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London based trio White Lies surely know how to write a captivating masterpiece of a record. It was clear right after the release of their critically acclaimed debut To Lose My Life - an album overflowing with lyrics about death, love and more death, which earned them well deserved world-wide recognition in 2009. The magnificent anthems like Death, To Lose My Life, Unfinished Business and Farewell To The Fairground soon became the favourites echoing loudly through various live venues. Harry McVeigh’s remarkably haunting vocals attracted many admirers towards the trio’s beautifully depressing yet thrilling sound.

The band’s second album Ritual was more of a mature record, and although some said it didn’t match the perfection of To Lose My Life, it certainly didn’t fail at producing some great choruses and grand melodies in Bigger Than Us, Holy Ghost, Strangers and Power And Glory. At the end of 2011, the band found themselves playing Wembley Arena, which was a massive step from their first ever show at the Hoxton Bar and Kitchen in London.

Two and a half years later after Ritual, White Lies arrive with a highly anticipated and genuinely outstanding musical piece called Big TV. The record started to take shape in a cottage in Wiltshire, where the band’s main lyricist Charles Cave began to write the first tracks for the album together with Harry McVeigh, and was later produced by Ed Buller, who’s also worked with the band on their first album. The trio found themselves in Brussels once again, putting finishing touches on Big TV in ICP recording studios.

White Lies have managed to stay true to their sound while growing bigger and better with each one of their records. Not many bands keep on producing albums that consist of everlasting songs; yet White Lies do exactly that.  Title track of the record, Big TV becomes your favourite in a heartbeat, as it’s a truly compelling opener possessing a striking melody and excellent lyric work; while the following There Goes Our Love Again ought to make your hips move with its catchy rhythm. One thing that White Lies excel in for sure is their ability to write truly haunting, emotion-packed songs like First Time Caller, which must be one of their best efforts up to date without a doubt. There isn’t another way to describe McVeigh’s vocals, other than a pure perfection. His voice completes the White Lies’ sound.  The tempo picks up again with Mother Tongue, which dominates in an excellent guitar and synth performance, not to mention the next track Getting Even - an extremely addictive and thrilling tune that’s likely to stay on repeat for hours. And if you think this record cannot get any more sublime, there comes the heartbreaking and deeply moving musical piece called Change, sending chills down your spine.

And it goes on... Be Your Man, Tricky To Love, Heaven Wait and Goldmine...track by track you will find yourself admiring the sound quality, an excellent song writing and ravishing melodies of White Lies’ third and possibly finest record - Big TV.

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