDAY – I gave them something back... It wasn’t blood. But they might have thought it was blood, I was just playing along with it, I thought that it was too good you know, so I thought what we’ll do we will just do it, you know, we’ll just say we gave them blood, you know... for the story. 

RACHEL – Yeah, that’s a good story! And, do you have a funny story too? Or maybe that’s funny enough... 

WEDNESDAY – That’s pretty funny, yeah, yeah, we’ll leave that as a funny story. 

RACHEL - In what other ways do you channel all your creative needs? Do you for example draw or paint, do some other kind of art aside from music? 

WEDNESDAY – No, I pretty much stretch myself at large I really have no time to do much of any other thing. I did my lil’ 13 Dead Kids thing a long time ago, and all the reason why I did that was because during the time, it was right when the Murderdolls got off a tour, and we were told that we would be on this little break, and I was like oh I wanna play music and so on and so I told myself, ok you can’t now so find something else to do. So I’d hang out late at night and I’d drink and draw pictures, and I created these lil’ kids, so that’s about the last thing I did that was artistic, you know, in that sense. Everything else I just, I write songs.

RACHEL – Well I remember the 13 Dead Kids and you draw pretty well... 

WEDNESDAY – I wouldn’t say that... but thank you, ha-ha... some people liked it. 

RACHEL - What do you like the most about The Plasmatics and Wendy O Williams?

WEDNESDAY – Oh The Plasmatics, that’s kind of funny because when he.. ha-ha. I told him early, I had that same t-shirt on just an hour ago, and I bet that yours smells better than mine does.. (Wednesday is referring to when we first met for the interview, my friend and loyal but drunk cameraman was wearing a Plasmatics t-shirt and Wednesday told him he had exactly the same shirt, and had just changed it a while before the interview). Uh yeah, the Plasmatics, another great example of being turned on to something later on, after Alice Cooper and things like that, I think I even remember reading an Alice Cooper interview and he told how much he loved the “New Hope For The Wretched” record, and I was like, alright! And when I first saw the video of the Plasmatics, I think that’s the only band I’ve seen live since Alice Cooper and Kiss that had a stage show that made me just go wow! And that really was a big influence on Frankenstein Drag Queens and things like that, you know, she was just like... The band was just insane, you know, it just didn’t make any sense to me, but yeah they were bombing cars, and chainsawing... and they have cool songs too. 

RACHEL – But you didn’t actually get to ever see them live right? 

WEDNESDAY – No I never saw them live, no, but as I said when I saw the videos it was like, I was blown away.  

RACHEL - If you had to choose a title of a song, which one would you go for: “I wanna be your dog” by the Stooges, “I wanna be me” by the Sex Pistols or “I wanna be sedated” by the Ramones? (Wednesday was wearing a Stooges t-shirt so he immediately pointed at it as I was asking.. and as I was reading I was realizing I’d just fucked up the question...) 

WEDNESDAY – I gotta go for The Stooges! Yeah, and plus I play that song live a lot, and I know all the words to it, I could do it right now and not fuck up... well... I’d probably fuck up! 

RACHEL – Do it! For us! 


RACHEL – Ok! Are you gonna play some cover tonight for us? 

WEDNESDAY – We do a little... for the tour... we don’t do a full cover song, you’ll hear. I think it’s pretty cool, I don’t think a lot of the younger kids get it, but for me it’s pretty cool, how we worked it out, you’ll see it. 

RACHEL - Ok, I can’t wait. Oh yeah, if you had been born a woman, who would you have liked to be? 

WEDNESDAY – Hahaha.. Can it be a cartoon? 

RACHEL - Yeah as long as it’s a woman... 

WEDNESDAY - A woman, I don’t know... it’s a good question... I always liked Wilma Flintstone a lot... 

RACHEL – Oh, which one was she, the redhead? Why?? 

WEDNESDAY – Yeah I liked her a lot... she’s a good Mom... she’s a redhead... she’s cute... 

RACHEL – Wow, ok. Hey give us the name of someone you would wanna spend some quality time with, anyone... 

WEDNESDAY – Um, alive or dead, or imaginary character..? 

RACHEL – Any of those, yeah! 

WEDNESDAY - I would love to spend some time with Beetlejuice. We have a lot in common I think... 

RACHEL – Why? 

WEDNESDAY - We both look dirty most of the time... 

