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Zulu are a young 5 piece punk band from London, who haven't been on the gig circuit for very long, although they do have an excellent recording on their hands, which is streamed below. The band consists of of  Louis Simonon [pic above], Luke Brennan, Sam Gilbert, Jak Payne and Dan Lyon. Recently named as NME's Radar Band Of The Day.The band announced an  intimate launch party night for their cassette and Mudkiss were invited along to see them in action. They have the limited edition debut cassette available on Stroll Records for £3.00. Get it here:

Finding the Victoria pub near Dalston wasn't easy but when I did find found it I was three hours early. Right how do I spend 3 hours in Dalston, which is an area thats like being in a episode of the Sweeney. The one good thing is the area hasn't been gentrified like most of London now. Its like the London I grew up in. Gladly when I get back to the pub at about ten, its full of young punky types. Maybe a lot of the ladies are here to see Louis Simonon  (son of Paul- The Clash/Gorillaz) who also plays bass like his Dad. The band come on late about 11:30, and in keeping with the Clash they also look very much like them, with clothes/hairstyles circa early 1980's, they are soon entertaining the packed crowd with some decent punk rock (with tunes). Titles include 'Zombies', 'Incarcerated For Thrills', and 'Sistine Chapel'.

I can also hear a Pschobilly/Rockabilly influence in their songs (Bloody + rare) reminding me of bands like the Cramps/Meteors. Didn't King Kurt have songs about Zulu land? The songs are short and sharp like punk should be and the lead singer (Luke Brennan ) sings the songs with the attitude they deserve. The band get a good reaction from the crowd and theres some manic dancing down the front. There's hardly time for a trip to the bar and its all over in half hour but we hadn't come to see Genesis. If you want to see a great, rockin' live band playing loud punk rock with a lively enthusiastic crowd then these are for you. Its always good to see young bands playing live in intimate venues and long may this continue. Right now how do I get back to the comfort of SW London. 

Mudkiss review of the EP here:

Review/photos by Jeffrey Munday

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