RACHEL – Oh but you look pretty neat to me now! 

WEDNESDAY – Well! I had a shower today, I had a shower today! Well, I just love that movie, I love that character and I think I get a lot of my stuff from that as well, and I think he and I could go party together and hang out, ha. 

RACHEL - Oh, this is a serious question... 

WEDNESDAY – Oh serious, better have a drink... 

RACHEL - Do you have hope for this new generation of music downloading teenagers? Are they a lost cause? 

WEDNESDAY – Downloading? Eh, alright, I don’t understand your question, I think. A lost cause? Ok, I still don’t understand... (Here I start to laugh uncontrollably, but Wednesday makes an effort to understand and tries to rephrase the question for me).. Ok, ok, let me ask you if this is what you’re getting at, are you saying something like, am I against downloading, or do I think it’s bad, etc? 

RACHEL – Ha-ha! Yes, something like that. 

WEDNESDAY – Ok, I think the industry has changed so much, and I think what’s really get down to it’s, with me, and the kind of level that I’m on, I’m not in a major label  anymore and I’m always funding my own stuff. I think if the kids get the music in their hands and they hear it, and they listen to it.. I mean, I could go be like Metallica and track everyone down and go I wanna get paid every dime for it, but I’m not Metallica, I just want people to have my music, if they download it, if they bought it.. I prefer them to buy it at my shows, you know, but if they don’t, if they’ve downloaded it. I’ve been guilty, I’ve tons of stuff on my iPod that I didn’t pay for, you know - Guilty as charge! So, you know, it’s a different thing now and I have a different outlook on it, I mean I think people should get paid for what they do and at the same time I want people to hear my music so I won’t complain. 

 RACHEL - What could be a very important life lesson that you have learnt? 

WEDNESDAY - I learnt a lot of shit in 2007 and 2008. I was getting a lil’ crazy and did some dumb stuff, and I don’t know I guess I  “grew up”, I hate to use that word, but I had to get my shit together, and it took quite a while, and I had a lot of my, thankfully close friends, and it was alright, you need to get your shit together. So 2008 was a learning thing, and not only for me personally, but even in the music business, the way I decided to not go with the label and put everything out on my own, I learnt so much stuff like that, so, I became more independent that year I guess, and maybe a lil’ bit smarter. I don’t know, maybe that’s not a good word to use anywhere around me, the word smart, but. 

RACHEL - What’s your top dream music collaboration? 

WEDNESDAY – I would love to do a song with Alice Cooper, actually, it really sucked but Alice was supposed to do the intro of ‘Skeletons’, I asked him, and he was gonna do it, but he was on tour, and I was on tour, and we couldn’t find the time to do the studio thing on it. That was gonna be something cool, and I would love to do a song and have Ace Frehley play in the song, you know, there’s so many people out there that I like. 

RACHEL – Ok, so maybe one day we’ll see you singing a song with Alice Cooper?

WEDNESDAY - Maybe, if he would allow me... Allow me, Alice! (hahaha) 

RACHEL – Most overrated new band according to you? 

WEDNESDAY – You know I’m so out of it I don’t even know who’s popular, I just picked up Kerrang magazine the other day and I was looking at it and I was like, who are these bands? I don’t know, I’m not into bashing other bands, if I don’t like a style I don’t like it, but you know at the same time I could go with Nickleback or something, I don’t know! I don’t know who’s popular so.

RACHEL – And a classic band that you think is very overrated? 

WEDNESDAY -  I never liked Rush.

RACHEL – Oh ok, I understand. 

WEDNESDAY – You know, there’s a lot of guys in my band who love Rush because they are musicians and they play, but I don’t care about Rush, I don’t want to like Rush, I will never like Rush, you can’t make me like Rush! 

RACHEL – Hahahaha! What record would you choose to listen to during a long trip? 

WEDNESDAY – You know what’s a really, really cool record that I got last year, I usually play it after the shows, because when I walk out stage I am still really kinda full throttle, I used to always come back and crank up Kiss, as loud, and I go why am I doing this?? I need to chill out for a second, the Nine Inch Nails, the ‘Ghosts’ albums they put out, that there’s nothing but instrumental music, it’s supercool, that’s like my chillout, I put it in, it’s like, three hours long, with no vocals, and it’s up it’s down, it’s such a cool record so, if I wanna chill out I listen to it. 

RACHEL – So you like Nine Inch Nails? 

WEDNESDAY – Yeah, I got a lot of respect for that band, you know when I first turned them on I was like, I don't care about this, I’m really not an electronic guy, I don’t know what you’d even call them but over the years the stuff they’ve created it’s so original,  you can’t compare it to anything, and no one can ever beat Nine Inch Nails at that, so yeah I guess over the past couple of years I’ve started to get into them a lot, and I’ve got to see them a lot and they’ve got a great live show too, it’s unbelievable. 

RACHEL – Would you like to work with Trent Reznor? 

WEDNESDAY – I don’t know, it would probably be scary, hahaha. I mean I would love to, the guy’s super talented you know, but he’d probably look at me and go yeah whatever, get out of here. I’ve already done Marilyn Manson!

RACHEL – Well, I think you’re much better than Marilyn Manson!

WEDNESDAY – Well, thank you. 

RACHEL – You’re welcome. Tell me one song you wrote that makes you feel the most proud, and the most embarrassed? 

WEDNESDAY – There’s a lot of songs on this record that I’m pretty proud of, that’s because I actually sing about stuff that I went through. The “Something For The Suffering” song, turned out really cool ‘cause when I had my car accident years ago I really got whacked out on pills for a while, so that song’s about my ‘love’ relationship with a bottle of pills, that I had to have everyday, so I’m kind of proud of that, in a weird way that I actually got out of that, that I’m over it, and I can sing about it and smile out of it and when I do that song live I really, really think about it. 

Embarrassing song - I’ve wrote a lot of dumb songs, ha-ha - but I don’t mean it in a bad way. I’ll never forget when we were doing Murderdolls and we were deciding on what songs we were gonna do and a lot of the Murderdolls songs were my old songs, and I remember telling Joey the ‘Rambo’ song, and I was like, this is the dumbest song but when you watch it, in a video, you play it live to anyone and people just start moving even if they never heard it before, and there’s a video of us playing it somewhere in Germany, in like 2005. I know nobody had ever heard that song, and I remember playing it, we were opening, main stage, like Rock Am Ring, and everybody was standing up, but we played ‘Rambo’ and suddenly everyone went insane, and they never heard this song, so like that’s the dumbest song I ever wrote, but still I am proud of it so.

RACHEL - It’s a great song!! 

WEDNESDAY – Yeah, yes it is, it’s easy, it’s the Ramones, it’s the whole inspiration, you know, spell it out, sing it, it’s fun, a-b-c, easy. 

RACHEL - Ok, now you get stuck in an elevator, who would you like to be stuck in there with you? 

WEDNESDAY - Um - Would it be like the last elevator ride of my life? 

RACHEL – Yeah! 

WEDNESDAY – hmm, ahh that’s a terrible question. I would say my family, but that would be really cramped, ha-ha, I don’t know.  I would not wanna be in an elevator with a dog; a pitbull would be terrible to be in an elevator with. 

RACHEL - Define with one word the current music scene. 


RACHEL - A concert you would have liked to attend, any in the whole history of rock. 

WEDNESDAY - I would have loved to have seen the original Alice Cooper Band, back in the day. 

RACHEL - Define with one word your record Casualties and Tragedies. 


RACHEL - What question would you have liked me to have asked you? 

WEDNESDAY - Um... If you would have said, hey would you like some of this chicken I have over here, and would have magically pulled up a bucket of KFC, I would be like oooooh yes!!!!! 

RACHEL - What would you like to ask me? 

WEDNESDAY - Oh, I was already commenting on you before, you have very cool fashions, where did you get this style from? I told you it looks like Ed Wood and Alice Cooper. 

RACHEL - Thank you very much Wednesday! And the last question would be, have you had the time to smell the roses lately? 

WEDNESDAY - Well someone threw a rose onstage to me the other day, so yes! 

RACHEL - Thank you so much Wednesday you’re very cool, very nice, and we love you! 

WEDNESDAY - And I love your interviews, they’re very entertaining! 

Check out the live GUNFIRE 76 dates here:

Get their CD “Casualties And Tragedies” at any of their live shows, on iTunes, buy it online at Interpunk, Amazon, etc. Or you can probably find it at your local record shop, and if they don't have it, demand it!

The video interview below:

Interview & photos by Rachel
Thanks to Jen@Global Records& Jon@DevCo Ent.